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Obama Rings the Reparations Bell

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Posted By: Imright, 6/27/2023 6:06:08 AM

As Black Lives Matters and their allies rev up the call for reparations, it is time to revisit what Milton R. Konvitz wrote in 1976 for the celebration of the Bicentennial of American Independence[1]: In the late 1960s, when militant blacks staged demonstrations in various churches demanding a half-billion dollars in 'reparations' for three hundred years of subjugation and discrimination, a writer in an Anglo-Jewish journal formulated a demand for 'reparations from various nations on behalf of the Jewish people, including demands to the Vatican for the harm done by teaching that the Jewish people were guilty of deicide and for the promotion

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Reply 1 - Posted by: GreatGreyhounds 6/27/2023 6:31:59 AM (No. 1500364)
Anything Our Dear Reader thinks is a good idea is automatically Bad for the United States...
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Strike3 6/27/2023 7:01:18 AM (No. 1500374)
You first, Barry, spend some of your moldy money on your countrymen. This clown hasn't lifted a finger to help black people but he was certainly generous with our money in the illegal healthcare scam known as Obamacare.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Califedup 6/27/2023 7:08:00 AM (No. 1500381)
Every time I read what evil Ex-Dictator Obama is spewing the famous phrase uttered by Henry I of England regarding Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of England, comes to mind: "Will no one rid me of this troublesome priest?', except in Obama's case substitute the word "Communist" for "priest".
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Reply 4 - Posted by: mifla 6/27/2023 7:11:23 AM (No. 1500386)
Give $X to reparations, and they will be back soon with a demand for more. And more after that.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: bpl40 6/27/2023 7:17:29 AM (No. 1500393)
I always thought the Rev. Al Sharpton was the biggest hypocritical fraud in this business. I guess he is a remote second to our friend the Kenyan Mulatto.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: paral04 6/27/2023 7:27:41 AM (No. 1500401)
He has plenty of money. What has he done to promote minorities interests such as insisting that they learn to read and have critical thinking skills? NOTHING. He just wants to drain the productive people's coffers to make himself look like the friend of the minorities.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Hazymac 6/27/2023 7:29:27 AM (No. 1500402)
A few years ago Dave Chappelle dealt with reparations on his show. What would happen if, say, a trillion in reparations were paid out tomorrow? Chappelle knows.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: snapper451 6/27/2023 7:37:37 AM (No. 1500406)
When did Queen Barry get the terribly mistaken opinion that anyone cares what he thinks about anything? He's only in this for $$$$$$. I guess he needs another mansion.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Highlander 6/27/2023 7:49:32 AM (No. 1500411)
It’s far cheaper to ship them back to Africa.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Lazyman 6/27/2023 7:55:26 AM (No. 1500421)
While they wait for an inept country, that is in great debt, to hand them free stuff all the other races continue to use the opportunity to get ahead. Like the idiot that has rich parents and is waiting to receive an inheritance who outsmarts himself when he dies at 70 and his parents are still living off the money.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: watashiyo 6/27/2023 8:04:24 AM (No. 1500427)
Your stench filled OBAMACARE is Reparations bill!
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Mcscow sailor 6/27/2023 8:16:01 AM (No. 1500435)
Just. Say. No
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Reply 13 - Posted by: singermom9 6/27/2023 8:30:31 AM (No. 1500448)
So if we give them reparations does that mean they will stop the looting and rioting, burning and killing? Will they stop the random killing or will it still be OK for them to be angry abt slavery? By the way are you aware that there were 3500 freed black slaves that OWNED 12,000 slaves? So maybe blacks need to pay reparations too. Funny that blacks do not seem to care abt slavery that happens today. Nobody is talking abt ending THAT slavery. They just want MONEY for something they never experienced. There are millions of slaves today and nobody cares abt stopping it.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 6/27/2023 8:58:11 AM (No. 1500458)
Obie, why don't you just head back home to Kenya and start building that retirement hut, pal.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Kate318 6/27/2023 9:57:52 AM (No. 1500504)
Why is this POS yammering on and on lately? It seems as if every other day there is an article in which The Light Bringer deigns to give the lowly masses the infinite wisdom of his superior worldview. Nothing happens coincidentally or accidentally with democrats. There is always a reason, and usually a sinister one.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: MickTurn 6/27/2023 10:03:29 AM (No. 1500515)
Obummer WAS born in Kenya, and was never eligible to be president but no one in govt. cares!
