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LSU graduate assistant banned from teaching
over f-bomb-filled voicemail to state senator

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Posted By: ladydawgfan, 7/21/2023 11:44:06 AM

A Louisiana State University graduate student has been banned from teaching at the institution due to fallout from an aggressive voicemail in which he tells a state senator that he “can’t wait to read [his] name in the f-ing obituary.” Marcus Venable, a graduate assistant in the sociology department, was cut off from his teaching assignments this week when the contents of the 50-second diatribe went viral on social media, WAFB reported. “I just wanted to say ‘congratulations,’ to our State Senator, ‘Big Mike’ Fesi. And that f-ing moron voted to make things worse for people who are already suffering. You fat f-ing piece of s***,


Such tolerance from the left! Leftists certainly do get their knickers in a twist when someone interrupts their grooming!!

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Reply 1 - Posted by: sunshinehorses 7/21/2023 11:57:05 AM (No. 1517356)
There is no tolerance from the left. The woman that was my family doctor for the past 6 years "fired" me as a patient because I have brain damage due to West Nile which removed all my filters and yes I can have a really potty mouth - add in that I am borderline autistic so I have no social skills either. I told one of her staff to f*** off because she did not do her job and put my health at risk. So to appease the staff member that went crying (literally crying tears) to her boss, they got rid of me. Totally ignored the threat to my health and the fact that THEIR staff was incompetent (which was proved in subsequent letters and phone calls even more). Luckily I have landed with a different doctor that is fully aware of my issues and so is her staff.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: tootall 7/21/2023 11:57:12 AM (No. 1517358)
I don't see all the hubbub about a 'mostly peaceful' reaction s/o
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Reply 3 - Posted by: coldborezero 7/21/2023 12:01:25 PM (No. 1517360)
Homosexuals are the most vile, hate-filled, self-loathing creatures on this planet. They make for the very best death camp guards and commandants. Don't believe me? do some independent research
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Vaquero45 7/21/2023 12:11:07 PM (No. 1517371)
If he’s getting a graduate degree in sociology, he’s not too smart to begin with. He should have known, as a state employee, not to insult a state legislator.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: snakeoil 7/21/2023 12:17:25 PM (No. 1517379)
A graduate student in Sociology? From LSU? Were all the slots in Alligator Husbandry filled?
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Krause 7/21/2023 12:18:57 PM (No. 1517383)
This tirade qualifies him to be an esteemed member of the democrat party. He’ll fit right in with their deranged uncouthness.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: DVC 7/21/2023 12:21:27 PM (No. 1517386)
"Grad student in the sociology department...." That's enough for me to know that this is a first class loser, a resource sink that the world would be better off without.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: 504pc 7/21/2023 12:45:53 PM (No. 1517407)
After the Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage it was pretty much accepted down here as personal morality by liberals and conservatives alike. Like everywhere else the T part of the alphabet mafia imposes a morality on others and this is what’s got everyone down here riled up.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: JunkYardDog 7/21/2023 12:51:34 PM (No. 1517409)
I recently saw a Youtube video from the channel of Liberal Hivemind, where he cites studies strongly suggesting that Liberals suffer from mental illness in general. Their inability to open their minds to other viewpoints, their proclivity towards violence, their confrontational behavior, all strongly point to psychopathic tendencies. Here's the link-it fits Mr, Marcus Venable TO A TEE.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Rumblehog 7/21/2023 12:58:02 PM (No. 1517414)
How about FIRE him? That was vile, loathing hatred spewing from his mouth. I wouldn't hire that moron for a job manning the counter at the Salvage Yard, let alone academia.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: rochow 7/21/2023 1:01:50 PM (No. 1517418)
Amazing how limited this guy's vocabulary is. He does not seem to know more than 2 or 3 words.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: PlayItAgain 7/21/2023 1:06:32 PM (No. 1517421)
So, he's banned from teaching. What will be he doing so that the university can continue to pay him his salary?
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Strike3 7/21/2023 10:25:13 PM (No. 1517726)
Sociology? That explains it. The fool probably hasn't learned enough English to be able to speak beyond four-letter words that can be found on any fence or bathroom wall. Imagine the money being wasted by the unfortunate students that he is "teaching." Yes, the gay boys aren't so gay when things aren't going their way. They can be downright catty. I wonder what he looks like when he dons his wig and dress?
