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Advice to DeSantis: Wait for ’28

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Posted By: GustoGrabber, 12/6/2022 6:52:59 AM

Reports surfaced two weeks ago that Florida Republicans are considering changing the state’s “resign-to-run” law so Governor Ron DeSantis could throw his hat in the ring for the 2024 presidential nomination without losing his governorship. It is one sign among many that DeSantis, or those close to him, are thinking about taking on Donald Trump in the primary. A word of warning and wisdom to DeSantis: Don’t do it. DeSantis is a promising politician with a real future on the national scene. He should want to be president. But not yet. DeSantis needs to understand his true self-interest. Running for president in 2024 isn’t it.


1. Embrace and advance the MAGA. 2. Make it clear that you agree the swamp is the problem. 3. Unite those who have Trump issues behind Trump. 4. Take a cabinet position and reverse course.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Fitzroy 12/6/2022 7:06:50 AM (No. 1350103)
DeSantis has proven himself to be more effective at governing and more electable than any other Republican. It's time to look forward and not back.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: chumley 12/6/2022 7:12:22 AM (No. 1350106)
A lot can happen in two years, and probably will. Lets not nail anything into stone just yet. Safe bet any plans announced will be attacked mercilessly by the communists in DC anyway.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: 5 handicap 12/6/2022 7:24:50 AM (No. 1350114)
A lot of "Smarts" elucidated in this article!
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Mr_Rich 12/6/2022 7:31:25 AM (No. 1350115)
I love DJS, I voted for him twice and I would vote for him again, but he simply cannot win a national election. Ron DeSantis fought Disney and won. Remember he took on woke Hollywood with that teaching and grooming of infants he banned. He won in a landslide and turned blue areas of Florida red. He has all of the MAGA policies without the baggage. Don't flame me as a "RINO" think about it. I live half the year in NY and then FL, and it is wonderful to see how he handles the leftist press, clearly and calmly and gets his point across. If DJT is at the top of the ticket, we will get swept out of Congress. BTW, DJS just before the election decided to rag on Youngkin and DeSantis, our best warriors in the fight.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: F15 Gork 12/6/2022 7:46:47 AM (No. 1350124)
DeSantis in ‘28 sounds good to this Floridian.....of course we may not have a country by ‘28.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: spacer 12/6/2022 8:22:10 AM (No. 1350146)
Good advice. President Trump has stated much the same thing. Contrary to what some think, Trump knows the landscape for the future and DeSantis is it. Why get gob smacked now. Keep doing the hard work for your state and the rest will fall into place.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: smcchk 12/6/2022 8:49:52 AM (No. 1350163)
If the GOP loses in ‘24, it is over. Border, energy, foreign enemies,, economy, equity instead of merit, woke military, all a crisis. We need to win in ‘24 and DeSantis is our best hope.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: msjena 12/6/2022 9:01:00 AM (No. 1350173)
Why do people think DeSantis can do better than Trump? He is already demonized by the left, as a right-wing homophobe. Florida is now considered, by liberals, as the worst place to live. There is no doubt Ron can win Florida, but so can Trump! And as shown in 2020, winning Florida isn't enough. No matter how effective someone is at governing, they have to get elected first.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Rinktum 12/6/2022 9:07:08 AM (No. 1350177)
Florida is not the entire country. I do like DeSantis. In fact, I would vote for him as President in 2028. However, I prefer to a known quantity that has been honed by the fires of Hades without bending than someone I hope will hold the line. While I admire what DeSantis has done in Florida, it fades in comparison with Trump’s accomplishments while in the White House. I am not saying DeSantis couldn’t do it, I am saying I want someone I know and trust with the experience to fight a war that DeSantis has only seen from the outside. Trump has been in the trenches since 2015 fighting the evil cabal that stole an election because they could not win otherwise. He is the one who worked tirelessly to achieve the results that were unheard of before. I can’t believe he would not put as much effort, if not more, into doing the same again. While DeSantis is definitely appealing, I am voting for Trump for all the reason the author stated in his article.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: felixcat 12/6/2022 9:08:42 AM (No. 1350179)
