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Why SCOTUS Will Toss 350 J6 Convictions replies
Posted by Garnet 4/22/2024 1:19:30 AM Post Reply
It’s unlikely that many Americans sat down with a second cup of coffee and listened to last Tuesday’s oral arguments before the Supreme Court in Fischer v. United States. Nonetheless, it was an edifying tutorial on how the Department of Justice abused a federal law in order to charge J6 rioters with a serious felony. The statute is part of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, passed in 2022 to prevent corporations from tampering with evidence to obstruct congressional inquiries or other official proceedings. For 19 years, the law was used only for that purpose. Then, in 2021, the DOJ redefined “official proceedings.”
Biden Admin Grants Iranian Foreign Minister
Visa To Enter US Days After Israel Strike
Posted by Garnet 4/16/2024 12:38:50 PM Post Reply
The Biden administration has granted Iran’s foreign minister a U.S. visa so that he can attend upcoming United Nations proceedings in New York City, generating outrage in the wake of Tehran’s weekend strike on Israel.Lawmakers are already calling on the Biden administration to revoke Iranian foreign minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian’s entry visa into America, which will enable him to attend U.N. meetings later this week, the Washington Free Beacon has learned. While the State Department would not confirm whether it had granted the Iranian diplomat an entry visa, regional outlets are reporting that a U.S. entry visa has already been issued. Sen. James Lankford (R., Okla.), in a letter
Israel Shouldn’t ‘Take the Win’
Against Iran
Posted by Garnet 4/15/2024 3:21:13 PM Post Reply
“Take the win,” President Biden reportedly advised Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after Iran’s unprecedented missile and drone attacks against Israel sputtered shambolically to an ignominious end. As the world waits on tenterhooks for Israel’s response, two things seemed clear. It would be political suicide for Mr. Netanyahu to take the president’s advice, and it would be national suicide for any Israeli prime minister to do so. Mr. Biden is primarily worried about his re-election, a cause he conveniently if sincerely conflates with the survival of democracy in the U.S. and of freedom in the world.
Trump Owns the Working Class Vote replies
Posted by Garnet 4/15/2024 12:39:17 AM Post Reply
During the past several election cycles, political pundits have devoted a lot of attention to the “diploma divide.” Much of this commentary has focused on the advantage Democrats enjoy among voters who tell pollsters they possess college degrees. It isn’t difficult to see why this topic has received so much scrutiny. The commentariat is dominated by college graduates who overwhelmingly support the Democratic Party. This also explains why so much of the self-congratulatory writing about the diploma divide tends to overlook its most consequential characteristic — that working class voters without college degrees far outnumber their “highly educated” counterparts.
The Greedflation Canard replies
Posted by Garnet 4/8/2024 12:36:42 AM Post Reply
The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that the Consumer Price Index rose in February for the second consecutive month, debunking happy talk by the White House and the corporate media to the effect that inflation is under control. The cumulative increase in the overall cost of living since President Biden took office in has now reached 18 percent (snip). This is why the RealClearPolitics average shows that 61.7 percent of voters disapprove of Biden’s performance on this issue. This level of disapprobation is related to his stubborn refusal to take any responsibility for causing inflation in the first place.
The Corporate Media Mocks ‘Double Haters’ replies
Posted by Garnet 4/1/2024 12:26:11 AM Post Reply
During the past several months the corporate media have devoted a lot of coverage to a species of voter they describe as “double haters.” This pejorative label notwithstanding, such voters are neither unique to the current election cycle nor particularly hateful. It’s probably more accurate to call them double dissenters. They disapprove of the presumptive presidential nominees offered by the two major political parties and decline to choose the “lesser of two evils.” Some may sit out 2024 and others may vote for an independent like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. This has earned them the derision of a pundit class.
Indep. Candidate Nathan Hochman Will Run
Against LA County DA George Gascón in November
Posted by Garnet 3/30/2024 1:03:54 PM Post Reply
Los Angeles County has a credible and viable district attorney's race going, and it may be their salvation. Incumbent district attorney George Gascón could not even reach 30 percent of the vote on March 5, and the level of disgust with him among Angeleans only continues to rise.Gascón's challenger, former federal prosecutor and assistant U.S. District Attorney Nathan Hochman achieved just shy of 16 percent of the vote, but it is enough to be the top two vote-getter and included on the general election ballot.
Joe Biden, the (still) unpopular president replies
Posted by Garnet 3/28/2024 3:04:26 PM Post Reply
There’s been a lot of wishful reporting about the political fortunes and reelection hopes of President Joe Biden. Look at some of the headlines: “Biden gains on Trump in 6 battleground states.” “Biden-Trump rematch tightens.” “Biden’s polling is improving.” And more. A recent modest uptick in Biden’s polls, which may or may not signal the start of a real change in the presidential race, has excited many commentators. But remember a fundamental problem for Biden. Most voters do not approve of the job he is doing as president, and they have not approved of it for the last three years. If that does not change by Nov. 5,
District Hiring 'Whiteness' Superintendent
to Root Out White Supremacy
Posted by Garnet 3/26/2024 12:50:11 PM Post Reply
The Saint Louis Park School District, located in the suburbs of Minneapolis, is hiring an assistant superintendent to "examine the presence of Whiteness" in the district. It's a good gig, paying between $134,000 and $201,000. (Snip)It seems that "Whiteness" is a pressing problem for the district, which no doubt explains why there has been so much learning loss in the public schools over the past few years. Enrollment of White students has been dropping, with only 53% of the students being White, and as they have fled to other districts, the problem of White Supremacy has gotten worse, leading to horrible test scores:
Why Biden Is Bleeding Non-White Voters replies
Posted by Garnet 3/25/2024 1:36:43 AM Post Reply
For decades, the Democrats have depended on the overwhelming support of minority voters to keep their party electorally viable. Even when they nominate candidates with spotty civil rights records, like Joe Biden, the Democrats could count on at least 90 percent of the Black vote and about 70 percent of the Latino vote. Now, however, polls suggest that neither the President nor his party can take these votes for granted. The latest New York Times/Siena College poll, for example, found that Biden’s lead over former President Trump among non-white working class voters has plummeted to 6 points (47-41).
Biden’s no good, terrible news replies
Posted by Garnet 3/18/2024 4:26:33 PM Post Reply
President Joe Biden is in a bad spot in his upcoming rematch against former President Donald Trump. In short: The incumbent’s job approval ratings are that of one-term presidents. “Joe Biden’s 38% approval rating at this stage in the calendar is lower than that of the last three presidents who went on to lose re-election: 1. Donald Trump (48%) 2. George H.W. Bush (39%) 3. Jimmy Carter (43%),” long-time GOP pollster Frank Luntz pointed out on X, formerly Twitter.
Will the 2024 Election Get Lost in the Mail? replies
Posted by Garnet 3/18/2024 1:27:56 AM Post Reply
In the absence of an extremely unlikely recovery of public confidence in the President and the Democrats, the voters will attempt to return the White House and the Senate to the Republicans in November. As to the presidency, Trump is the beneficiary of an accelerating collapse in the traditional Democratic coalition that rested on a foundation of white working class and minority voters. And there aren’t enough “highly-educated” voters to prop up this crumbling edifice. With regard to the Senate, the Democrats face a brutal map this year. Of the 33 seats up for election, 23 are held by Democrats.