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Reply 14 - Posted by: anniebc 7/22/2023 6:53:59 AM (No. 1517856)
The left is training young people to be everything (and more) that poster #9 mentioned. It's all intentional. They need these useful idiots to do their dirty work. They will destroy the world and remake it in their image by any means necessary and even if it sends them to Hell. Fools!
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LSU graduate assistant banned from teaching
over f-bomb-filled voicemail to state senator
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A Louisiana State University graduate student has been banned from teaching at the institution due to fallout from an aggressive voicemail in which he tells a state senator that he “can’t wait to read [his] name in the f-ing obituary.” Marcus Venable, a graduate assistant in the sociology department, was cut off from his teaching assignments this week when the contents of the 50-second diatribe went viral on social media, WAFB reported. “I just wanted to say ‘congratulations,’ to our State Senator, ‘Big Mike’ Fesi. And that f-ing moron voted to make things worse for people who are already suffering. You fat f-ing piece of s***,
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Don’t you just love primaries? It’s a time when people who generally get along just fine turn into Yankees and Red Sox fans on a bender during the playoffs. It’s not fun to be around, and it’s not all that much fun to be a part of. Unless it’s happening to Democrats, of course, in which case you root for as long of a fight as possible. But this year it’s not happening to Democrats, at least not yet, it’s happening to Republicans, and there’s a better than average chance it’ll screw up the country going forward.
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restock beer
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Speculation that Costco is preparing to empty its shelves of Bud Light stirred after what some shoppers call a “star of death” appeared on cases of the beleaguered beer following its ill-fated tie-up with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. Social media users shopping at Costco posted images showing an asterisk — which customers have branded a “star of death” or “death star” — had appeared on the price display above shelves stacked with cases of Bud Light. The asterisk is thought to be an ominous sign that Costco either doesn’t intend on restocking the shelf with the item in question.
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Officer, Americans would like to report the Biden Administration’s FBI for the act of social media trolling. After all, that must explain why the “premier law enforcement agency” and political monkey wenchers that interfered with the 2016, 2020, and 2024 presidential elections laughably issued an appeal for Americans to come forward and report crimes. The FBI issued a tweet that used a flowery script against a mauve pink background inviting Americans to “Speak Now.” “Justice is better than revenge,” the FBI’s tweet stated. “You may not be Superman, but you can help the #FBI protect the country. If you have information about a federal crime, speak now.”
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A seminal moment in the lives of tens of thousands of young men occurred in 2017 when they attended the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) National Jamboree, where they were addressed by President Donald Trump. The Jambo traditionally has always been a transformative experience for the youths who attend it — two weeks away from their families in a tween- and teen-boy paradise, a sylvan Never Land where they can belch and play with cool, nerdy stuff and whittle and stink without having to worry about impressing girls or being nagged not to do something dangerous. Anywhere from 2% to 5% of Boy Scouts journey to the quadrennial National Jamboree.
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It’s clear to anyone who is paying attention that the Biden administration is actively trying to cover up the truth regarding the cocaine that was found in the White House. Not only has the story as to where the cocaine was found changed multiple times, but the administration also curiously refuses to explicitly deny that the cocaine belonged to a Biden family member and hasn’t committed to fully prosecuting the responsible party. Meanwhile, the White House is aggressively setting expectations really low as to whether the culprit will ever be found and blasting the media for questioning
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Fox News personalities Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, John Roberts and Piers Morgan have all come out in agreement: In their opinion, Donald Trump should absolutely participate in the first Republican presidential candidates debate of the 2024 cycle, which will be held next month in Milwaukee — and broadcast on their very own Fox News. The former president has refused to commit to the Aug. 23 debate, and he indicated as recently as Sunday that he’s leaning against it. (“When you have a big lead, you don’t do it,” he told interviewer Maria Bartiromo.)
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Fans criticized members of the United States Women's Soccer team for not singing the national anthem. AP The US Women’s National Soccer team was victorious in its opening match of the 2023 FIFA World Cup — but they’re not winners to fans left fuming after the most of the athletes stayed silent during the national anthem. Before the reigning women’s World Cup champion team went on to crush newcomer Vietnam 3-0, many of the players stood quietly as the “Star Spangled Banner” blared through New Zealand’s Eden Park arena.
