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LA Soccer Team Sponsors ‘All Ages’
Trans Pride Fest Featuring Sisters Of
Perpetual Indulgence

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Posted By: Beardo, 6/14/2023 3:41:13 PM

A National Women’s Soccer League expansion team in Los Angeles is presenting an “all ages” transgender pride festival which will feature drag performances and members of the controversial Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. (snip) While Angel City FC is listed as the event’s “presenting sponsor,” other companies, like Telemundo and Comcast NBCUniversal, are listed as “official sponsors.” A list of “supporting sponsors” includes ADP and Pacific Western Bank, while American Airlines is the event’s “official airline partner.”

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Reply 1 - Posted by: paral04 6/14/2023 3:49:50 PM (No. 1491875)
Those women are suicidal supporting transgenders who will take over their sport. I guess I will have to stay away from American Airlines. With this stand they have taken, God knows what will be allowed on their flights.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Jebediah 6/14/2023 4:08:49 PM (No. 1491885)
Do decent Gays and even Trans realize that they are sinking their ship endorsing this lewd and disgusting behavior? I was always alive and let live and know plenty of Gays and Lesbians, but they never pulled this kind of thing, especially the Church stuff.. THEY are the ones who will lose people like me.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Blackbird 6/14/2023 4:24:52 PM (No. 1491900)
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Reply 4 - Posted by: JimBob 6/14/2023 6:28:17 PM (No. 1491965)
#1 nailed it with these Fools and their Filth. Let's wait and see how these 'females' are laughing when the Trannies displace them from their own teams.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: MickTurn 6/15/2023 10:09:11 AM (No. 1492325)
As they await empty stadiums!
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Reply 6 - Posted by: learner 6/15/2023 10:10:10 AM (No. 1492327)
Quick calculation show that LA population is 9.860.000. If you divide by 2,000 they expect at the event you get 0.0002 percent turnout. So 99.9998 percent are deciding not to 'celebrate perversity'. Brilliant marketing strategy by the sponsors.
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LA Soccer Team Sponsors ‘All Ages’
Trans Pride Fest Featuring Sisters Of
Perpetual Indulgence
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Posted by Beardo 6/14/2023 3:41:13 PM Post Reply
A National Women’s Soccer League expansion team in Los Angeles is presenting an “all ages” transgender pride festival which will feature drag performances and members of the controversial Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. (snip) While Angel City FC is listed as the event’s “presenting sponsor,” other companies, like Telemundo and Comcast NBCUniversal, are listed as “official sponsors.” A list of “supporting sponsors” includes ADP and Pacific Western Bank, while American Airlines is the event’s “official airline partner.”
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Paul F. Ryan declared on Black Tuesday that the federal indictment of former president Trump makes Trump unelectable in 2024. I hasten to put this backstabbing comment into context. Last November, Ryan predicted that Mr. Trump would lose the 2024 presidential election. Earlier this year, Ryan announced that if the former president is the Republican candidate in 2024, he will not go to the party's convention, to be held in Milwaukee, this July. Ryan is from Wisconsin. It should also be noted that in October 2016, Ryan declared that he will not campaign for, nor defend, Mr. Trump, then the GOP presidential candidate.
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A white Starbucks manager who was fired when her staff refused to let two black men use the bathroom at a Philadelphia store has been awarded $25.6million. Shannon Phillips on Monday won her lawsuit against the coffee giant and was handed $25million in punitive damages and $600,000 in compensatory damages. A federal jury in New Jersey found the company had given her the boot because she was white, which violated her civil rights. The lawsuit finally came to an end this week five years after the arrests of the two black men at the Starbucks in Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia.
FBI Deputy Director Admits Redacting Mention
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FBI Deputy Director Paul Abbate admitted during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday that the FBI redacted any mention of audio recordings of Joe and Hunter Biden in a document shown last week to Republican lawmakers in which an FBI informant alleged the Bidens were involved in a bribery scheme around 2015 and 2016. (snip) Grassley said, when the document was made available to the House Oversight Committee last week under pressure from Republicans, the references to the audio recordings had been deleted.
University Launches Gay Summer Camp for
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Did you go to camp when you were a kid? Camp still exists, but the sorts of adventures being served to children have substantially changed. Consider a summer escape compliments of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Thanks to the college’s social consciousness, middle schoolers will enjoy an outing centered around what kind of sex they’d like to have. Supplementally, the endeavor will support sixth-through-eighth graders’ embrace of a “gender” contrary to their sex.
