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Sen. Tim Scott makes it official: He’s
a Republican candidate for president

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Posted By: Imright, 5/19/2023 1:36:09 PM

COLUMBIA, S.C.— Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina made it official Friday: He’s running for president.Scott, the Senate’s only Black Republican, filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission declaring his intention to seek his party’s nomination in 2024. His candidacy will test whether a more optimistic vision of America’s future can resonate with GOP voters who have elevated partisan brawlers in recent years. The deeply religious 57-year-old former insurance broker has made his grandfather’s work in the cotton fields of the Deep South a bedrock of his political identity. Yet he rejects the notion that racism remains a powerful force in society, and he has cast his candidacy and rise from

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Reply 1 - Posted by: MsMontana 5/19/2023 1:45:44 PM (No. 1473202)
Oh goody, another RINO.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: DaizeeMom63 5/19/2023 1:48:09 PM (No. 1473205)
All this is - is a money grab. He's polling near zero, has no donors and is jockeying for a seat at the MAGA table once Trump is re-elected.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: stablemoney 5/19/2023 2:03:49 PM (No. 1473215)
I doubt he can poll enough numbers to get on the stage. Even if he does, it will take Trump about 2 seconds to push him off.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: enemyofthestate 5/19/2023 2:04:01 PM (No. 1473216)
Scott has as much chance as Christie.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Cindiana 5/19/2023 2:41:41 PM (No. 1473244)
Hey, what the heck...I'm running, too!
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Reply 6 - Posted by: earlybird 5/19/2023 3:10:38 PM (No. 1473257)
Snoopy: “Bleah."
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Zeek Wolfe 5/19/2023 3:29:41 PM (No. 1473271)
He is running for vice president in a second Trump presidential term.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: DVC 5/19/2023 4:14:48 PM (No. 1473295)
Another one with 0.1% chance.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: snakeoil 5/19/2023 4:19:05 PM (No. 1473300)
Good man. No chance.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: DanvilleBill 5/19/2023 4:41:28 PM (No. 1473321)
Just wait when Trump starts calling him names.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Omen55 5/19/2023 4:46:32 PM (No. 1473327)
Trump benefits from a crowd.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: udanja99 5/19/2023 6:51:23 PM (No. 1473398)
He’s the better of my two senators but he doesn’t have a chance.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Citoyen 5/19/2023 7:00:37 PM (No. 1473403)
A crowded primary benefits Trump. In 2016 I think Trump received the majority of votes in only one state. He did, however, consistently win the plurality and therefore the nomination. With numerous candidates the anti-Trump vote will be dispersed. If facing just one serious and accomplished opponent, who knows what would be the result.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: richdet 5/19/2023 7:46:47 PM (No. 1473425)
The increasingly crowded primary also suggests that the newcomers don’t perceive DeSantis as the strong challenger he seemed to be. They see the polls, they see how the endorsements are going Trump’s way, and they are telling themselves there is an opportunity to elbow a diminished DeSantis out of the way and become the Trump alternative.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: NeonVortex 5/19/2023 8:22:22 PM (No. 1473444)
Oh good, more money for the consultants.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: LadyVet 5/19/2023 9:14:44 PM (No. 1473463)
The more people on our side giving voice to conservative positions, the better. Ramaswamy, Scott, DeSantis. I hope one of these guys will stay in the contest to the end, so that if Trump dies of exhaustion a year from now, we are not left with Chris Christie as a nominee. We need Plan B and Plan C.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: PChristopher 5/20/2023 12:30:28 AM (No. 1473514)
Probably just trying to get rich from campaign donations that will mysteriously go unaccounted for.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: anniebc 5/22/2023 1:48:01 PM (No. 1475156)
One of many sellouts.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: 49 Ford 5/22/2023 2:00:07 PM (No. 1475164)
Tim Scott is a good man and a reliable conservative vote in the senate. Presidential material, not so much.
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Former President Donald Trump on Monday welcomed Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) to the crowded Republican primary field by wishing his longtime Senate ally “good luck.” “Good luck to Senator Tim Scott in entering the Republican Presidential Primary Race,” Trump posted on Truth Social. “It is rapidly loading up with lots of people, and Tim is a big step up from Ron DeSanctimonious, who is totally unelectable.” (Snip) “I got Opportunity Zones done with Tim, a big deal that has been highly successful,” Trump added. “Good luck Tim!” Moments after Trump’s statement, Scott took the stage in South Carolina to announce his bid for the Republican nomination.
