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Posted By: Judy W., 6/26/2023 6:44:25 AM

What are the odds that the OceanGate submersible would go missing one day after I’d spent an evening down a YouTube rabbit hole researching diving accidents and what a high PSI (pounds per square inch) can do to a human body. (Snip) Even without the navy’s audio evidence — implosion was the most likely scenario. I am very curious why the navy never seemed to weigh in with the most direct data point. Why was the audio kept under wraps? Instead we got of week of typical media hysteria including countdown clocks predicting when oxygen would run out for the five passengers and a fable that they might be alive


Our society -- the media, education, science, and a lot else -- is filled with lying and deception. It's no wonder that many people have no connection to reality, some bozos seeing themselves as heroic figures, and this includes the people in the death-sub except the boy. This is a very good short account.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Hazymac 6/26/2023 7:12:59 AM (No. 1499744)
FTA: "...(I)f you add to the story, revealed later, that the navy picked up the sound of something exploding in the ocean exactly when the Titan went silent — one can only shake one’s head at the fake story that took off in the media." This is an intelligent essay by Trish Wood, making sense of what happened, but one thing unrelated undoubtedly figured in the four days of gaslighting by the media, the emerging charges of widespread Biden family corruption. Neither of these stories is going away any time soon. FTA: "...(T)he CEO (Stockton Rush) told CBS News that the submersible was 'pretty much invulnerable' in 2017. He also touted the benefits of 'breaking the rules' and argued that 'at some point, safety just is pure waste....' " The CEO had a death wish. It's just about that simple. Utterly crazy behavior. Let the litigation begin.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: PChristopher 6/26/2023 7:20:20 AM (No. 1499751)
Saying that submersible was"pretty much invulnerable " was begging the lightning to strike, unfortunately for him it did, so to speak.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: slipstik 6/26/2023 7:32:18 AM (No. 1499759)
Millions of Americans hung on every word about the fate of the victims, every minute, every hour, every day, from every source with every wilda*$ idea of what happened, while the world's worst news for the Biden crime family snuck and dribbled out in the conservative news sites. You have to realize, EVERY, governmental agency, all the way down to the post office, is corrupt. We were assigned to pay attention to Oceangate while the Biden escaped into the darkness...yet again.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Strike3 6/26/2023 7:55:53 AM (No. 1499768)
No conspiracy this time. The Navy heard a sound on the SOSUS system or whatever they call the anti-submarine defense system these days that was LIKELY the Titan imploding but they were not positive. It could have been a shipwreck moving around on the bottom somewhere because there are strong currents out there. The last thing you want to do is turn a search for survivors into a salvage operation if there is a possibility that people are still alive. That would bring a ton of grief down on your head. They told the Coast Guard of their suspicions but not until the debris field appeared on the surface could they say they were sure that the Titan had imploded.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Paintman 6/26/2023 9:12:06 AM (No. 1499825)
Thanks #4 The Navy heard a sound that MAY have been a possibility. The Navy did not know with certainty. Frankly, when lives are at stake, good guessing is not enough to halt rescue operations.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Sanchin 6/26/2023 9:36:44 AM (No. 1499838)
#4 has valid points and if there is even a slim chance of finding survivors one hopes those efforts will be pursued to the fullest. The problems are these however; The report of the explosion was buried from Monday to Thursday with myself seeing only one article briefly mentioning it during that time. There was never (in anything I read) mention of the sub having a GPS Transponder or being a separate system. Lack of water, lack of food, lack of heat but they had oxygen to last until Thursday. In all a terrible incident BUT the media cherry picked info to present.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: FL_Absentee_Voter 6/26/2023 9:53:51 AM (No. 1499849)
#4 is correct. The Navy hears sounds in the world's oceans around the clock. Some, like engine noises and propeller signatures of our adversaries, are knowns and are watched for and tracked. Others are just noise. We knew the Thresher went down pretty much real time because we were tracking it (as we do all submerged subs). At the time, however, we mounted a huge SAR operation to cover the fact that we had the capability to know it (Cold War secrets). Had the Navy been onboard with this little adventure, it would have been listening in the area and would have recognized the hull collapse with little delay. Add to that the bureaucratic delay in getting what whoever had the watch that day thought he might have heard up the chain of command once two and two was put together.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Vaquero45 6/26/2023 11:02:28 AM (No. 1499891)
