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Rare wolverine spotted in California,
second confirmed specimen in a century
Posted by NorthernDog 6/4/2023 7:47:20 PM Post Reply
A wild wolverine was spotted multiple times in California last month, only the second specimen to be verified by experts in the past century, according to the state Department of Fish and Wildlife. Over a two-week period in May, the wolverine was reported twice in Inyo National Forest and once in Yosemite National Park. Photos and video of the animal were analyzed by U.S. Forest Service experts, who confirmed it was the same creature due to its body proportions, coloration and movement. "Wolverines can travel great distances, making it likely that the recent sightings are all of the same animal
Private Cessna jet crashes in Virginia
after it 'violated DC airspace' and sparked
Pentagon to scramble fighter jets to intercept
- which caused sonic booms heard across
the region
Posted by Imright 6/4/2023 6:39:17 PM Post Reply
A small plane that flew over a restricted area of Washington DC likely prompted the Pentagon to scramble an interceptor fighter jet Sunday afternoon. The private Cessna jet from Elizabethton, Tennessee appeared unresponsive as it came close to both the US Capitol building and the White House at around 3.30pm, Federal Aviation Administration officials say. The aircraft was on its way to Long Island, New York, but once it reached its destination, it turned around and headed back to Washington DC, flight paths show. A source familiar with the situation told Reuters it appeared to be on autopilot at the time.
Sonic boom ‘explosion’ shakes Washington
DC as fighter jets react to unresponsive
plane before crash
Posted by NorthernDog 6/4/2023 6:32:41 PM Post Reply
The Department of Defense scrambled fighter jets to intercept a private jet that entered Washington DC airspace and later crashed into mountainous terrain in southwest Virginia, officials said. The F-16s caused a sonic boom that shook houses across the US Capital at around 3pm as they took off from Andrews Air Force Base in high speed pursuit of the Cessna Citation, a US official told Reuters. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) told The Independent the aircraft had taken off from Tennessee bound for New York but had crashed into a sparsely populated area near Staunton, about 150 miles southwest of
California's renewable-heavy grid vulnerable
to rolling blackouts, Newsom looks to
buy extra energy
Posted by Ida Lou Pino 6/4/2023 5:04:52 PM Post Reply
California appears to be presenting the green movement with yet another reality check. Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom has set forth arguably the country's most ambitious state-level plan to transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy. However, when California's almost inevitable heat waves come in the summer and residents crank up their home air conditioners, officials turn on massive diesel-powered generators to make up for the state’s energy shortfall and to avoid rolling blackouts.
Big Question and A Big Coverup – Durham
Report Brings Sunlight on Detail Never
Released by IG Michael Horowitz About
FBI Targeting Trump
Posted by earlybird 6/4/2023 4:10:29 PM Post Reply
I’m going to go into the deep weeds on this story, because many people are missing a key facet. The names behind the Trump targeting operation are included, along with citations for independent checks by House congressional investigators. Inside the recently released report by John Durham [CITATION],(snip)outlines how former FBI Director James Comey was intimately involved in the creation of the Carter Page FISA application. Durham notes that Comey kept asking the DOJ National Security Division and FBI counterintelligence investigators, “Where’s the FISA, we need the FISA.” However, John Durham never interviewed James Comey or Andrew McCabe. (snip) how did John Durham have details about the demands of
Big Data Poll – President Trump Crushing
Governor DeSantis by 20 Points in Florida
After Home State Campaign Launch
Posted by earlybird 6/4/2023 4:02:55 PM Post Reply
Now you know exactly why Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had to launch without any public appearances in his home state, and run away from the state of Florida immediately thereafter. This doesn’t take any commentary to understand. President Trump is beating Ron DeSantis in the state that knows the Florida Governor best. Trump 52.5%, DeSantis 32.6%. This should be embarrassing for Ron and Jill ‘Casey’ DeSantis, but their hubris will just ignore it.
