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Four more years? Biden would defeat Trump
by an even BIGGER margin than in 2020
if election was held today, new poll claims
- as DeSantis trails far behind Trump
in separate survey

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Posted By: Imright, 5/18/2023 7:47:14 AM

President Biden would defeat former President Donald Trump by an even bigger margin than in 2020 if the election was held today, a new poll claims. There were 1,571 registered voters polled between May 10-13, revealing that Biden would lead Trump 47 percent to 40 percent, according to the WPA Intelligence survey results shared with The New York Post. In 2020, Biden defeated Trump by 4.5 percent in the popular vote, but if the election were held today, Biden would win by a whopping seven percent, the poll claimed.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Arrowhead 5/18/2023 7:52:11 AM (No. 1472038)
That all would depend on how much vote fraud, ballot harvesting and election rigging the dim-0-crats can get away with...
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Rumblehog 5/18/2023 7:53:06 AM (No. 1472040)
It all depends on who counts the votes.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Catfur27 5/18/2023 7:57:09 AM (No. 1472044)
...the demacoms now KNOW that they can CHEAT openly ...and get away with it.... the dishonest/partisan media is a disgusting disgrace.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Safari Man 5/18/2023 8:03:23 AM (No. 1472050)
They’ve had 4 years to refine their techniques snd were emboldened by their election theft in 2022. See Katie Hobbs, and Fetterman for two glaring examples
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Reply 5 - Posted by: skacmar 5/18/2023 8:08:20 AM (No. 1472056)
Did the poll takers only question people on the Upper East Side of NYC and people inAOC's district?
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Are You Serious 5/18/2023 8:12:17 AM (No. 1472063)
Check the WPA intelligence website........they actively support Ron DeSantis.....thus the poll results
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Strike3 5/18/2023 8:17:17 AM (No. 1472073)
Polls, in general, are shaky science, biased by targeted sampling, usually BS and any one of them showing Joe Biden winning anything except Best Clown in the Circus are lies.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Venturer 5/18/2023 8:23:05 AM (No. 1472076)
If this were true then there are more crazy-insane people voting than even I thought. Anyone who would vote for Joe Biden is a moron it's that simple.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: NamVet70 5/18/2023 8:47:43 AM (No. 1472104)
A poll of 1571 people in a blue city in a blue state in a blue neighborhood, possibly on a liberal college campus? However it may have merit if it polled fictitious people at nonexistent residences since it is really difficult for a simple poll to measure the sentiment of the names used for vote fraud.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: DVC 5/18/2023 8:52:38 AM (No. 1472111)
DM hates Trump, and is never a useful source in any political story involving Trump.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: smokincol 5/18/2023 9:00:15 AM (No. 1472119)
take away the demcommie fraud in every election since 2018 and diapers wouldn't have, if votes were nickels, enough change to make a phone call the contrived covid B-S was the program upon which the demcommies would build a nationwide scheme to alter every election and every vote that wasn't overseen by some kind of independent observer
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Reply 12 - Posted by: FJB 2022 23 24 5/18/2023 9:01:02 AM (No. 1472120)
Considering the shape this fool has gotten this country into, I doubt this poll's credibility, people are fed up.. Of course there are always the fools who bury their heads, and apparently their wallets, in the sand and will still vote for him, then the fraud that is for sure going to happen. People better stand up and refuse to accept the illegal crap or our country is done for, nothing we can do about the fools though, they will always be the dumb know-nothing idiots that haven't a clue! FJB.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: red1066 5/18/2023 9:25:44 AM (No. 1472153)
In other news, the moon is made of green cheese, the easter bunny is real, and government run departments are the most efficiently run organizations on the planet.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: FormerDem 5/18/2023 9:29:12 AM (No. 1472158)
Trump 2024.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: pmcclure 5/18/2023 9:32:11 AM (No. 1472165)
The 2024 "election" will make the fraud of 2020 look like child's play - while it simultaneously plunges our nation into destruction.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: enemyofthestate 5/18/2023 9:41:24 AM (No. 1472183)
The Daily Mail does not know any better than you or I or that fencepost over there how Biden would perform against Trump. That is unknowable. A poll is nothing more than the wishful thinking of the conductor.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Pearson365 5/18/2023 9:43:10 AM (No. 1472185)
“ There were 1,571 registered voters polled between May 10-13” Either pollster just called the DoJ and FBI headquarters or the illegals crossing over the southern border last week are already registered. Then again, Chicago just elected a mayor that is actually worse than Lori Lightfoot, so it is hard to underestimate what voters want.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: udanja99 5/18/2023 9:43:32 AM (No. 1472186)
Horse hockey.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: Pammie 5/18/2023 9:49:33 AM (No. 1472196)
Hey marxist F@@@tards....please keep posting pseudo articles like these....the pushback from we, the true American Patriots, will be enormous! GO Trump!
