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America’s Stunning Embrace Of Paganism
Signals The End Of This Country As We
Know It

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Posted By: thekidsmom66, 3/28/2024 12:09:36 AM

The following essay is adapted from the author’s new book, Pagan America: The Decline of Christianity and the Dark Age to Come. It’s hard to survey the state of our country and not conclude that something is very wrong in America. I don’t just mean with our economy or the border or rampant crime in our cities, but with our basic grasp on reality itself. Our cultural and political elite now insist that men can become women, and vice versa, and that even children can consent to what they euphemistically call “gender-affirming care.”

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Reply 1 - Posted by: DVC 3/28/2024 12:33:49 AM (No. 1687284)
Old saying: "When you believe in nothing, you can believe in anything." Sad, sad, destructive people.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: HisHandmaiden 3/28/2024 1:22:21 AM (No. 1687288)
Thankfully, God is still sovereign, and daily bringing more people to Himself… If you doubt this, read Genesis to Revelation, it’s His Love Story. TBIYTC
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Highlander 3/28/2024 1:22:27 AM (No. 1687289)
From G. K. Chesterton: “A man who won’t believe in God will believe in anything.” By not having a belief in God, there are myriads of lies that will pour into one’s vacant head. Nothing will be excepted.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Harlowe 3/28/2024 2:15:10 AM (No. 1687294)
The wisdom of a 16th century pastor-theologian holds true in the 21st century—excerpts from the wisdom of Dr. Martin Luther: “Man is man because he is free to operate within a framework of his destiny. He is free to deliberate, to make decisions, and to choose between alternatives. He is distinguished from animals by his freedom to do evil or to do good and to walk the high road of beauty or tread the low road of ugly degeneracy. “We must make a great difference between God's Word and the word of man. A man's word is a little sound, that flies into the air, and soon vanishes; but the Word of God is greater than heaven and earth, yea, greater than death and hell, for it forms part of the power of God, and endures everlastingly. “In a word, the Holy Scripture is the highest and best of books, abounding in comfort under all afflictions and trials. It teaches us to see, to feel, to grasp, and to comprehend faith, hope, and charity, far otherwise than mere human reason can; and while evil oppresses us, it teaches how these virtues throw light upon the darkness, and how, after this poor, miserable existence of ours on earth, there is another and an eternal life. “God writes the Gospel not in the Bible alone, but also on trees, and in the flowers and clouds and stars. “The will of man without the grace of God is not free at all, but is the permanent prisoner and bondslave of evil since it cannot turn itself to good. “Christians fight best on their knees. Whatever good may be done is done and brought about by prayer.” Americans need to be on their knees in prayer.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: pensom2 3/28/2024 2:30:04 AM (No. 1687299)
With respect, Martin Luther was a Catholic friar born in Germany in 1483, whose movement against the excesses of the Roman Catholic Church led to his establishment of early Protestantism. However many impressive statements Luther may have made, I doubt the former friar received a doctorate degree from any institution. I am open to being corrected if I am mistaken.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: thekidsmom66 3/28/2024 3:37:53 AM (No. 1687320)
#s 2 & 4, you are correct. God is sovereign and we must pray for our country, and I do so daily. That said, we do know there will be a great falling away eventually, and when you look at the madness of all of the west, one must wonder. #5, Dr. Luther received his doctorate from Wittenburg. And it was actually the radical reformers who came after that led to the factions we have today. Luther sought a dialogs with the church, which is why he posted his 95 thesis. The church did not want to address the practices and problems in question. I could go on, but that's sufficient for now. Signed, a proud LCMS Lutheran
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Reply 7 - Posted by: thekidsmom66 3/28/2024 3:39:23 AM (No. 1687321)
#s 1 & 3, you are correct, and what we most often worship is ourself. :(
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Reply 8 - Posted by: thekidsmom66 3/28/2024 3:57:03 AM (No. 1687323)
#5, sorry, I intended to include the date of his doctorate (this is what happens when one is half awake and trying to post at 2:45 am local time! LOL). Luthet received two bachelor's degrees, one in biblical studies , and another in the Sentences by Peter Lombard (1508 & 1509, respectively). In 1512, shortly before his 29th birthday, he was awarded his Doctor of Theology, 5 years before the posting of his 95 Theses. In 1517. By the way, he was ordained by Jerome Schultz, the Bishop of Brandenburg, in 1507. In 1508, he began teaching theology at the University of Wittenberg. In 1512, he was received into the senate of the theological faculty of the University of Wittenberg as the chair of theology. He spent the rest of his career in that position at the University of Wittenberg. He was made provincial vicar of Saxony and Thuringia in 1515, which required him to visit and oversee eleven monasteries in his province. All of this occurred prior to the positing of his 95 Theses.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: SweetPea3 3/28/2024 4:46:04 AM (No. 1687339)
Joshua 24:15 "...but as for me and my house, we shall serve the LORD."