Manchin on Third-Party Presidential Run:
‘Not Ruling Anything In, Not Ruling
Anything Out’
Posted by Imright 6/4/2023 3:58:28 PM Post Reply
Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) said on this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday” that he was “not ruling anything in, not ruling anything out” when questioned about whether he would consider a third-party presidential run. Anchor Shannon Bream said, “You have not ruled it out and taken off the table, is a third-party run in the realm of possibilities?” Manchin said, “You better have Plan B because if Plan A shows that we’re going to the far reaches of both sides, the far left and the far right, and that people don’t want to go to the far left and the far right, they want to be governed from the middle.
Brief Covid mRNA Injection Update replies
Posted by earlybird 6/4/2023 2:30:38 PM Post Reply
You may have heard recently that most adults—80%—are not getting boosted with mRNA injections. The CDC is recommending that everyone get shot up, while admitting that duration of supposed “effectiveness” isn’t great: Most US adults are declining COVID boosters as CDC warns of health risks: 'Relatively little protection' Hospitalization risk exists as only 20% of US adults receive booster dose: ‘Uptake has been quite low’ The claim, as usual, is that these injections offer protection against the most severe outcomes. Interestingly, the CDC conducted a self-experiment—unintentionally. I’m guessing they didn’t expect this outcome:
2024 elections: How GOP hopefuls fare
in the debate criteria
Posted by Imright 6/4/2023 12:35:40 PM Post Reply
In about twelve weeks, 2024 Republican hopefuls will have the opportunity to square off in the first party-sanctioned debate of the 2024 cycle. On Friday, the Republican National Committee rolled out its criteria for qualifying for the verbal bout, prompting some to gear up for the battle and others to scramble for ways to boost their standing so they can make it onto the debate stage. To qualify, hopefuls must routinely poll about 1% in either an early state poll and two national polls, or in at least three national polls. They will also be required to accrue donations from a minimum of 40,000 donors. Additionally, contenders must sign
What State Harassment and Institutional
Terror in Woke America Looks Like
Posted by DW626 6/4/2023 12:30:53 PM Post Reply
federal court ruling likely to drop this month should provide a good indication as to whether America still has a fully functioning First World justice system. The case, involving an investigation from New York Attorney General Letitia James into the supposed mismanagement of controversial news outlet, has received zero media coverage so far, despite it being as crude, brutish, and nakedly political as James’ other lawfare campaigns (notably against former President Trump and the NRA). In fact, it’s arguably worse, as it was clearly designed to dox VDare’s writers and volunteers and bankrupt the tiny outlet out of existence.
Chuck Todd To Leave ‘Meet The Press,’
New Host Revealed
Posted by Imright 6/4/2023 12:03:55 PM Post Reply
Chuck Todd, the host of NBC’s “Meet the Press” for the last nine years, announced on the show Sunday that he would step down from that role in the coming months. Todd said it’s important for people not to “overstay their welcome” and touted his accomplishments of building the show into a “distinct and important political franchise.” “It’s been an amazing nearly decade-long run. I am really proud of what this team and I have built over the last decade,” Todd said.
Zelensky Admits Fear of Trump 2024, Begs
for More Patriot Missile Systems
Posted by mc squared 6/4/2023 11:16:46 AM Post Reply
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky admitted that he is afraid of a possible return of Donald Trump to the White House in 2024, before begging for more American-made Patriot missile systems. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, President Volodymyr Zelensky admitted he has concerns about the possible re-election of Donald Trump next year, saying that he was unsure how exactly the Republican leader would have reacted had Russia invaded during his presidency. The Ukrainian head-of-state also praised the response of the Biden administration, which has regularly handed over billions of dollars worth of weapons aid to the Eastern European nation since Moscow’s invasion began last year.
