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Donald Trump Making Inroads With Young
Voters—Economy a Key Issue
Posted by Dreadnought 4/22/2024 1:52:33 AM Post Reply
The great Winston Churchill was reputed to have observed, "If a man at twenty is not a liberal, then he has no heart. If a man at forty is not a conservative, then he has no brain." That's an apocryphal statement, of course, but that doesn't mean it's untrue. Younger people tend to skew more politically to the left than their elders - at least, if you look at the broad strokes. But there is also a political pendulum that swings back and forth; as recently as the '80s, there was a trend wherein it was "hip" for young people with hippie-Boomer parents (full disclosure - not
CNN's New Poll on Trump Likability in
the Battleground States Is Likely to Trigger
Joe Biden
Posted by Dreadnought 4/22/2024 1:49:36 AM Post Reply
When you talk about the 2024 race, a lot of it is going to come down to the battleground states. As the Real Clear Politics Average shows, former President Donald Trump is ahead in six of the seven states, with Joe Biden being ahead only in Pennsylvania--and not by much, 46.5 to 46. The only other one that's close is Wisconsin, where Trump is ahead by one point. On average, over all the battleground states, Trump is up by 2.8 percent. In the states other than Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, Trump is up three percentage points or more. On Friday, CNN's Harry Enten had some fascinating things to say
Iran Triumphant? replies
Posted by Dreadnought 4/22/2024 1:45:32 AM Post Reply
As the dust seems to be settling in the Middle East, who is coming out on top? Perhaps, Reuel Marc Gerecht and Ray Takeyh write in the Wall Street Journal, it is Iran. First, some history: Iran’s theocratic regime has to stand as the most successful imperial power in the Middle East since the British Empire. The comparison would offend the mullahs, but both managed to patrol large swaths of territory by relying on proxies—imperialism on the cheap. Soon after coming to power in 1979, Iran began putting together its collection of terrorists and militants. In Lebanon, it created Hezbollah, established a tight relationship with the Palestine Liberation Organization
White House Responds to Anti-Israel Protests
at Columbia University: ‘Antisemitic,
Unconscionable, Dangerous’
Posted by Dreadnought 4/22/2024 1:38:35 AM Post Reply
The White House issued a statement in response to the ongoing anti-Israel protests and encampment taking place at Columbia University, describing them as being, “Antisemitic, unconscionable, and dangerous.” White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates issued a statement on Sunday acknowledging that American citizens have the “right to peaceful protest,” while adding that “calls for violence and physical intimidation” against the Jewish community are unacceptable. In his statement, Bates said: While every American has the right to peaceful protest, calls for violence and physical intimidation targeting Jewish students and the Jewish community are blatantly Antisemitic, unconscionable, and dangerous – they have absolutely no place on any college campus, or anywhere
Columbia Rabbi Urges Jewish Students to
Go Home as Protesters Openly Cheer Hamas,
Chant ‘Burn Tel Aviv to the Ground’
Posted by Dreadnought 4/21/2024 2:31:33 PM Post Reply
Pro-Palestinian protesters outside Columbia University late Saturday night openly advocated for Hamas terrorism against Israel, yelling “Burn Tel Aviv to the ground!” as well as other pro-violence slogans. Heated protests have roiled Columbia’s campus in the last week. New York City police arrested 108 anti-Israel activists on Thursday after the university’s president asked law enforcement to step in and break up the “Gaza Solidarity Encampment.” Dozens of protester tents occupied campus for over 24 hours, which the university deemed a safety concern and a violation of university policies. “We say justice, you say how? Burn Tel Aviv to the ground!,”
Pro-Hamas Protests Rage Into the Night
at Columbia University
Posted by Dreadnought 4/21/2024 1:45:42 AM Post Reply
The ongoing protests at Columbia University heated up Saturday with approximately 200 demonstrators partaking in yet more anti-Israel, pro-Hamas displays. A notable incident occurred when a student was taken away on a stretcher and received medical attention from Columbia University EMS, a university spokesperson told The New York Post. A group of student protestors used black umbrellas and a tarp to obstruct the view of the woman as she was taken away on a stretcher. The exact condition of the student remains unclear. The charged atmosphere included "death to Israel" chants and police in riot gear clashing with the protestors outside of a locked university campus gate
It's Happening: US House Passes Landmark
TikTok Ban Amid Rising Data Security Concerns
Posted by Dreadnought 4/21/2024 1:43:27 AM Post Reply
The House of Representatives on Saturday passed what could be landmark legislation that would ban TikTok in the United States unless its parent company agrees to sell the video-sharing app to a U.S.-based company. Some have taken this development as a sign that it is “inevitable” that the bill will become the law of the land. The proposed legislation, which has its share of proponents and detractors, is aimed at preventing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from covertly accessing the data of Americans using the app. If it becomes law, it could become a pivotal moment related to government involvement in digital communication.