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Italiano 6/27/2023 10:09:02 AM (No. 1500523)
Hate to break it to you Bathhouse, but as it turns out, the Obama "Family" Travel and Entertainment Budget expenditures from 2009-2017 done depleted the Reparations Account. Besides, if you added up the cost of our out-of-control crime, degraded culture and destroyed cities, guess who would end up paying? Sorry.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: moebellini3 6/27/2023 10:09:14 AM (No. 1500524)
This from a man who refuses to educate his own. This is a man who was and still is against charter schools, voucher programs and school choice. All of which would help black students achieve success. The vast majority of black students in Chicago and Baltimore can't even pass the most basic math or english tests. In every democratic ru city black students rarely graduate high school. Fact is the IQ of black students were higher back in the 60's than they are today. You see, the democratic plantations in every democratic run city today are no different than the plantations of the old south back in the 1800's. No education then and no education now. Thank Obama, a racist, a bigot and a hypocrite. Get it yet....
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Reply 19 - Posted by: Geoman 6/27/2023 10:11:15 AM (No. 1500528)
From a political philosophy point of view, any government seeking to impose on a free people by the coercive power of government, a bastardized form of reparations based on skin color (whitey pays to benefit blacks exclusively), against the expressed will of the majority of legal citizens, deserves to be overthrown by a massive citizen revolt and the individuals responsible, appointed or elected, deserve to be made lamppost decorations in the public square. All else is folly.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Cindiana 6/27/2023 10:25:18 AM (No. 1500540)
The Chappelle video was such fun...and right on the money. Thanks, #7.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: MindMadeUp 6/27/2023 12:57:58 PM (No. 1500660)
Obama is descended from slave holders. Why not start reparations off by stripping him of his money and mansions...
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Reply 22 - Posted by: rochow 6/27/2023 3:54:30 PM (No. 1500807)
Black folks have been free in this country for quite some time. Why don't they go back to their families in Africa? Why don't they ask their families why they were sold? Why were they caged by their chieftains and carried down to the boats that picked them up? Are the chieftains willing to share some of the beads that they got with them now??? Blacks were not held at gun point in this country that they had to remain here.
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My home state of California is Bizzarroland, totally over the edge. It was bad enough, but now it has crossed the Rubicon and blown up the bridge and burned the boats. The Golden State is set to take away parental rights and create a police state where a court and judge must (not may) affirm a child’s chosen made-up gender “identity.” But that same California requires permission for a minor to get a tattoo. Make sense of it. I can’t. Soon in California, if the Democrat super-majority gets its way, confused children can be taken from a parent(s) and chemically castrated and mutilated at the minor’s request.
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Biden Denies Taking Part In Son’s Alleged
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President Joe Biden denied taking part in his son’s alleged shakedown of a Chinese businessman recently revealed in a 2017 WhatsApp message. Reporters questioned Biden over the WhatsApp message, revealed last week by IRS whistleblowers who investigated the president’s son’s tax affairs, at the White House on Wednesday. The president has so far refused to comment at length about the message that allegedly ties him with his son’s dealings with foreign agents.“How involved were you in your son’s Chinese shake-down text message? Were you sitting there? Were you involved?” a reporter asked the president. Biden responded: “No, I wasn’t.”
NYC’s 2023 primary election had less
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What if you held an election and less than 200,000 registered voters showed up? Based on preliminary ballot counts by the New York City Board of Elections, that’s what happened in Tuesday’s primary election Because of state redistricting in 2022, NYC Council elections were held two years earlier than usual with no hotly contested citywide, state or federal races on the ballot to draw voters to the polls, political analysts said. Of all five boroughs, Bronx voters, in particular, couldn’t be bothered. Only about 5.3% of registered Democrats cast ballots in the primary race for Bronx District attorney between incumbent Darcel Clark and challenger Tess Cohen.
Liberals turn on Joe Biden over a traffic jam 6 replies
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For every day and every scandal of his presidency, President Biden could count on unflinching, irrevocable support from the Washington Post and its devoted readers. That ended Tuesday. Traffic on one of America’s busiest roads in the Washington area screeched to a halt for hours during the evening rush hour. Biden was heading out to hit up rich Democrats for hefty campaign contributions at a fundraiser in ritzy Chevy Chase, Md., and Team Biden shut down the Beltway so Biden’s motorcade could travel unseen and unimpeded by any peasants. The shutdown caused more than five miles of backups and sowed disruptions for hours after it ended.
White House confirms Biden, 80, is now
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The White House said Wednesday that President Joe Biden, 80, has started using a CPAP machine to treat his sleep apnea - after he was spotted with visible indentations on his face. The mask lines were apparent as the president spoke with reporters on the South Lawn Wednesday morning before a day trip to Chicago. The West Wing quickly shut down conspiracy theories by confirming the lines were caused by the device that helps sufferers breath when they sleep.