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Reply 10 - Posted by: mifla 3/28/2024 5:40:09 AM (No. 1687358)
It is a sad truth that America is abandoning God and embracing secularism, and the charge is being led by the Democrats. Want sex without consequences, abort your baby. Want to be fashionable, force your children to have gender reassignment surgery and ruin their lives forever. Want to be viewed as compassionate, demand help for those who break the law, but provide none of it yourself. My church is getting smaller, but I take comfort in the fact that it is getting stronger. We are being persecuted, but I know who is going to win the battle at the end of the day.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: ussjimmycarter 3/28/2024 6:13:14 AM (No. 1687376)
I believe The Holy Spirit is being withdrawn from America! Islam has become a driving gorse in politics nationally! We are now being ruled with the doctrine of demons! Our system of government cannot flourish apart from Christ and the values of The Ten Commandments! Christ set us free! We are now throwing freedom away for perceived saefty! Sad and tragic for our future
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Reply 12 - Posted by: coldborezero 3/28/2024 7:04:09 AM (No. 1687393)
Re#5: Good grief! THIS is the real downfall of western civilization: Credentialism. Would the words of Martin Luther be less true if he didn’t have a sheepskin bestowed upon him by other sheepskin holders?
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Reply 13 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua 3/28/2024 8:26:54 AM (No. 1687431)
The wickedness of humanity is on display daily. It's not pretty. From that perspective the only thing we should place our faith and trust in is GOD. Certainly not anything created by the hand of man.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Rinktum 3/28/2024 8:43:31 AM (No. 1687446)
For those of us paying attention the article comes as no surprise regarding its content but it certainly surprises me that so many people can believe in nothing or even worse, fall into hedonism, in such a short time. From the time of my youth until today, this country is vastly different. The paganistic bent came on gradually and while we thought it would never go where it has today, it has become our reality. Our society should be on hospice care, we are so close to the end. Morals, acknowledgment of right and wrong and belief in God are becoming canceled. However, the beautiful thing that has come out this debauchery is that Christianity is standing as a stark reminder of what was and many people are seeking God. They want that for themselves and their kids. It is doubtful we will have a reprieve from our future but as things continue to get worse, the Christian message will become stronger and have more influence. It is very sad to watch this play out but this world is not a Christian’s home, we are just passing through and the message of the Gospel is more relevant today than ever before.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Strike3 3/28/2024 8:57:55 AM (No. 1687456)
Christianity is alive and well. It's just that the pagan half of the population gets all of the attention and they have managed to take over most of the government, federal as well as local. The big clash is coming and my flag will be a Crusader cross, not a rainbow. All of the big leftist idols like Pee Diddy are being exposed as the minions of Satan that they have always been.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Laotzu 3/28/2024 8:58:11 AM (No. 1687458)
The death of Reason is the tripwire for the end of civilization.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Rumblehog 3/28/2024 9:04:03 AM (No. 1687465)
#12, please don't let your cynical opinion of advanced degrees cloud your view of human history. in Martin Luther's Europe the Bible wasn't available in the languages of most people. There was only the Latin Vulgate Bible, available only to Priests and Royalty, who understood Latin. Scripture, in its original languages of Greek and Hebrew, was available only to learned men of the Church, or University. Thankfully, men with advanced degrees in Theology and original languages, would feel compelled to disobey the Church in Rome, at the risk of life, limb, and livelihood, and translate the Bible into the common tongue of the people. "Dr." John Wycliff did this from Latin into English some 100 years before Martin Luther did his translation into German.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: hershey 3/28/2024 9:32:18 AM (No. 1687479)
Think we aren't in the End Times brother? You'd better look at the evidence again...we have forsaken God and his law, and are suffering the consequences of that apostasy...the immoral are taking over society....