6 years of Trump: four in the WH and two out and it's time to move on? Really? Biden has been in DC since 1973 and it's now 2022, but hey, he's our man in 24! DeSantis was able to take on and defeat DIsney because of their special relationship with the state. The Florida Senate voted to revoke special benefits that, since the 1960s, have given Disney the ability to essentially self-govern a vast area around its Disney World theme park and issue tax-free municipal bonds. Good luck trying to take on major corporations outside Disney where DeSantis has no ability to hurt them. And I have concerns that DeSantis as a former Navy JAG officer will be inclined to listen to military advisors and support foreign entanglements like Ukraine. Trump's instinct was not to which I support. BTW - DeSantis is only 44 - he has several decades ahead of him to run. And if he thinks the legacy media won't go after him, then he really is not fir to run.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: bad-hair 12/6/2022 9:13:40 AM (No. 1350184)
Hell of an idea !!! In '28 he can run against incumbent President Moochelle Obama.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: bogeegolf 12/6/2022 9:14:17 AM (No. 1350187)
Wait till you’re 50 , Ron.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: M-79 12/6/2022 9:22:39 AM (No. 1350194)
We have just seen what it will be like in 2024. Repubs will be all excited about a Red wave etc. and the Dems will use the machines to "win" again. If corporate level election fraud is not addressed and eliminated it doesn't matter who runs, Michelle will be our next President.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: smokincol 12/6/2022 9:37:16 AM (No. 1350209)
"Advice to DeSantis: Wait for ’28" - that's exactly right ... exactly right ...he will follow our President who will be re-elected in 2024 for his well deserved 2nd term and will inherit a country that will be strong, wealthy, safe and great ... what more could any politician ask for to happen in their political career plus, Ron DeSantis is well on his way to making Florida strong, wealthy, safe and great, just like our President did for our country 2017-2021
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Reply 15 - Posted by: nerdowell 12/6/2022 10:01:58 AM (No. 1350231)
So you think Desantis can avoid or withstand media lies and defamation, FBI surveillance and Federal harassment Trump has endured? Do you think that those democrat hyenas will suddenly turn to lambs? Does DeSantis have the financial resources to handle the bogus lawsuits an indictments that he'll face? Are you ready to deal with the same demoralization you now have with Trump ? I guarantee that DeSantis has his flaws too, and they will be distorted and magnified. You will be flogged with them repeatedly, before and after the election, even after they have buried him. Who will you field then? Do you want to show the dems that they won, and prove to them that their strategy cannot fail? Do you propose to throw one of our finest future prospects into that blood spattered arena inexperienced as he is? Why? We have a seasoned, experienced warrior who, cognizant of what he faces and having shown that he can endure it, is ready willing to do battle again?
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Edgelady 12/6/2022 10:09:37 AM (No. 1350241)
Too early for me to decide - so much Democrat-caused “crisis” up in the air that would hamstring anyone of worth. Seems most energy should be towards accelerating the downfall of mainstream media and ending their constant alarmist, false stories - then people can clearly see the future without leftist propaganda occlusion.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Quigley 12/6/2022 10:09:49 AM (No. 1350243)
Good advice. Trump’s age is the only factor for me; and in his current capacity it doesn’t bother me a bit; I’m just concerned about the inevitable decline which could be 10 years away. Through incredibly hard work (eg, 4 rallies a day in 2020) Trump has built a national movement. Desantis has not, nor will he just inherit that from me because the Dims say to me “don’t like Trump because we found some sentences that can be really construed badly against him.” FTA: “ He should denounce the Nick Fuentes/Kanye/Milo fiasco as a psy-op and a media-driven circus.” Why do we still grovel at the Dims’ tired psyops? January 6 was a security failure- let’s interrogate those responsible for security; and/or it was fomented by the groups that have been exploiting it- let’s interrogate rat epps. Trump’s speech was not the cause of the events of jan 6. Study legal causation. It’s the difference between being rational and superstitious.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: Trump'sCousin 12/6/2022 10:10:05 AM (No. 1350244)
I believe President Trump and Governor DeSantis are working together. Good cop Bad cop Both men love America MAGA
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Reply 19 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua 12/6/2022 10:10:38 AM (No. 1350245)
Biggest question I have about Desantis is 'what side is he on?'. We have seen far too many Republican backstabbers, and they are experts at hiding their true intentions. I want DeSantis to run in 2024 so I can hear him on the national stage rather than a state stage. Will he stick with his beliefs or will he go all wishy-washy. Is he a MAGA Conservative or a RINO?