Paul Ryan: ‘It Is a Disaster if We Nominate
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Former House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) said Wednesday on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” that it would be a “disaster” if the Republican Party nominated former President Donald Trump in 2024 and “dangerous” if he wins, which would be possible. Discussing Trump Tuesday night at the Aspen Ideas Festival, former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) said, “It’s really important for Democrats to take him seriously. There can be a tendency for people on the Democratic side to say, ‘Well, look, sure, the Republicans will nominee hm the Republicans are a mess but we’ll be able to beat him in a general. And that is playing with fire. It’s a risk we can’t take.
IRS whistleblower says he was STOPPED
from pursuing leads into 'big guy' Joe
in the Hunter investigation
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Posted by Imright 6/28/2023 1:36:01 PM Post Reply
An IRS veteran who blew the whistle on preferential treatment in the investigation into Hunter Biden asserted that the case involving the president's son was not conducted as normal. Former IRS supervisory agent Gary Shapley told CBS News on Tuesday that he was repeatedly prevented from taking the necessary – and routine – steps when it came to Hunter's case. He said conduct uncovered during the five-year investigation could have implicated President Joe Biden, as well, and resulted in additional charges – and claimed the road blocks were happening even during the Trump years.
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Liz Cheney: Our Politics Created a Situation
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Tuesday “CNN This Morning” played a video of former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) saying the United States is “electing idiots” while speaking Monday night at an event in New York City’s Center for Culture and Arts. Co-host Phil Mattingly said, “Liz Cheney spoke last night. She is always so subtle. I want you to take a listen to something she said.”Cheney said, “What we’ve done in our politics is create a situation where we’re electing idiots. And so, I don’t look at it through the lens of, is this what I should do or what I shouldn’t do.
The Party Never Stops! Admiral Rachel
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Admiral Rachel Levine, the Assistant Secretary for Health for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), has declared, as Pride month is coming to an end, that it should be a “Summer of Pride.” “Happy Pride! Happy Pride Month, and actually — let’s declare it a summer of Pride. Happy Summer of Pride.” The admiral, who is transgender, posted the message on the official HHS Instagram account, and posted similar sentiments on Twitter: Pride month originally began as a commemoration of the Stonewall riots of late June1969, when activists rioted against police raids on the Stonewall pub, where gay men had been known to congregate and meet.
"Numerous and serious failures" by prison
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Washington — Systemic negligence, misconduct, and overall under-resourcing among federal prison staff and facilities contributed to the conditions that enabled financier Jeffrey Epstein to die by suicide in his prison cell, the Justice Department's inspector general concluded in a report released Tuesday. The 66-year-old financier was found dead in his New York prison cell in 2019 a little over a month after federal authorities took him into custody for the alleged sex trafficking of minors. He was accused of exploiting and abusing dozens of underage girls and utilizing a network of employees to ensure continued access to victims, according to
Atlantic writer complains about too many
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Leave it up to The Atlantic to tell us we've got too many food choices in a grocery store, and for our own good, we ought to have less. That's pretty much what writer Adam Fleming wrote in his plaintive cry against too much choice at the grocery store. On a recent afternoon, while running errands before I had to pick up my kids from school, I froze in the orange-juice aisle of a big-box store. So many different brands lay before me: Minute Maid, Simply, Tropicana, Dole, Florida’s Natural, Sunny D—not to mention the niche organic labels. And each brand offered juices with various configurations of pulp, vitamins, and concentrate.