Sex Change Operations Do No Good replies
Posted by Hazymac 6/4/2023 11:11:41 AM Post Reply
The “trans” lobby claims that genital mutilation of minors is necessary in order to prevent troubled teenagers from committing suicide. To my knowledge, there is no empirical basis for this claim, and suicide rates among those who have undergone sex change surgery are sky-high. But the claim persists, nevertheless. Now, it turns out that one of the key “studies” relied on to support sex change procedures has been withdrawn. (Snip) Integrity in published research has been on a downhill slide for some time. It started in the social sciences, and has now spread to the hard sciences. The basic idea of a research study is to be reproducible: someone else who
Is Arming Teachers Practical? replies
Posted by Hazymac 6/4/2023 11:03:50 AM Post Reply
The most obvious response to school shootings is to allow teachers and other employees who are licensed to carry firearms to do so. Would-be mass murderers are drawn to schools largely because they are usually “gun-free zones,” which means the shooter’s gun will be the only one on the scene. But some have questioned whether many teachers would actually be willing to arm themselves, so as to make this a practical solution. The Rand Corporation conducted a nationwide survey of nearly 1,000 teachers, which is reported on by Catrin Wigfall. Most teachers are liberals these days–no surprise, given the far-left orientation of universities’ education programs and the teachers’ unions.
Chuck Todd will depart NBC's 'Meet the
Press'; Kristen Welker to become host
Posted by Dreadnought 6/4/2023 10:39:16 AM Post Reply
“Meet the Press” host and moderator Chuck Todd announced on Sunday that he will step down this year after nine years hosting the public affairs talk show. Kristen Welker, NBC News’ co-chief White House correspondent, will succeed him. “It’s been an amazing nearly decadelong run. I am really proud of what this team and I have built over the last decade,” Todd said during the broadcast Sunday. “I’ve loved so much of this job, helping to explain America to Washington and explain Washington to America.”
Delta flight from Paris to Detroit is
forced to make an emergency landing at
a remote Canadian airport used on 9/11
after 'violent' passenger, 34, broke free
from his restraints
Posted by mc squared 6/4/2023 10:06:30 AM Post Reply
A Delta flight heading to Detroit, Michigan was forced to make an emergency landing on a remote Canadian island after an unruly passenger broke free of his restraints. The 34-year-old traveler was allegedly being 'violent' on the flight and 'wouldn't calm down' on the trip from Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris, France. He was restrained by airline staff but managed to break free before five to six passengers jumped in to restrain him again. The captain took an emergency diversion six hours into the flight and landed at Stephenville Dymond Airport on the Canadian island of Newfoundland at around 3.35pm. The man was then arrested by the Royal Mounted Police
California Christians push back against
light sentence for saint statue vandals
Posted by NorthernDog 6/4/2023 9:34:08 AM Post Reply
The justice system had a chance to “draw a line in the sand” against vandalism of Christian property but botched the opportunity when it gave misdemeanors to five activists who toppled a statue of St. Junipero Serra , a local Catholic activist told the Washington Examiner. (Snip) Frugoli praised her own office for resolving the case using an “innovative restorative justice solution.” "While this issue has raised emotions because of the sensitivities around religion, community boundaries, and historic inequities, the fact is that a resolution through accountability has been reached through restorative justice, and that is a victory for this community,”
Hey Look! Proof Democrats Doctored J6 Evidence replies
Posted by Hazymac 6/4/2023 9:25:41 AM Post Reply
The House Select Committee to Investigate Jan. 6, led by Democrats, manipulated key evidence, according to an investigation by Just the News. Since the actual evidence wasn’t enough for them to convey the narrative they wanted to present, Democrats added audio to silent security footage from the U.S. Capitol Police to create a dramatic video montage for the opening of their primetime hearings last summer. This isn’t surprising. The committee, which was entirely handpicked by Nancy Pelosi, was never concerned with an objective presentation of facts. In fact, we’ve known since 2021 that the committee doctored text messages to make them look incriminating.