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Reply 20 - Posted by: FTCM 5/18/2023 9:58:00 AM (No. 1472202)
More than likely, AI or Communist BS...I'd like to see the political breakdown of the respondents.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua 5/18/2023 10:05:49 AM (No. 1472213)
Never be surprised if Biden wins. He will win through voter fraud, but that voter fraud still requires at least 70 million votes for a dumb dishonest hateful senile old fool that lacks the mental capacity to be President. It happened once and it can happen again. The sad truth is it doesn't look like anyone running for President is up to the task of turning this country around. The path ahead for our country is actually fairly clear. Problem is that path is impossibly treacherous. We will have to go down it.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: BarryNo 5/18/2023 10:21:59 AM (No. 1472241)
The only way Biden would be Trump or DeSantis, is the same way as last time - by cheating. That's not the same as by the will of the voters and we know it! The Democrats want Civil War? They are even bringing in their Marxist troops from South America. That's what the Southern invasion is about. They want to bring things to a head so China can have unimpeded access to Taiwan while we're fighting the Marxists, here. Lock and Load. It's coming in 2024.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: Hazymac 5/18/2023 10:33:03 AM (No. 1472250)
Biden could not beat Trump (or DeSantis) straight up--Joetato would get destroyed--but the framework of cheating is so deeply embedded, especially in blue states, that an honest, fair election is probably impossible. If the Big Cheat happens again in 2024, America is dead and our rights will be gone. A national divorce is the best we could hope for after another stolen presidential election.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: MickTurn 5/18/2023 11:19:55 AM (No. 1472291)
The good ole Daily Snail...always crawling through Crap to get their made up stories.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: BL1957 5/18/2023 11:36:59 AM (No. 1472309)
About 160 million people vote in national elections. This poll was done with 1500 or so people. Hardly a good cross section of folks. Also, when you poll 1500 people, 1200 of which are democrats, you really don't get good numbers.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: Rinktum 5/18/2023 11:51:25 AM (No. 1472321)
Hey, Daily Mail, why don’t you just stick with what you should know, your own country’s politics. If you want truth, it will not be found in the big cities or in any of the liberal media trash on line or in print. Come on our to the heartland and see real America. Although everyone believes we are country bumpkins, I assure you we are more informed than the drones that dwell elsewhere. First thing you got wrong was stating that Joe Biden beat Trump in 2020. There is no way Biden got more votes than Obama much less Trump. Trump actually received more votes than any sitting President who ran for re-election. Go educate yourself and talk to someone who is knowledgeable. Democrats cheated. That is a fact. Despite the media calling everyone an “election denier” who would not go along with the steal, the truth is out there. Democrats are desperate to cover this up and they will with media and dunderheads like you who won’t ever consider looking into it. Liberalism must turn your brain to mush because the media goes along with the democrat narrative regardless of the evidence that is on tape. It was statistically impossible for Joe to have the votes he did. More voters than people registered to vote? Dead people voting? Filling out ballots in nursing homes for just one candidate? It is disgusting how much evidence is out there, but never seen because the media won’t allow it. They must push the democrat narrative. Let’s be clear. You don’t know anything about the fraud that went on in the 2020 election because you don’t want to know. It’s so much easier to swim with the current. You media hacks are such a disappointment to your profession. The biggest crime in the century regarding politics and you just yawn and look the other way like a good boy. Your courage and journalistic integrity must be of great comfort to you.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: ronniethek 5/18/2023 12:02:29 PM (No. 1472335)
I don't think so. Total BS- like the election itself.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: Lawsy0 5/18/2023 12:28:59 PM (No. 1472346)
Even God-fearing, tax-paying, right living grandmothers and grandfathers will declare this article to be bovine excrement. Why, you ask? Ballot harvest season will not ever come upon us again.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: avital2 5/18/2023 1:23:07 PM (No. 1472371)
with Dem expertise in voter fraud, it could happen - but they'll need more weasel votes this time around: the Right will be loaded for bear and the Left will have a hard time explaining away so many disasters. but i'm sure they are on top of it. as for Ronna et al, uh, don't get me started. she just discovered younger voters..