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Reply 19 - Posted by: msjena 3/28/2024 9:50:24 AM (No. 1687494)
Remember that HBO series, Rome? I recommend watching it to see what a pagan society is like, and how it conforms, somewhat, to our present day society.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: MickTurn 3/28/2024 10:12:41 AM (No. 1687522)
Not really Paganism, it is Secular Leftists worshiping themselves!
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Reply 21 - Posted by: Italiano 3/28/2024 10:22:20 AM (No. 1687536)
True. That, along with "Diversity." Fatal combination.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: snakeoil 3/28/2024 11:04:52 AM (No. 1687585)
I can tell when a movie was made if there is a reference to God and/or religion. If it is respectable and reverential it was made before 1960. If it is mocking or ridiculing it was made after 1960.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: rikkitikki 3/28/2024 11:36:18 AM (No. 1687622)
Agree with #12: if PhDs were as beneficial as #5 seems to think, then please explain the last 500 years of sectarian infighting and division in the Protestant Body of Christ. As the article points out, absolute truth, such as that in Luther's quotations in #4, transcends all substitutes...including one's institutional pedigrees.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: davew 3/28/2024 11:38:45 AM (No. 1687623)
Christians imagine a world of lawless chaos without Christianity because that's how they would act without their faith in divine justice. Removing the old gods requires humans to assert their will to power and create civilization's values and morality based on their sense of mercy and vengeance. This is the Dionysian morality that opposes Christian morality. As Nietzsche put it in his essay "The Antichrist", "Christianity is just a device to deliver pity."
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Reply 25 - Posted by: franq 3/28/2024 12:19:19 PM (No. 1687665)
Well, Friedrich Nietzsche was quite mistaken. Christianity is a "device" to deliver salvation to mankind, for those who will receive it.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: thekidsmom66 3/28/2024 2:59:11 PM (No. 1687794)
#14, very true! We are not the first nation to go down after rejecting truth, but as you stated, this is not our home. Christ said His kingdome is not of this world, and we, as His children, look for that "city built not by human hands". And if America continues its descent, as countless Christians before us, we are to continue to proclaim the gospel, not matter the cost.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: Faithfully 3/29/2024 7:16:23 PM (No. 1688585)
Imagine how brave Luther was to go against a Church that would burn heretics at the stake. We need a re-boot.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: Faithfully 3/29/2024 7:40:32 PM (No. 1688596)
When music changed in the mid sixties it was the beginning of the end.
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America’s Stunning Embrace Of Paganism
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The following essay is adapted from the author’s new book, Pagan America: The Decline of Christianity and the Dark Age to Come. It’s hard to survey the state of our country and not conclude that something is very wrong in America. I don’t just mean with our economy or the border or rampant crime in our cities, but with our basic grasp on reality itself. Our cultural and political elite now insist that men can become women, and vice versa, and that even children can consent to what they euphemistically call “gender-affirming care.”
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A 20-year-old Detroit mother allegedly punched and knocked out a female Kroger worker as her one-year-old child watched from a shopping cart. Shelby Parham, from Detroit, Michigan, has been accused of attacking a 49-year-old Kroger worker who lost consciousness and suffered a head injury after the assault. The wild beating was captured on nearby security cameras at a Kroger in St. Clair Shores on Tuesday.