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According to report by Andrew Romano from Yahoo News that played on CNN, Joe Biden is the second most unpopular president in modern US history at this point in his presidency. Jimmy Carter was first. This actually was allowed to air on CNN.But Joe Biden TOTALLY got 81 million votes! And there was DEFINITELY no cheating in the 2020 election. We are with Kari Lake on this – 81 Million Votes My A**! (Tweet) CORRECTION(*
USWNT players largely silent during national
anthem in 2023 World Cup opener against
Vietnam, who proudly sang theirs
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Posted by AltaD 7/22/2023 8:40:11 AM Post Reply
Most members of the US women’s soccer team stayed silent during the national anthem before its World Cup opener Friday against newcomers Vietnam — who passionately belted their nation’s tune. The majority of the reigning women’s World Cup champion team stared stoically ahead as the “Star Spangled Banner” blasted across New Zealand’s Eden Park arena. Only five of the 11 players who stood on the field for the anthem — with young, aspiring players standing before them — placed their hands over their hearts, while their six teammates kept their digits clasped behind their backs, video shows. Only three USWNT players — Julie Ertz, Alyssa Naeher and Lindsey Horan — sang
Trump’s Favorability among Republicans
Slides amid Criminal Indictments: Report
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Donald Trump’s favorability among Republican and Republican-leaning voters has fallen from 75 percent in July 2022 to 66 percent in July 2023, according to a new Pew poll. Conversely, while only 24 percent of Republican voters surveyed thought of Trump unfavorably in July 2022, that is now up to 32 percent in the latest poll. Among the broader voting public, the former president’s unfavorability has remained largely stable. Whereas 60 percent of Americans did not hold a strong opinion of him in July 2022, today, that is only 63 percent following his legal woes. Trump’s favorability ratings place him in a similar league with President Joe Biden, who went from 43
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DEARBORN, Mich. (Michigan News Source) – LGBTQ+ and transgender-supporting Democrats have a Muslim problem in Michigan as the conservative Muslim community pushes back against Democrat-supported LGBTQ legislation and policies. In Hamtramck, the all-Muslim city council in the only Muslim-majority city in the United States, recently voted unanimously to institute a flag resolution called “Resolution to Maintain and Conform the Neutrality of the City of Hamtramck Towards its Residents.” In the resolution, they prohibit flags of any racial, ethnic, religious or sexual-oriented group on city property.
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HUDSON, N.H. — They acknowledge Donald Trump’s dominance, but weary Republicans across New Hampshire — even inside the governor’s office — are fighting to stop the former president from winning the first-in-the-nation primary. For now, however, they’re relying on little more than hope and prayers. Look no further than Mike Pence, Trump’s former vice president, who repeatedly appealed to voters’ faith this week as he tried to resurrect his anemic presidential campaign while courting a few dozen voters in a former state lawmaker’s backyard.
Biden Overrules Pentagon and Names a Female
Admiral to Head the Navy
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Joe Biden is obsessed with “firsts” — especially when it comes to naming minorities to positions in his administration. Biden has prioritized “diversity” over almost everything else, including merit, experience, and judging by some of his choices, intelligence (we’re looking at you, Mayor Pete). So it was no surprise when Biden announced that the new secretary of the Navy would be Adm. Lisa Franchetti — the first woman to lead the Navy and the first female member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The backstory to Franchetti’s nomination, as told by Politico, is that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin had two slates of nominees for Biden to examine, including two choices for
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Rodney Thomas, 50, father of Indianapolis Colts safety Rodney Thomas II, has been indicted by a federal grand jury in Pittsburgh on charges of killing a bald eagle. According to the US Attorney’s Office, this violates the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act. The incident reportedly occurred on May 12 in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania. Thomas allegedly used an air rifle to kill the bird and turned himself in to authorities soon after the reported shooting. Local residents told the New York Post that two bald eagles had lived in the area for decades. Now, there’s only one of the protected birds remains. “This office remains committed to investigating and prosecuting environmental
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A couple of weeks ago, Sweden’s government ditched plans to go all-in on “green energy,” green-lighting the construction of new nuclear power plants. Shortly afterward, fossil fuel giant Shell announced it was scaling back its energy transition plans to focus on...gas and oil!(Snip)Rhode Island’s leading utility decided to nix a project called Revolution Wind 2 because the cost of the electricity was deemed too high.(Snip)In Europe, Swedish energy firm Vattenfall will stop the development of a major wind project in the United Kingdom after a surge in costs.
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