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Reply 30 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 5/18/2023 2:27:27 PM (No. 1472404)
Ruh roh. Another DM prop piece.
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Reply 31 - Posted by: paral04 5/18/2023 2:29:00 PM (No. 1472407)
The Daily Mail would like Biden to win so they have lots of material they can use to mock America.
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Reply 32 - Posted by: judy 5/18/2023 2:53:42 PM (No. 1472418)
Is this the same poll that says the JD is not corrupt??
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Reply 33 - Posted by: DanvilleBill 5/18/2023 3:00:07 PM (No. 1472421)
Since Trump is getting the nom, he might as well have Sarah Palin as his VP thus guaranteeing an all-populist ticket that would be a 100% certainty for victory in 2024. Go team.
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Reply 34 - Posted by: 24tea@Mag 5/18/2023 4:08:24 PM (No. 1472452)
Dems have cheating and lying done to science and the money of Soros and other libs to foot the bill.
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Reply 35 - Posted by: griddog1 5/18/2023 5:06:54 PM (No. 1472481)
I would be very surprised if a Republican ever won another presidential election.
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Reply 36 - Posted by: SALady 5/18/2023 6:54:20 PM (No. 1472549)
Consider the source!!!!!! The "Daily Mail" is a British rag sheet that falls about 50 points below "The National Enquirer" for journalistic integrity. At least "The National Enquirer" occasionally got something right. That can never be said of this rag sheet. The "Daily Mail" has hated Donald Trump since day 1, and clearly nothing has changed.
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Top Republicans remind FBI Director Chris Wray he must comply with a subpoena for a document allegedly linking Joe Biden to a cash-for-access 'criminal scheme' or else face 'consequences.' 'The FBI's delay in producing a single, unclassified record is unacceptable,' said House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer to Wray in a Friday evening letter marking nine days since the deadline passed. 'The FBI’s credibility is on the line, and their continued failure to cooperate will have long lasting consequences,' added Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa.
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With the Writers Guild of America going on strike, it is likely that America has seen the last of the first half of 2023’s late night comedy shows. Whether America wants them to return is an open question as 95 percent of their 2023 guests have been liberal, a NewsBusters study has documented. MRC analysts found that from January 3 through May 1 (the last night of shows before the strike ended production of new episodes), liberal guests outnumbered conservative guests by 77 to 4. The study looked at the daily six late night comedy shows: ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers and
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'We must teach this history': Jill Biden
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bomb site - as she and granddaughter Maisy
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First lady Jilll Biden told an audience in Hiroshima that 'we must teach this history' after touring the atomic bomb site Friday as part of the G7 summit. She was speaking in front of private and public university students at the Next Generations' Symposium early Friday evening, which was attended by the summit's spouses, after earlier visiting Hiroshima's Peace Park and Memorial Museum. Dr. Biden didn't show up with Japan's Yuko Kishida, the United Kingdom's Akshata Murty and Germany's Britta Ernst, arriving with granddaughter Maisy 10 minutes later.