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Reply 20 - Posted by: cny 12/6/2022 10:13:56 AM (No. 1350250)
Think a bit deeper. Yes, Ron DeSantis has done many good things in Florida - not least of which is election integrity. But running for and being governor of a state isn't the same as running for and being President. Scott Walker and Rick Perry crumpled - and I'm not saying DeSantis would crumple because he really seems to be made of stern stuff, but state and fed are different universes. However, that's a minor point compared to experience and expertise. Nobody can honestly say that DeSantis has the same valuable experience and expertise as Donald Trump. Trump's ability to assess situations in trade, political situations, unions, and then come to agreements that are fair - well, there's no comparison! That's the sort of thing that helps make America great - not allowing us to be scammed by every tin pot dictator on the planet - and you don't get that sort of experience with DeSantis' background so far. And think....if DeSantis runs and wins in 2024, what happens to Florida? Has DeSantis finished his work in Florida or would democrats move in a blue tide? Who is his successor? 2028 seems better for DeSantis. Or even perhaps Vice President to Trump - he'd learn so much!!! Also, we need to look at DeSantis more to ensure he's not GOPe.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: MDConservative 12/6/2022 10:37:46 AM (No. 1350263)
Let's look ahead to '24... Try this: Trump sweeps to the GOP nomination behind his MAGA faithful, despite an early year indictment for criminal fraud in New York State. He refuses to return there to turn himself in, quickly retreating to Mar-a-Lago, depending on Gov. DeSantis for sanctuary. While Florida refuses to extradite a Presidential candidate, Candidate Trump is trapped there as other states will cooperate with NY. Every night features a new story about the fugitive running for President and his shady business dealings. And then will come new allegations...always a bit of gasoline to keep the fire burning brightly. Of course, candidate Trump tweets denials and accusations. Goes on TV to deny it all. Seems far fetched? Easier done than rigging an election.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: Gina 12/6/2022 10:59:09 AM (No. 1350283)
I don't know about his views to vote for DeSantis on the national level. Also, need to see how Trump's VP does. Trump's endorsement will be huge. MAGA Trump 2024
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Reply 23 - Posted by: Solid_Oak 12/6/2022 11:00:10 AM (No. 1350284)
Is Josiah Trump's campaign manager? Sure sounds like it !! I like Trump, but I like winning more, and Trump has become a drag on the Repub party. Winning the nomination is one thing, but winning the general is another. Trump doesn't do well with women and Independents. You can see that by looking at how his hand picked and supported candidates did in the mid-terms. Independents went more for Dem candidates by 12 to 20%. About the same for women. Hell, Fetterman received 58% of the Independents - Oz only got 38%. As long as Trump is front and center politically, we can expect to lose more elections that we should win. Trump is the most effective "get out the vote" program the Dems have. He energizes Dems like nobody else can. Bottom line: If we want to win elections going forward, Trump needs to step aside and support whoever gets the nomination - probably DeSantis.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: PrayerWarrior 12/6/2022 11:06:33 AM (No. 1350289)
WOW! What a masterpiece of insightful political advice! DeSantis would do well to heed Mr. Lippincott's advice. And so would the rest of the Country's Republicans! A recipe for taking back our country and Making America Great Again! MAGA!
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Reply 25 - Posted by: Geoman 12/6/2022 11:53:15 AM (No. 1350333)
In 2015, I don't recall anyone pushing the "wisdom" that Trump, the New York businessman/media personality, should wait until he had first been elected to a lesser public office or served as a cabinet member in another administration. I guess I should not have paid attention to Trump's TV persona he cultivated from the late '60s - early '70s, including his support for democrats, until he decided to run for the highest office in the land.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: Daisymay 12/6/2022 12:54:51 PM (No. 1350394)
For those of you who question if DeSantis is a "Real" Republican, I find that insulting! I live in Florida and those of us who see our Governor day in and day out KNOW he is a True Republican. He proves it every day in what he does. You might want to start making him into a Paul Ryan, but you will have to fight through thousands of us Floridians who LOVE our Governor and we know he loves our country and he is NOT a RINO!