Hunter Biden privately SETTLES with baby
mama over child support payments for their
four-year-old daughter: President's son's
contributions drop from $20K to $5K a
month and daughter cannot use family name
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Posted by Imright 6/27/2023 10:58:17 PM Post Reply
Hunter Biden and his Arkansas baby mama have settled their bitter, years-long paternity battle over the daughter the First Son refuses to meet. Hunter and former flame Lunden Roberts submitted an agreed order to Independence County Circuit Court on Monday afternoon for Circuit Judge Holly Meyer to approve, has learned. The document will become public within the next 24 hours but with heavy redactions to keep the full financial arrangements of four-year-old Navy Joan Roberts’ upbringing a secret.A New York Post report published last week suggested that Roberts, 32, had signed a deal agreeing to slash the $20,000 Hunter pays each month to just $5,000 after he pleaded financial hardship. However
Start Walking: NY Cleared to Impose $23
Levy on Drivers Entering City
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Posted by Imright 6/27/2023 2:55:43 PM Post Reply
Democrat-run New York City is ready to hit residents and visitors alike with a “congestion charge” after federal approval was granted Monday for its first-in-the-nation plan to impose big tolls to drive into the most visited parts of Manhattan. The program could begin as soon as the spring of 2024, bringing New York City into line with places like London, Singapore, and Stockholm that have implemented similar tax impositions on drivers simply going about their everyday business.The news was announced within hours of NYC officials ordering pizzerias that use coal or wood-burning ovens to slice their carbon emissions by 75 percent or else face hefty fines,
Poll: Ron DeSantis Plunges to All-Time
Low Net Favorability Rating
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Posted by Imright 6/28/2023 7:35:34 AM Post Reply
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s (R) net favorability rating plunged to an all-time low after his first full month on the presidential campaign trail, a Civiqs poll found. In December, the Civiqs poll found that DeSantis’s net favorability rating was -1, with 46 percent having a favorable opinion of him compared to 47 percent unfavorable. (Tweet) As of June 26, DeSantis’s net favorability rating is -22, with just 34 percent of registered voters favoring DeSantis compared to 56 percent who hold an unfavorable opinion. An additional nine percent remained unsure. Among independents, DeSantis’s favorability has drastically fallen. Compared to December when DeSantis held a +11 favorability rating among the critical voting bloc,
The Great Grift: More than $200 billion
in COVID-19 aid may have been stolen,
federal watchdog says
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Posted by Imright 6/27/2023 9:58:32 PM Post Reply
Washington— More than $200 billion may have been stolen from two large COVID-19 relief initiatives, according to new estimates from a federal watchdog investigating federally funded programs that helped small businesses survive the worst public health crisis in more than a hundred years. The numbers issued Tuesday by the U.S. Small Business Administration inspector general are much greater than the office’s previous projections and underscore how vulnerable the Paycheck Protection and COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan programs were to fraudsters, particularly during the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic. The inspector general’s report said “at least 17 percent of all COVID-EIDL and PPP funds were disbursed to potentially fraudulent actors.”
The Big Question Surfaces: Was The Prigozhin
Farce A Western Intel Op?
24 replies
Posted by earlybird 6/27/2023 12:38:45 PM Post Reply
As I expected (A Theory Of The Prigozhin Regime Change Farce), more and more commentators are openly asking what has seemed to me to be the obvious and key question. Larry Johnson frames the question in all its baldness this morning: WAS PRIGOZHIN’S MUTINY A WESTERN INTELLIGENCE OP DERAILED BY RUSSIA’S SPIES? I prefer the “regime change” narrative framing, because I believe that the circumstances point in that direction—that there was much more focus and organization behind this thing than “mutiny” or “uprising” would suggest. The rhetoric and coordinated actions all point toward the goal of regime change
Marco Rubio says he's heard from 'public
figures' with 'firsthand knowledge' about UFOs
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Posted by Ida Lou Pino 6/28/2023 11:12:55 AM Post Reply
Sen. Marco Rubio says he has privately heard from "public figures" who have "firsthand knowledge" about UFOs, but many of those individuals are fearful about the consequences if they make their claims public. Rubio told NewsNation this week that he has spoken to people who have "firsthand knowledge, firsthand claims of certain things" involving UFOs. "Some are public figures," Rubio said. "I am trying to be protective of these people. Some of these people still work in the government, and frankly, a lot of them are fearful – fearful of their jobs, fearful of their clearances, fearful of their careers
Obama Rings the Reparations Bell 22 replies
Posted by Imright 6/27/2023 6:06:08 AM Post Reply
As Black Lives Matters and their allies rev up the call for reparations, it is time to revisit what Milton R. Konvitz wrote in 1976 for the celebration of the Bicentennial of American Independence[1]: In the late 1960s, when militant blacks staged demonstrations in various churches demanding a half-billion dollars in 'reparations' for three hundred years of subjugation and discrimination, a writer in an Anglo-Jewish journal formulated a demand for 'reparations from various nations on behalf of the Jewish people, including demands to the Vatican for the harm done by teaching that the Jewish people were guilty of deicide and for the promotion
NYC Milestone: Migrants Outnumber New
Yorkers in Homeless Shelters
21 replies
Posted by Imright 6/27/2023 10:04:48 PM Post Reply
New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) has brought the city to a new milestone with border crossers and illegal aliens now outnumbering New Yorkers in homeless shelters. According to NBC New York, the city’s homeless shelters are filled more with newly arrived border crossers and illegal aliens than New Yorkers, the latest figures reveal. “The tipping point took place Sunday, when 50,000 migrants were in the City’s care, outnumbering the 49,700 local shelter residents,” NBC New York reports:Among the takeaways: the NYC shelter system has essentially doubled in size, due to the influx, mostly from Latin American countries including Venezuela, Ecuador and Colombia. [Emphasis added]
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