It's Now or Never replies
Posted by Hazymac 6/4/2023 8:56:46 AM Post Reply
Even as the glitter of socialism was enticing innocents, the dead hand of history was making its weight felt to lamentable effect—Joshua Muravchik, Heaven on Earth: The Rise, Fall, and Afterlife of Socialism It has by now become starkly obvious that the leftist attack on the Judeo-Christian West proceeds on three main fronts: Christianity, the family, and borders. The attack is gathering momentum and mounting success, as resistance, at least on the official and communications levels, is distressingly scattered. A brief overview of the logistics of the campaign may be in order, in the interests of simple clarity. 1. The attack on Christianity: The distinction between Church and State
Disney Groomers Face Another Potential
Flop with Pixar’s ‘Elemental’
Posted by Hazymac 6/4/2023 6:53:25 AM Post Reply
The child exploiters at Disney are looking at another potential flop with Pixar’s poorly reviewed Elemental. How’s your Pride Month going, groomers? The perverts and fetishists at Disney reportedly dumped $200 million into this sucker and will likely spend another $100 to $150 million on a useless promotion campaign. The result…? Well, the result is glorious. Elemental is predicted to open on June 16 somewhere between $31 and $41 million. Ultimately, Box Office Pro says it could fail to pass $100 million. Best case, it hits $167 million domestic. Unless the same overseas audience currently rejecting that stupid Little Mermaid remake powers Elemental to an additional $400 to $500 million,
Nicaragua Continues Anti-Catholic Crackdown replies
Posted by tisHimself 6/4/2023 6:48:53 AM Post Reply
The White House is condemning the ongoing persecution of Catholics by Nicaragua’s dictatorial regime. National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby on Wednesday called Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega’s targeting of Catholics “unacceptable,” adding that there has “been a dramatic deterioration of respect for democratic principles and human rights by the Ortega-Murillo regime, including the harassment and imprisonment of … faith leaders, as you rightly said, including from the Catholic Church… .” This follows the Ortega regime invading a Catholic school, preparing to deport Catholic religious sisters, and freezing the bank accounts of Catholic dioceses.
The First Ten Words to Oxford’s New
African American English Dictionary Revealed
– Barack Obama Friend is Serving as
Project’s Editor
Posted by FlyRight 6/4/2023 6:48:30 AM Post Reply
A new dictionary featuring “African-American” words will be coming out in two years and a report has revealed the first 10 words in the new book. As NBC News reported Wednesday, Oxford University Press announced last June they planned to publish the “Oxford Dictionary of African American English.” The New York Times published the first 10 words and their definitions in late May. Here they are: bussin (adjective and participle): 1. Especially describing food: tasty, delicious. Also more generally: impressive, excellent. 2. Describing a party, event, etc.: busy, crowded, lively. (Variant forms: bussing, bussin’.)
Pregnant school bus driver miraculously
rescues 37 children in Milwaukee seconds
before vehicle bursts into flames: Cause
of fire remains under investigation
Posted by Imright 6/4/2023 6:38:47 AM Post Reply
A pregnant Milwaukee bus driver managed to rescue 37 children from a bus fire just seconds before the vehicle burst into flames. Expecting mom Imunek Williams was two hours into her route to Milwaukee Academy of Science on Wednesday when smoke started filling the bus. 'I started to smell something funny at the stoplight, and I just thought it was normal smoke coming from another car,' Williams told WISN in an interview. 'But then as I started to drive more, the smell and the smoke started to get thicker. 'I just told the kids, let's get off. I evacuated the bus, made sure everyone was off
US farmer tears into Biden administration
over China, Russia payment claims: ‘A
real slap in the face’
Posted by Imright 6/4/2023 6:11:29 AM Post Reply
An American farmer is speaking out after the Biden administration reportedly sent billions to U.S. adversaries. During an appearance on "Fox & Friends First," National Black Farmers Association President John Boyd Jr. ripped the Biden administration for dispensing money to China and Russia, arguing that the president has done nothing but deliver "empty promises" to the farming community. "It's a real slap in the face. Here you have American farmers losing their farms and right here in the United States with this. Last year alone, we lost over 10,000 farms in the United States and this administration had done nothing but give us broken promises
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