Anyone with a lick of sense knew that those people were dead as soon as the underwater jalopy lost contact with the ship. The news media kept up the charade so they wouldn’t have to report on the new evidence about the Biden crime family.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: synchronicity 6/26/2023 11:12:44 AM (No. 1499897)
Having spent a 40 year career designing, testing and working with ultra-high pressure (up to 30,000 psi) equipment I can attest that when there is a failure it is instantaneous and irreversible. Anything overlooked in terms of materials, design, changes due to pressure and temperature cycling, o-rings, valves, nuts, bolts, human interaction, etc. will lead, sooner or later, to a catastrophic failure. In 1898, 14 years before the Titanic sank a book titled "Futility, the Wreck of the Titan" foretold the Titanic's fate which was due to human hubris. Proverbs 16:18 also foretold the wreck of the second "Titan" that literally joined the Titanic in its fate: "Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall." True wisdom is ageless and not subject to the whims of mere mortals.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: hershey 6/26/2023 11:43:22 AM (No. 1499930)
It was a media circus, orchestrated by Biteme's administration to keep the heat off of him and his worthless son and criminal family, for another week...look for something new to come soon...
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Reply 11 - Posted by: DVC 6/26/2023 11:44:11 AM (No. 1499931)
FTA: "There were multiple warnings from people in the submersible community including detailed and documented issues plus a company whistleblower who was fired for being careful and who then filed a lawsuit. One former passenger reported strange sounds that indicated a pressure hull problem while on an earlier dive but this did not deter Rush from selling seats to disaster." Fiber composites, like fiberglass, kevlar fibers and carbon fiber laminated composite structures are extremely good in tension. Example....pull on a string. They are very poor in compression. Example....push on a string. And yet, ALL the loading on a submarine are compression, so fiber composites of any kind are extremely ill-suited for this application. Which is why no one uses them. Last night I heard another sad thing about this Rush guy. He was bragging about how he got a super low price on his carbon fiber 'because it was out of date'. This may seem, on first blush, like a meaningless thing, surely "carbon" doesn't just suddenly go bad like mayonnaise, right? There are several ways to make fiber composites, and one of them does go "out of date", so I'm pretty sure I know what he meant. He was based in Seattle, where Boeing is making parts for the new, heavily carbon fiber structured 787 model. So they buy literally trainloads of 'prepreg' carbon fiber to make those parts. I'll guess that he bought it from Boeing, as scrap. 'Prepreg' is preimpregnated carbon fiber tape, which has the epoxy resin already added to the carbon fibers, and an ultra slow curing agent added. It is something like fruit leather at this "B stage", sticky, easily cut, will adhere to itself.This prepreg is then stored in huge freezers, which dramatically slow the already slow curing rate of the epoxy resin......for a few months, perhaps six months if kept in a freezer. Apparently the Titan hull was made of "out of life" carbon fiber prepreg. Normal prepreg is tacky, and as one layer is laid onto another, and pressed down or wound onto a form, they stick together well, and tend to exclude air, making a dense layup. As the epoxy gets more towards cured as the shelf life runs out, eventually this tackiness gets less, and the material doesn't consolidate well, is stiffer, and will have more air voids in the layup, greatly compromising the structural strength, especially in compression. NOT ideal for anything where human safety is at risk. Maybe OK to make some golf club shafts on the cheap where a break will harm no one other than a wallet. Rush understated it when he boasted "I've broken a lot of rules building this sub".
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Reply 12 - Posted by: DVC 6/26/2023 11:49:08 AM (No. 1499937)
Clarification on prepreg use. Once it is wrapped or laid up by hand, it is typically put into an autoclave which heats it up, under pressure which consolidates the fiber, and the heat softens the resin so it flows together well, and then the heat accelerates the final cure to hardened resin. So it can be stored for months in freezers, then cured at will in a pressurized oven.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: crashnburn 6/26/2023 12:14:50 PM (No. 1499962)
Thanks #11. I knew you weren't allowed to use out of date prepreg, but not why. Also, I didn't know it's not so good in compression. I've heard they brought in aerodynamic engineers instead of hydrodynamic engineers. In aviation, the goal is to keep the pressure in, in deep sea diving, the goal is to keep pressure out. I guess there weren't enough deep sea diving engineers of color so they went with aerodynamic engineers. Go woke, got broke. Literally!