‘Moscow Marjorie’ Taylor Greene, GOP
rebels defeated as House passes $61B in
Ukraine aid package
Posted by Dreadnought 4/21/2024 1:18:39 AM Post Reply
House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) on Saturday crushed a putsch by far-right Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Republican rebels — pushing through a $95.3 billion aid package that funds the fight against Russia, the defense of Israel and resistance against China. Lawmakers in a rare bipartisan effort overwhelmingly approved the four-bill package, including one measure providing $60.8 billion for Ukraine. About 80% of that money will go toward replenishing supplies of US-made weapons and ammunition and other direct military assistance. Another $9.5 billion is in the form of a forgivable loan. The bill passed 311-112 with all “nay” votes coming from Republicans, including Greene who was hailed as “Moscow Marjorie” by
NYT: Israelis Used Stealth Missile on
Nuclear-Site Defenses in Iran Attack
Posted by Dreadnought 4/20/2024 2:36:52 PM Post Reply
We could call this A Tale of Two Facilities. Iran launched an unprecedented direct attack on Israel in retaliation for the targeted strike on IRGC and Hamas commanders. That attack did little damage despite a volley of well over 300 missiles and drones, thanks to the regional defenses and the several hours of lead time necessitated by Iran's launch from its own territory. That demonstrated the facility Iran has for offensive operations in the region. Israel responded by demonstrating its facility, and as the New York Times hears from officials in Iran and the West, the result shocked the Iranians: An Israeli weapon deployed in a retaliatory strike against Iran
US House approves $61bn in military aid
for Ukraine after months of stalling
Posted by Dreadnought 4/20/2024 2:29:12 PM Post Reply
After months of stalling, the US House of Representatives finally approved more than $61bn worth of military assistance to help Ukraine in its desperate defense against Russia. The bipartisan vote saw 210 Democrats and 101 Republicans join to support Ukraine, with 112 Republicans – a majority of the GOP members – voting against. It came after the Republican speaker, Mike Johnson, forced a series of bills onto the floor in the face of fierce resistance within his own Republican party, many of whom oppose spending more on Ukraine’s defense. Voting began hours ahead of schedule in an extraordinary Saturday session that delayed the House’s planned recess.
Mob rule at Columbia replies
Posted by Dreadnought 4/20/2024 10:19:09 AM Post Reply
It looks like the mob has asserted control over Columbia University, SS style. The Columbia Spectator reports on the suspensions issued for for participation in Wednesday’s “Gaza Solidarity Encampment.” One of Ilhan Omar’s daughters (Isra Hirsi) is among the suspended students. The rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the rotten tree. The Spectator quotes Columbia undergrad Maryam Alwan, another one of the suspended students. Alwan told the Spectator that she received a letter informing her of her interim suspension from the Center for Student Success and Intervention [!]. “I think all of these administrators need to get a grip and listen to their students and watch the news
Senate reauthorizes warrantless spy powers
just after midnight deadline
Posted by Dreadnought 4/20/2024 1:26:21 AM Post Reply
The Senate passed a controversial extension of the federal government’s warrantless spying powers just after a midnight deadline on Friday over objections from Democrats and Republicans who opposed the incidental collection of US citizens’ data as part of the authority. In a 60-34 vote, Democrats and Republicans voted to reauthorize Title VII of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) until 2026, sending the legislation to President Biden’s desk for a signature. The White House issued a statement in strong support of the legislation, called the Reforming Intelligence and Securing America Act, before it passed the House last week in a 273-147 bipartisan vote.