Ukraine could receive 'game changing'
F-16s as White House 'tells European allies
it will not block export of fighter jets'
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The Biden administration has told its European allies it is ready to allow them to send 'game changing' fighter jets to Ukraine to use against Vladimir Putin's forces, according to reports. The White House is coming under increasing pressure to help Ukraine procure the US-made F-16, which are in the arsenals of a number of European countries. However, any country would require the United States to sign off the transfer of F-16s to Ukraine on account sensitive US technology being on-board the jets.
Puppy Dog Republicans Afraid to Act 3 replies
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Another example of indisputably corrupt and unscrupulous Democrat behavior has erupted onto the national scene with the release of the years-long Durham probe into the alleged “Russia-Russi-Russia” influence on the 2016 election. Once again, virtually every phony charge against President Trump was proven to be false, virtually every claim he made about being spied on was proven true and the FBI has been revealed -- again -- to be a politically unethical organization far more concerned with tipping the electoral scales in favor of the Democrats than they are concerned with fighting crime. The Durham Report is just the latest in a long line of negative findings about prominent Democrats
Inside Vladimir Putin’s top-secret bunker
on the Black Sea
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Not far from Crimea, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin enjoys life in a 190,000-square-foot, billion-dollar compound on the shores of the Black Sea in the resort town of Gelendzhik, Russia. Inside the palace, there’s a hockey rink, wine cellar, hookah lounge, casino arboretum, his very own stripper pole and, of course, a church. But 50 meters below the bluff the estate is perched on — which also sets it in a special no-fly zone — there lies a fortified, dual-tunnel bunker that could protect the president and fellow VIPs should turmoil ensue, Insider reported about leaked documents showing its layout.
“The Only Person Closest to Roger Is
Donald Trump” – Elizabeth Ailes, Widow
of Roger Ailes, Holds First Interview
– Slams the Murdochs for Destroying
FOX News (Video)
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Elizabeth Ailes, the widow of former CEO and Chairman of FOX News Roger Ailes, raised eyebrows this week when she posted this tweet bashing the Murdochs on the anniversary of Roger’s birthday. (Tweet) On Thursday, Elizabeth Ailes joined Eric Bolling on Newsmax for her first interview since Roger’s death in 2017. Eric Bolling has known Elizabeth and Roger for years and previously worked for Roger at FOX News. Roger Ailes was pushed out of FOX in 2016.Elizabeth (Beth) Ailes did not hold back in their interview.
Pro-Life Activist Claims Intimidation
After FBI Visits Mother’s Home
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A pro-life activist suspects nefarious intentions behind the FBI sending agents to her childhood home last month. “I believe the FBI’s true motive behind their visit to my parents’ home was to intimidate me and my team,” Elise Ketch told the Daily Signal.Ketch, a member of Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU), made the assertion after noting that as far as she knows, the FBI “never” attempted to follow up with her or her attorney. Ring camera footage published by the outlet shows two women, who identified themselves as FBI agents, speaking with Ketch’s mother at her home in Virginia.
Ailing Senator Dianne Feinstein's office
admits 89 year-old DID suffer brain infection
during two month absence from Congress
she's since forgotten about - despite
her insistence she was only sick with flu
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Ailing Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein's office has admitted the 89-year-old did suffer a brain infection, despite her own insistence that she'd just been battling the flu. The New York Times reported on Thursday that Dianne Feinstein, 89, has been diagnosed with vision and balance impairments as well as facial paralysis known as Ramsay Hunt syndrome in addition to encephalitis, a brain infection. 'It was a really bad flu. I'm doing better thank you,' Feinstein said initially about her condition.
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Report: Chris Christie to Run for President
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Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) will announce his 2024 White House candidacy “in the coming days,” New Hampshire news radio host Chris Ryan reported on Thursday. Ryan reported that Christie’s campaign would be “focused on New Hampshire,” an early Republican primary state that often determines the success of a candidate’s campaign.New York Mets owner Steve Cohen will be one of several donors supporting Christie’s 2024 run, Ryan reported. (Tweet) Ryan’s report comes after months of speculation and a statement from Christie that he would make a final decision by mid-May.