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Reply 14 - Posted by: thatsomewhereplace 6/26/2023 12:24:06 PM (No. 1499967)
The US had it's eyes and ears on the deep. For decades. The US Navy knew the submersible imploded the day it went down. The FJB admin did not want this to come to light for political purposes so it postponed the actual facts until it were serve its best political interests. The US Navy, probably by presidential orders, did not bring forth the actual truth about the failure. So. The US Navy followed the orders of FJB. Now, of course, these are my opinions. My conspiracy theory. I stand by it. Signed: US Navy veteran.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: DVC 6/26/2023 2:48:49 PM (No. 1500059)
For anyone actually interested in understanding the basics of fiber composite is a video, apparently an Oak Ridge National Lab engineer speaking before a Oak Ridge area chamber of commerce group. Fairly basic, but also easily understood intro. The speaker disavows the title right at the beginning.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: TrueBlueWfan 6/26/2023 5:42:27 PM (No. 1500166)
This story and the coverage of it is why I don't watch news anymore. From what I've gleaned from this site, the media pretty much went wall-to-wall with this, when common sense told us they were all dead even before trouble was detected on the surface. People were mesmerized for days. I am so glad to have cut the pupoet strings the media ( I accidentally typed mefia, I like that word) use to manipulate our feelings and stress us out.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: JimBob 6/26/2023 7:21:50 PM (No. 1500222)
Odd..... how SOMETHING always happens to chase the Clinton or Biden Corruption stories off the Front Page! ...oh.../sarc off!
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Reply 18 - Posted by: DVC 6/27/2023 1:29:45 AM (No. 1500338)
An experimenter built three small submarine models with a titanium 3D printer. Apparently each was a different hull thickness. He the tested them in his high pressure water test chamber. The results demostrate the rapidity of implosion.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: ussjimmycarter 6/27/2023 3:27:44 AM (No. 1500341)
Everytime I saw handwring 24/7 I turned it off! I’m learning not trust even 1% of what is being reported! Biden’s crooked self was not being discussed? How convenient! What a sham!
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Posted by earlybird 6/27/2023 12:38:45 PM Post Reply
As I expected (A Theory Of The Prigozhin Regime Change Farce), more and more commentators are openly asking what has seemed to me to be the obvious and key question. Larry Johnson frames the question in all its baldness this morning: WAS PRIGOZHIN’S MUTINY A WESTERN INTELLIGENCE OP DERAILED BY RUSSIA’S SPIES? I prefer the “regime change” narrative framing, because I believe that the circumstances point in that direction—that there was much more focus and organization behind this thing than “mutiny” or “uprising” would suggest. The rhetoric and coordinated actions all point toward the goal of regime change
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Foggy Joe Biden lost his train of thought and jumped onto the slow choo-choo to cloud cuckoo land as he sat with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and a squeaked out what many of us have long believed: I was just thinking, uh, uh, anyway. I started off without you, and I sold a lot of state secrets and a lot of very important things that we shared. No, he seriously said that. Check it out: [Tweet] Why would President Mumbles — who is being accused of selling state secrets — mutter such a thing? Perhaps because it’s true. Maybe the Cabbage-in-Chief — who has been known to fumble words,
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Posted by FlyRight 6/27/2023 6:02:12 AM Post Reply
WASHINGTON — The idea is somewhere between conventional wisdom and an article of faith for Democrats: Joe Biden beat Donald Trump once, so he can do it again. For Trump’s Republican primary challengers, most notably Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, that concept is a necessary predicate for convincing GOP voters to switch horses after nominating Trump twice. But a new NBC News poll released Sunday showed Biden with a relatively narrow 49% to 45% lead over Trump — which falls within the survey’s margin of error and is far lower than the 10 percentage point edge Biden held in NBC’s last poll before the 2020 election.
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