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Russian Follies: The Sequel replies
Posted by FlyRight 2/25/2024 5:24:08 AM Post Reply
Just days ago, on February 14 to be precise, Vladimir Putin said he prefers Biden in the 2024 presidential race. Nevertheless, the media, often with the intelligence community’s aid, seems to be trying again in the indictment of Vladimir Smirnov to hint that Donald Trump is somehow being aided by Russia. Thin gruel, indeed. A quick review of the FBI’s consistent election meddling and gaslighting of voters is the necessary background for this week’s account. In case, like me, you’re finding it hard to keep track of all the gaslighting on Russia in recent years, Adam Mill kindly documents 14 recent Russian hoaxes:
The Very Unique, Pragmatic and Honest
President Trump
Posted by FlyRight 2/22/2024 5:09:55 AM Post Reply
President Donald Trump held a townhall event with Laura Ingraham, a woman who feels remarkably self-important given her irrelevance. Within the interview President Trump extended the allotted time to give the audience some direct, honest and pragmatic answers to questions in a way that only Trump can give. Well worth watching this extended segment to remind ourselves exactly why President Trump is a very unique person in this time of our nation’s history.
We Don’t Need a New G.O.P. We Need the
Old One
Posted by FlyRight 2/22/2024 4:59:08 AM Post Reply
Although I was born into a typical Democrat New York City family, I registered as a Republican as soon as I was old enough to vote. Why? Just to be different but at heart, I was as enamored of John F. Kennedy as the nuns at my high school. My first vote was for Democrat Hubert Humphrey, and I worked for Robert F. Kennedy’s senatorial campaign. But I was never really a Republican at heart until Ronald Reagan ran for president in 1976. Before that epiphany, I was as clueless as the rest of America, and when a German coworker asked me the difference between the two major parties,
Mass Deportation—It CAN Be Done replies
Posted by FlyRight 2/19/2024 5:47:12 AM Post Reply
It’s going to be difficult to get tens of millions of illegals out of the country. If there were some fear of that happening, the Democratic Party would rise up and steal as much of the American taxpayers’ money as necessary to protect this future constituency of theirs. Corporations that want cheap labor would press politicians with threats of reduced campaign money, and everybody knows politicians love other people’s money more than they love anything else. The illegals themselves would disappear under rocks, into holes in the ground, and into every cavity and crevice they could find to escape deportation.
Lara Trump steps into political spotlight
with RNC role
Posted by FlyRight 2/19/2024 5:44:39 AM Post Reply
Lara Trump is in the political spotlight after her father-in-law Donald Trump tapped her to be co-chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC). She is no stranger to politics, having served as one of the former president’s most high-profile surrogates. She was also the subject of speculation that she would launch a bid for North Carolina’s Senate seat in 2022. The move reflects the former president’s desire to have loyalists within the party, which has raised alarms among Trump’s critics.
Political, Economic Indicators Not Promising
for Biden
Posted by FlyRight 2/19/2024 5:43:01 AM Post Reply
Several key indicators of the 2024 election environment indicate that President Joe Biden faces an uphill climb to win a second term. His job approval rating, Americans’ satisfaction with how things are going in the country and their confidence in the economy are below the levels associated with successful reelection bids in recent elections. While Democrats hold a slight edge in national party identification and partisan leanings, that advantage is smaller than what it has been in past presidential elections won by Democratic incumbents. In less direct measures of the electoral environment, Americans are more inclined to say that they are worse off financially,
Trump-loving truckers refusing to drive
to NYC after his $355 million fraud ruling
Posted by FlyRight 2/18/2024 7:30:25 AM Post Reply
Trump-supporting truckers are saying they are refusing to drive to New York City after the former president was slapped with a $355 million fine in his fraud case last week. A conservative social media influencer and trucker who goes by Chicago Ray posted a video clip in which he claims that some of his colleagues are going to stop making deliveries to New York City to protest the ruling, issued in Manhattan Supreme court on Friday. “I’ve been on the radio talking to drivers for about the past hour and I’ve talked to about ten drivers … and they’re going to start refusing loads to New York City starting on Monday,
And the Winner Is — Hamas! replies
Posted by FlyRight 2/18/2024 7:27:56 AM Post Reply
What will happen if Hamas is allowed to win this war? If Hamas is permitted to accomplish what it intended by its mass murders, kidnappings and rapes? If the victims of these atrocities — the people of Israel and all countries fighting terrorism — lose? If the prospects for peace in the region and the Free World are seriously damaged? If the relationship between the US and Israel, and the loss of faith in the US as the guarantor of freedom, continues to be fractured?
Here’s how Trump could dump his NY empire
to pay his $355M civil fraud ruling —
with the ex-prez’s iconic NYC tower
even being on the chopping block
Posted by FlyRight 2/18/2024 7:26:21 AM Post Reply
Luxe Manhattan skyscrapers, championship-caliber golf courses, and a 200-acre Westchester estate could all be up for grabs as Donald Trump strains to pay the $355 million civil fraud ruling that a New York judge slapped him with this week. A host of Trump properties in Manhattan, Westchester, and the Hudson Valley — even his iconic $348 million Trump Tower — could end up on the chopping block, sources told The Post, as a 30-day deadline to pay the fine imposed by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron looms. “I can’t imagine that he’s going to hold on to any assets in New York state after this,” a Trump insider told The Post.
Biden is Such a Disaster During Visit
to East Palestine That His Handlers Force
Press Out of the Room (VIDEO)
Posted by FlyRight 2/17/2024 6:05:53 AM Post Reply
Joe Biden on Friday departed the White House en route to East Palestine, Ohio for a fly-by photo-op. Biden begrudgingly visited East Palestine more than ONE YEAR after the toxic train crash. Biden, the lifelong scummy politician that he is, decided that since it’s election year he would shake some hands and act like he cares about the people of East Palestine. On Feb. 3, 2023, just before 9 p.m. Eastern, a Norfolk Southern train derailed near East Palestine, Ohio, a small Midwestern town of about 4,800 people near the Ohio border with Pennsylvania.
Lawfare Fani making Trump’s point replies
Posted by FlyRight 2/17/2024 6:03:05 AM Post Reply
It was interesting TV and the show is not over. As you know, there is only so much of the “Elderly Man with a Poor Memory” story that we can take. I guess that many of us want to wait until Special Counsel Robert Hur speaks publicly about just how bad the elderly man's memory is. So a little Nathan-does-Fani is a bit more interesting for now even if she disputes what he did to her. According to Eddie Scarry, Fani had a plan: It wasn’t clear that Willis would be compelled to give testimony, but it’s no shock that it turned out this way when she volunteered.
Potentially damning text messages about
Fani Willis-Nathan Wade affair disallowed
as evidence in blow to Trump
Posted by FlyRight 2/17/2024 6:00:14 AM Post Reply
Potentially damning text messages detailing when Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis’ affair with Nathan Wade began won’t be considered by a judge when he rules on whether the top prosecutor should be thrown off the Trump election fraud case — in a blow to former president’s case. Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee said Friday text messages between Wade’s former divorce attorney Terrence Bradley and another defense lawyer couldn’t be admitted as evidence because Bradley spilled information that was covered under attorney-client privilege.