Four more years? Biden would defeat Trump
by an even BIGGER margin than in 2020
if election was held today, new poll claims
- as DeSantis trails far behind Trump
in separate survey
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Posted by Imright 5/18/2023 7:47:14 AM Post Reply
President Biden would defeat former President Donald Trump by an even bigger margin than in 2020 if the election was held today, a new poll claims. There were 1,571 registered voters polled between May 10-13, revealing that Biden would lead Trump 47 percent to 40 percent, according to the WPA Intelligence survey results shared with The New York Post. In 2020, Biden defeated Trump by 4.5 percent in the popular vote, but if the election were held today, Biden would win by a whopping seven percent, the poll claimed.
Florida Governor DeSantis to enter US
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Washington -Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis will officially enter the 2024 U.S. presidential race next week, according to two sources familiar with the decision, immediately becoming Donald Trump's biggest rival for the Republican nomination and shaking up a contest that largely has been one-sided. DeSantis will likely file paperwork declaring his candidacy on May 25 to coincide with a donor meeting in Miami, with a more formal launch the week of May 29, according to a source.The invitation for the May 25 event stated that donors would be put to “work,” an apparent allusion to raising money for DeSantis,
'We must teach this history': Jill Biden
says in Hiroshima after viewing atomic
bomb site - as she and granddaughter Maisy
arrive late to spouses event leaving audience waiting
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Posted by Imright 5/19/2023 11:23:05 AM Post Reply
First lady Jilll Biden told an audience in Hiroshima that 'we must teach this history' after touring the atomic bomb site Friday as part of the G7 summit. She was speaking in front of private and public university students at the Next Generations' Symposium early Friday evening, which was attended by the summit's spouses, after earlier visiting Hiroshima's Peace Park and Memorial Museum. Dr. Biden didn't show up with Japan's Yuko Kishida, the United Kingdom's Akshata Murty and Germany's Britta Ernst, arriving with granddaughter Maisy 10 minutes later.
It has a huge and powerful lobby which
turns with fury on its critics so I know
this question will get me into loads of
trouble but… does ADHD even exist?
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Posted by AltaD 5/18/2023 8:01:28 AM Post Reply
Does ADHD in fact exist? This week the BBC’s Panorama programme quite rightly exposed some very worrying private clinics. (Snip) One of the problems with the diagnosis of ‘ADHD’ is that it covers such an extraordinarily broad range of behaviours, including children who may actually suffer from birth trauma or brain damage, and children who are merely wilful and obstinate, or are driven to distraction by dull schools and bad teachers. Worse, it closes the subject. If all these millions truly are suffering from a treatable physical disorder, then we need not worry about our debased family life, dominated by
Harry and Meghan demand US picture agency
involved in 'near catastrophic car chase'
in New York hand over images of them
28 replies
Posted by Harlowe 5/19/2023 12:07:46 PM Post Reply
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been knocked back after demanding the picture agency involved in a 'near catastrophic car chase' give them its pictures. Backgrid has rejected the couple's demands after the incident in New York on Tuesday night, telling them that Americans 'long ago rejected royal prerogative'. The letter, which the agency said it got from the pair's legal team on Thursday, reportedly said: 'We hereby demand that Backgrid immediately provide us with copies of all photos, videos, and/or films taken last night by the freelance photographers after the couple left their event and over the next several hours.'