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When Louisiana’s Mike Johnson was pulled from obscurity and elected House speaker last month, many conservatives were cautiously optimistic that the man with the self-professed biblical “worldview” and somewhat solid voting record would be the fighter they’ve needed to halt Democrats’ Marxist takeover of society. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long to discover that Johnson is just as weak-kneed as his Republican predecessors.
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The media spilled thousands of words detailing the new House speaker’s LGBT track record — but they won’t say how well his views have held up. In the 48-or-so hours since Rep. Mike Johnson inherited the speaker’s gavel, the media have devolved into hysterics over his Christian faith and consistent opposition to homosexuality on the basis of that faith. While it’s common for politicians to reference the Bible, everyone knows opposing same-sex unions hasn’t been in vogue since before Barack Obama became president.
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TIPSHEET After Hosting a Party, Biden Calls a Lid Before Noon as War Rages Katie Pavlich Katie Pavlich October 09, 2023 1:00 PM AP Photo/Evan Vucci President Joe Biden called a lid before noon on Monday as Americans continue to be held hostage by Iranian backed Hamas in the Gaza Strip and as Israel is still under assault. "The White House has called a lid for the day, before the pool call time. We will not be seeing the president today," the White House pool report states. Last night Biden and First Lady Jill Biden hosted a party at the White House, complete with a live band.
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Kevin McCarthy becomes the first speaker to ever be successfully ousted in a motion to vacate vote. One day, you can tell your grandchildren you were alive to witness this completely pointless bit of history. Matt Gaetz’s self-aggrandizing political stunt makes no sense and changes nothing — other than perhaps his fundraising totals. And other than some platitudinous blathering about “the establishment” and “the uniparty,” I still haven’t seen anyone offer a coherent reason — not even retroactively— for how any of this is the “best way to advance the conservative agenda.”
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On Monday’s broadcast of NewsNation’s “Cuomo,” Democratic strategist James Carville reacted to criticism of the Biden White House for its proclamation of Transgender Day of Visibility falling on Easter by stating, “as if Biden even knew it was” Transgender Day of Visibility and saying that he doesn’t think that “anybody in the White House was aware of” the overlap between Transgender Day of Visibility and Easter. Carville said, “What I honestly think, it’s profoundly stupid, as if Biden even knew it was transgender awareness day. By the way, Biden goes to Mass and Communion every week, as you well know. You couldn’t find Trump in the inside
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LSU's women's basketball team sparked outrage prior to their game against Iowa on Monday night after leaving the court before the American national anthem was played. The LSU Tigers were beaten 94-87 by the Iowa Hawkeyes in Albany, where the latter's star player Caitlin Clark put on a 41-point masterclass to help her team advance to the Final Four of this year's NCAA tournament. Yet earlier in the evening, footage on social media appeared to show that LSU players skipped the national anthem before it played out at Times Union Center. Iowa stars, meanwhile, stood hand-in-hand while taking in the Star-Spangled Banner
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Washington - U.S. President Joe Biden said on Tuesday he was "outraged and heartbroken" by an Israeli airstrike in Gaza that killed seven people working for World Central Kitchen (WCK) and he called on Israel to do more to protect aid workers. Israel's investigation of the incident "must be swift, it must bring accountability, and its findings must be made public," Biden said in a statement. "Even more tragically, this is not a stand-alone incident," he said. "This conflict has been one of the worst in recent memory in terms of how many aid workers have been killed." The strike on
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Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg made fun of Americans who don't want to buy electric cars, claiming they're the same as people didn't want to adapt to cell phones in the 2000s. It comes as at least eight states run by Democrats like Buttigieg are planning to ban non-electric vehicles by 2032. Buttigieg was speaking on Fox News Tuesday afternoon when he was asked about a downturn in sales of Teslas and electric vehicles in general despite Biden's administration pushing them. He said: 'Let's be clear, the automotive sector is moving toward EVs and we can't pretend otherwise.