White House Responds to Viral Video of
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In response to a viral video of a transgender social media influencer going topless on the South Lawn of the White House during the Pride event on Saturday, a statement condemning the shameless acts was released by the White House on Monday. A spokesperson for the White House has said the Tik Tok influencer that posed after removing their top, Rose Montoya, and others featured in the video will be barred from attending future events. (snip) The President expressed that the audience members were leading by example, saying, “You set an example for the nation and, quite frankly, for the world.”
Fact Check: Nearly 100 Percent of Political
Contributions From Fact Checkers Go to Democrats
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Posted by Beardo 6/13/2023 3:11:06 PM Post Reply
Nearly 100 percent of political donations from self-identified fact checkers—including those whose employers claim journalistic neutrality—go to Democrats, a Washington Free Beacon analysis of federal campaign finance disclosures found. The Free Beacon reviewed political donations over the past four election cycles from those who identified their occupation as "fact checker." $22,580 of the $22,683 in political donations that came from self-identified fact checkers during that time—a whopping 99.5 percent—went to Democrats and liberal groups. Only three of the fact checker donations made during that period went to Republicans.
Starbucks Boots PRIDE Decor From Stores
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Starbucks has reportedly dialed back the LGBTQ-themed decor with two weeks still left to go of PRIDE month. According to a Twitter thread shared by Starbucks Workers United (@SBWorkersUnited) — “Starbucks Partners coming together to create a better workplace” — management in a number of Starbucks franchises have opted to tone down PRIDE displays all across the United States. “BREAKING: In the middle of Pride Month, Starbucks BANS Pride decorations in stores across the United States,” the group tweeted, saying that workers had already begun to share the news via social media.
Native Americans block Interior Sec. Haaland
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Biden administration officials were forced to temporarily postpone and relocate a weekend event to celebrate a ban on New Mexico fossil fuel development, after Native Americans blocked an access road and told officials to "go home" and stop "trespassing." (snip) Navajo Nation group shut down the entrance of Chaco Culture National Historical Park on Sunday to prevent Interior Secretary Deb Haaland from leading the event celebrating a newly-enacted, 20-year ban on oil leasing, covering hundreds of square miles of New Mexico land.
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America's first black president took aim at black Republican senator Tim Scott for saying his party was 'doing a fabulous job of making progress.' Scott launched his run for president last month on an optimistic platform and has put his own story of struggle at the center of his campaign, with a philosophy that suggests everyone can succeed if they want to. But former President Barack Obama said in a podcast released on Thursday that it was time for the Republican Party to get real about how systemic racism shaped the nation's history.
Warning over creation of synthetic human
embryos as top scientists say breakthrough
could have 'chilling' effect if misused
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Posted by Imright 6/15/2023 8:39:08 AM Post Reply
Scientists have stunned the world by revealing the creation of synthetic human embryos in a lab without eggs or sperm. The breakthrough, by Cambridge University and California Institute of Technology experts, could soon provide insights into miscarriages and genetic disorders. However, synthetic embryos are not covered by laws in the UK or in most countries around the world – and come with serious ethical and legal issues. Scientists who were not involved in the achievement have now shared their concerns about the technology, with one calling it 'chilling'.
Clay Travis lashes out at 'disrespectful'
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Conservative radio host Clay Travis called former Vice President Mike Pence "pretty disrespectful" to his old boss in a tense interview Wednesday about whether the Republican presidential candidate would pardon Donald Trump if elected president. Travis, who along with co-host Buck Sexton has said the federal prosecution of Trump for mishandling classified documents is politicized, challenged Pence to directly answer if he would pardon Trump as a matter of principle. "These are serious charges," Pence said. "I can't defend what's been alleged, but the president does deserve to make his defense."
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Wednesday night, Joe Biden announced a bizarre and implausible plan to build a railroad that stretches across the entire Indian Ocean. In remarks to the League of Conservation Voters during their Annual Capital Dinner, Biden said: “You know, soon—soon, Africa will have 1 billion people. China has their Belt and Road Initiative. It turned out to be their debt and destruction initiative. No, I’m serious. Not a joke. Well, we’re going to win, and we’re going to help.” He added: “We have plans to build a railroad from the Pacific all the way across the Indian Ocean.
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President Joe Biden on Thursday snapped at a reporter who asked him why he was called 'Big Guy' by a Burisma executive as revealed in an FBI memo. 'Why did the Ukraine informant file refer to you as the big guy?,' the reporter asked Biden during an event at the White House. 'Why did you ask such a dumb question?,' Biden snapped revealed earlier this week that Biden was referred to as the 'Big Guy' by a Burisma executive who allegedly paid him a $5 million bribe and who has kept 17 audio recordings of phone calls as an 'insurance policy.'