Biden arrives in rainy Hiroshima with
granddaughter Maisy as U.S. debt crisis
casts cloud over G7 meeting: Gaffe-prone
Joe calls PM Kishida 'president' - and
says it's 'wonderful' to meet with him
in his hometown
28 replies
Posted by Imright 5/18/2023 10:19:15 AM Post Reply
President Joe Biden arrived to stormy weather in Hiroshima, Japan, on Thursday for his meeting with G7 leaders as the U.S. debt crisis cast a cloud over the global summit. Biden hurried down the lower stairs of Air Force One, carrying an umbrella as rain poured down. He is accompanied on the trip by granddaughter Maisy. U.S. Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel - the former Chicago mayor and White House chief of staff - was among the greeters. Biden's first meeting of the summit was with the host, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. 'It's wonderful to see you again - and in your own hometown,' Biden told Kishida
Harry and Meghan Accused of Pulling 'Smollett-Style
Hoax' After Police Dispute Car Chase Claim
27 replies
Posted by Hazymac 5/18/2023 6:45:44 AM Post Reply
I try to pay as little attention as possible to the trials and tribulations of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, but it has been impossible to ignore the story that broke Wednesday on what they alleged was a “near-catastrophic car chase” their spokesman says occurred Tuesday night after attending an awards ceremony in New York City, where Markle was given the Gloria Steinem-inspired “Ms. Foundation’s Women of Vision” award by Steinem herself. “Last night, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Ms. [Doria] Ragland [Markle’s mother] were involved in a near catastrophic car chase at the hands of a ring of highly aggressive paparazzi. This relentless pursuit, lasting over two hours,
Obama Suggests U.S. Should Ban Law-Abiding
American's Gun Rights
24 replies
Posted by Imright 5/18/2023 2:15:23 AM Post Reply
Democrats will fight tooth and nail to keep people from indulging in their God-given rights as free Americans. Former President Obama suggested that the U.S. follow in Australia's footsteps when combatting mass shootings by banning Americans' right to own firearms. "You know, in Australia, they had one mass shooting 50 years ago, and they said, 'No, we're not doing that anymore,'" Obama told CBS's Nate Burleson. "That is normally how you would expect society to respond when your children are at risk. We are unique among advanced, developed nations in tolerating, on a routine basis, gun violence
Dirty FBI Revokes Security Clearances
of Whistleblowers Before Congressional
Testimony – But 51 Signatories of Bogus
Hunter Biden Laptop Letter Still Have There’s
23 replies
Posted by Imright 5/18/2023 7:37:48 PM Post Reply
The House Weaponization Committee held a hearing Thursday on Capitol Hill. Three government whistleblowers from the FBI testified before Congress on Thursday morning. On Wednesday Chris Wray’s FBI revoked the security clearances of three agents who espoused questioned the aggressive tactics by the FBI in targeting Trump supporters , conservatives, and pro-Life Americans, according to a letter the FBI sent the subcommittee on Wednesday. FBI agents Marcus Allen, Garrett O’Boyle, and Steve Friend had already been suspended for questioning the agency’s handling of the January 6 case and stating their beliefs that the FBI has been weaponized against conservatives.
Disney Drops Plans to Build New Florida Campus 23 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 5/18/2023 3:51:27 PM Post Reply
Disney will no longer be moving forward with plans to build a new Disney campus in Lake Nona, Florida. In a memo sent to employees Thursday, Josh D’Amaro, chairperson of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, said Disney would not be moving forward with construction of the campus due to “considerable changes that have occurred since the announcement of this project, including new leadership and changing business conditions.” As a result, Disney is no longer asking employees to relocate there, though D’Amaro notes that some of the planned 2,000 had already moved. “This was not an easy decision to make, but I believe it is the right one.
New York to Track Residents’ Food Purchases
and Place ‘Caps on Meat’ Served by
Public Institutions
22 replies
Posted by Rubinski 5/18/2023 8:54:27 PM Post Reply
New York City will begin tracking the carbon footprint of household food consumption and putting caps on how much red meat can be served in public institutions as part of a sweeping initiative to achieve a 33% reduction in carbon emissions from food by 2030. Mayor Eric Adams and representatives from the Mayor’s Office of Food Policy and Mayor’s Office of Climate & Environmental Justice announced the new programs last month at a Brooklyn culinary center run by NYC Health + Hospitals, the city’s public healthcare system, just before Earth Day.CORRECTION*
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