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Reply 27 - Posted by: SALady 12/6/2022 1:00:46 PM (No. 1350405)
Donald Trump should be president right now!!! Period!!!! If you count just legal votes of legal living voters, he won in a landslide in 2020!!!!! Donald Trump was the greatest president since Ronald Reagan. Imagine this country today if he had not been cheated out of his rightful victory: A secure border, low inflation, plenty of goods available on the grocery store shelves at low prices, another conservative Supreme Court justice, peace, national security, respect of the world, etc, etc, etc!!!! Everything we do not have under Senile Joe bidet!!!!! I honestly believe that Ron DeSantis, if he stays true to his conservative values, is the future of the Republican Party starting in January of 2029. But if he runs against Trump and somehow wins the nomination, a lot of the 75,000,000 disgruntled Trump voters (who stopped having any allegiance to the Republican Party after it stabbed Trump in the back repeatedly in January of 2021), will sit on their hands and just accept that this nation is lost. No Republican can win without that voting block being enthusiastic and working hard to match whatever dirty tricks the Demon-Rats try to pull!!! DeSantis has proven himself to be more effective at governing and more electable than any other Republican (as #1 said) in a solidly Republican state with Republicans controlling the state legislature. He can do whatever he wants and looks super strong doing it. But what if he did win the presidency and the Demon-Rats controlled the Senate. Nothing would get accomplished, because DeSantis doesn't have the strength or personal wealth to avoid selling his soul to the highest bidder to try to accomplish anything. Just Remember that!!!!! But if he supports Trump in 2024 and is his biggest cheerleader, then in 2028, DeSantis will get the full support of the Trump voting army, as well as massive financial support from Trump himself. DeSantis is a smart man and knows that!!!
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Reply 28 - Posted by: mifla 12/7/2022 6:43:56 AM (No. 1350928)
The working assumption is that we will still have a country in 2028.
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Posted by Imright 2/4/2023 7:04:39 PM Post Reply
The U.S. was able to collect valuable information on China’s surveillance capabilities while observing the spy balloon as it traversed the continental U.S. for several days, a senior military official and senior defense official claimed Saturday. President Joe Biden asked for possible military options for removing the threat of the suspected Chinese spy balloon Tuesday, but the Department of Defense (DOD) opted against doing so Wednesday over concerns falling debris could endanger civilians, officials said at a briefing Saturday. However, they did not clarify whether a military option was considered when the craft transgressed U.S. airspace over Alaska’s Aleutian Islands on Jan. 28,
Marjorie Taylor Greene takes below the
belt swipe at Eric Swalwell in vicious tweet
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Far-right Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene took a below-the-belt shot at one of her congressional colleagues Friday in a spicy Twitter exchange. The Georgia Republican invoked Rep. Eric Swalwell’s (D-Calif.) purported dalliance with suspected Chinese honeytrap Christine Fang, aka Fang Fang, after the California Democrat made a bawdy joke at the expense of Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-Ga.), who has spent the week passing out AR-15-shaped lapel pins to pro-Second Amendment House members.
White female professor endeavors to help
‘damaging’ white people dismantle
their ‘whiteness
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A white, female Willamette University professor is scheduled to host a veritable struggle session this month at a local library “for white people to reflect together on what it means to ‘do our work’ as white people.” The professor, Emily Drew, predictably “teaches courses about racism, white supremacy, immigration, and social change,” according to a biography. “Her research agenda revolves around understanding how race and racism get institutionalized, with the goal of helping to illuminate more effective strategies for interrupting systemic inequality,” the biography reads. She also performs work for Crossroads, an “antiracism” consulting form whose mission centers on “dismantling racism” and “building racial justice in institutions.”
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