Lina Hidalgo to endorse Sheila Jackson
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Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo is set to formally endorse Democratic Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee for mayor of Houston. Hidalgo is expected to make the official announcement at an event in Mickey Leland Memorial Park on Thursday. The Harris County judge has a strained relationship with Jackson Lee’s main rival for the seat, State Sen. John Whitmire. Whitmire declined to support Hidalgo during her run for re-election last year, even though both are Democrats. Earlier this week, Whitmire announced an endorsement from former Congressman Gene Green. Some of the more notable candidates include: Lee, Whitmire, attorney Lee Kaplan, former METRO board chair Gilbert Garcia, current council member Robert Gallegos,
‘Stand with Trump’ becomes rallying
cry as Republicans amplify attacks on
US justice system
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Posted by Imright 6/15/2023 9:05:04 AM Post Reply
WASHINGTON— Moments after Donald Trump pleaded not guilty to federal charges that he hoarded classified documents and then conspired to obstruct an investigation about it, the Republicans in Congress had his back. Speaker Kevin McCarthy dashed off a fundraising email decrying the “witch hunt” against the former president and urging donors to sign up and “stand with Trump.” Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell steered clear of criticizing the former president, refusing to engage in questions about the unprecedented indictment. And at a public meeting in the Capitol basement, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene compared the case against Trump to the federal prosecution of people at the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection, suggesting in both instances
If You’re Going To Use The Word ‘Fascism,’
Learn What It Means
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Posted by RockyTCB 6/15/2023 4:34:47 AM Post Reply
A couple of days ago, we posted a satirical piece, call it a sati-torial, with a list of headlines we’re never going to see. One of them said “Democrats Realize They’ve Been Using The Word ‘Fascist’ Wrong For Decades.” There’s a lot of truth in there. The way the political left tosses around that word shows that they have no idea what it means. Or maybe they do. And they’re intentionally applying it wrongly because they’re driven by their depravity. Either way, we’ve been hearing it for decades. And its use has accelerated in recent years along with the irresponsible usage of “white supremacy” and “white privilege.”
Miami Mayor Francis Suarez Files To Run
For President In 2024
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Miami Mayor Francis Suarez filed paperwork to run for president in 2024 Wednesday, making him Florida’s third Republican candidate along with Gov. Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump. Suarez has been weighing a presidential bid for months, and made visits to several key early primary states like Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina. Miami’s 43rd mayor filed the paperwork with the Federal Election Commission ahead of his expected official announcement at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute in Simi Valley, California, Thursday. SOS America political action committee (PAC) has already started fundraising to help draft Suarez into the GOP primary,
‘Back Up Plan For Jack Smith’ –
Corrupt Prosecutor Andrew Weissmann Floats
More Serious Federal Charges Against Trump
in New Jersey
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Corrupt prosecutor Andrew Weissmann on Wednesday floated additional and more serious federal charges against Trump in New Jersey. Special Counsel Jack Smith last week indicted Trump on 37 federal counts in Miami. (Snip) Trump was charged with 31 counts of willful retention of national defense information and 6 other process crimes stemming from his conversations with his lawyer. Jack Smith however did not charge Trump with dissemination of the national defense information related to documents stored at his Bedminster, New Jersey golf club.
Even as our students fail, NYC teachers
rewarded with generous contract
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Everyone knows there are budget deficits, except, it seems, the union and the elected officials behind them. The city’s new contract — which gives teachers raises and bonuses of up to 20% and retroactively to 2022 — is particularly rich when taxpaying companies, from local McDonald’s to major corporations such as Morgan Stanley and Meta are making major layoffs. At a $37.5 billion total budget, the city Department of Education spending per student is higher than any other system in the world, let alone country. The public-district schools’ per student spending is $36,000, against the per public-charter-school-student cost of $18,000. Once the smaller-class-size law Gov. Hochul signed is implemented,
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The all-Muslim city council of Hamtramck, Michigan, voted unanimously on Tuesday to approve a resolution that would ban the LGBTQ+ Pride flag from being flown on the city’s public property. The resolution, proposed by Mayor Pro-Tem Muhammad Hassan, also bars any religious, ethnic, racial, political, or sexual orientation group flags from being flown on city property and only allows the American flag to be flown, along with state and city flags, other national flags, and the Prisoner of War flag, according to Click on Detroit. The resolution passed “after three hours of public comments and months of intense debate,” the Detroit Free Press reported.
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