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US home insurance rates will hit a record high this year, according to grim new forecasts. The typical annual premium will rise to $2,522 by the end of 2024, according to insurance comparison platform Insurify - up 6 percent on a year before. This projected increase for 2024 comes on the back of a 20 percent hike over the last two years. This has largely been driven by escalating natural disasters, insurers pulling out of certain areas - which cuts down on competition - and higher fees for home repairs. Soaring costs mean home insurance is becoming increasingly unaffordable for many Americans - with many opting to forego
DNC Activist Warns Democrats to Stop Registering
Young Voters, "They're Gonna Vote for Trump"
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Posted by Mercedes44 4/2/2024 5:14:14 AM Post Reply
The data shows that when Democrats help register young voters, they end up registering people who will vote for Trump. Now they are considering not even holding voter registration drives in target markets because they align with Trump. WAPO – […] A confidential memo circulated among top Democratic donors has sparked a furious debate in Democratic circles about whether to narrow the focus of voter registration efforts to avoid signing up likely Republicans.
Seattle closes gifted and talented schools
because they had too many white and Asian
students, with consultant branding black
parents who complained about move 'tokenized'
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Posted by OhioNick 4/3/2024 1:07:25 AM Post Reply
Seattle has shuttered its gifted and talented programs because the school board determined they had too many white and Asian students. The district began phasing out its Highly Capable Cohort schools and classrooms for advanced students in the 2021-22 school year because they found it had too many racial inequities. School bosses said black and Hispanic students were underrepresented at the schools. According to Seattle Public School data, of the highly capable students in the 2022-23 school year, 52 percent were white, 16 percent were Asian and 3.4 percent were black.
Indiana Governor Declares State Of Emergency
Ahead of Solar Eclipse Next Week
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Posted by Imright 4/3/2024 8:45:20 AM Post Reply
As the Hoosier state braces for a memorable celestial event, Governor Eric Holcomb has taken a proactive step by declaring a statewide disaster emergency in anticipation of the total solar eclipse set to occur on April 8th, 2024. This measure is designed to prepare Indiana for the vast number of visitors expected to flock to the state to witness the rare occurrence. The declaration, effective Wednesday, allows Indiana to utilize resources and aid from other states through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC).
Iran warns US must 'bear responsibility'
for Israel strike in Syria as Tehran vows revenge
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Posted by OhioNick 4/3/2024 3:47:10 AM Post Reply
Iran has said that the US must bear "responsibility" after an airstrike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria. Two of Iran's most senior military commanders were killed – Mohammad Reza Zahedi, a senior commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps' (IRGC) elite Quds Force, and Mohammad Hadi Haji Rahimi, a deputy commander in the Quds Force. Israel has not commented on the strike but is widely believed to be responsible having carried out numerous strikes similar to this one in the region. But Iran has warned that the US must also be held accountable despite the fact Washington has said it played no role in the attack.
McDonald's has doubled its prices since
2014, data shows
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Posted by OhioNick 4/2/2024 2:12:50 PM Post Reply
Prices at fast food restaurants increased at a rate that far exceeds inflation over the last decade, according to a new analysis from FinanceBuzz. According to the newly released data, leading fast food restaurants increased prices by about 60% between 2014 and 2024. That is nearly double the rate of inflation. According to the consumer price index, the general cost of goods and services has gone up 31% in the past decade. The data shows that prices have doubled at McDonald's over that time. FinanceBuzz noted that the average price of a McDouble increased from $1.19 in 2014 to $3.19 currently.
Did Trump Really Do That? Progressive
Media Never Tells the Truth
19 replies
Posted by FlyRight 4/3/2024 5:31:58 AM Post Reply
A recent cartoon on accurately pointed out the deceit of the left which ignores the truth of Biden’s disastrous reign while continuing to distort Trump’s statements. The cartoon shows a man pointing to a chart listing the current Biden chaos in the world saying to his companion, “Can’t you see he’s a total disaster?” The other man wearing a Biden 2024 t-shirt smirks, “Yeah, but Trump said, Grab them by the @$%*#!”. Yes, he did say that, but why? Trump was simply making a point while chatting with a supposed friend about how some women allow stars and celebrities to do anything to them
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