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North Charleston“Mom, I love you,” Scott told her on stage in a powerful moment as he gave her flowers, South Carolina — Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) formally launched his 2024 presidential campaign at Charleston Southern University at an event with thousands of supporters. “For those of you who wonder if it’s possible for a broken kid from a broken home to rise above those circumstances, the answer is yes,” Scott said to thunderous applause. Scott brought his mother on stage with him as he announced his campaign, calling her his “favorite American” as he told his story of rising from poverty into the U.S. Senate.
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A sign of a civilization in headlong decline is its embrace of absurdities. Unfortunately for the United States, we are witnessing an epidemic of nihilist nonsense. Here are a few examples: Reparations How could a dysfunctional state like California even contemplate $800 billion in reparations? The state currently faces a $31 billion annual deficit—and it’s climbing. Its $100 billion high-speed rail project is inert, a veritable Stonehenge of concrete monoliths with a foot of track. California’s income tax rates are already the highest in the nation. Its sales taxes, electricity rates, and gas taxes and prices are among the steepest in the country. And for what?
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A good Samaritan, according to the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary is, “a person who gives help and sympathy to people who need it”. This concept goes back to Biblical times, specifically the book of Luke, chapter 10, and the “Parable of the Good Samaritan.” Jesus told the story of a man who was robbed, beaten, and left for dead. A priest and a Levite both saw the beaten man and walked past him, crossing to the other side of the street. But the Samaritan stopped to help the injured man, attending to his wounds, bringing him to an inn, paying the innkeeper to care for him until he was well.
“Of Course No One Will Blame Me!”
– Joe Biden Blasts Peter Doocy on Debt
Ceiling Talks and Looming Default (Video)
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Joe Biden on Sunday held a press conference in Hiroshima, Japan after meeting with Volodymyr Zelensky, Japanese PM Kishida Fumio and South Korean President Yoon Suk-Yeol. Of course he called on a list of pre-approved reporters. Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Biden if he will be clamed if the US defaults. Debt ceiling talks are on hold over “unreasonable” White House demands as a default looms. Joe Biden waited 97 days to engage in debt ceiling talks with House Speaker McCarthy and other congressional leaders.
Trump’s Truth Social Media Firm Files
$3.78 Billion Defamation Lawsuit Against
The Washington Post
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Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), the parent company of the Truth Social platform, has taken legal action against The Washington Post, filing a defamation lawsuit seeking a staggering $3.78 billion in damages. The case was filed late Saturday night in Sarasota County, Florida, which alleges that far-left WaPo published false and defamatory statements about the Truth Social platform, its CEO, Devin Nunes, and former President Trump, damaging its reputation and causing significant financial harm. “WaPo has been on a years-long crusade against TMTG characterized by the concealment of relevant information in its possession—
Education Secretary Cardona Claims Teachers
Not You Know What Is Best for Your Kid
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Posted by Imright 5/22/2023 2:03:11 AM Post Reply
One of the themes of local races during the 2020 election was “parental rights.” Despite Hillary Clinton’s idiotic “it takes a village” viewpoint, most Americans believe parents are the final arbiter over their children unless they are demonstrably and dangerously unfit. The US Supreme Court has stated, “the interest of parents in the care, custody and control of their children—is perhaps the oldest of the fundamental liberty interests recognized by this Court.”
Unhappy at the finish line: California
high school athlete gives big thumbs down
after being pushed out of state finals
by trans runner as parents clash with
protestors - 'that is disgusting'
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Posted by Imright 5/22/2023 2:01:02 AM Post Reply
A high school athlete was seen giving a thumbs down on the medal podium after losing a shot at the state championships to a transgender athlete. Adeline Johnson finished fourth in the 1600 meter race the North Coast Meet of Champions of California, where Athena Ryan, a transgender female, came second. Johnson, from Branson High School, can be seen waving at people in the crowd before giving a thumbs down during the medal presentation in Dublin, California on Saturday.
Watch: Club pro Michael Block dunks hole-in-one
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As if Michael Block's fairytale week could not be any more storybook, the PGA Professional on Sunday delivered an pair of all-time PGA Championship moments. Playing alongside world No. 3 Rory McIlroy in the final round at Oak Hill Country Club, the 46-year-old slam dunked his tee shot on the par-3 15th for a hole-in-one. Block's first career hole-in-one in competition propelled him to a memorable finish that ultimately resulted with him placing inside the top 15 on the leaderboard and therefore securing a spot in the field for the 2024 PGA Championship at Valhalla.
2023 PGA Championship leaderboard: Brooks
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Scaling the mountaintop once is difficult; staying there is nearly impossible. Returning to the summit is almost unheard of, but don't tell that to Brooks Koepka. Four years removed from capturing his last major championship, Koepka stood victorious at one of the sport's premier tournaments winning the 2023 PGA Championship at Oak Hill Country Club by two strokes over Viktor Hovland and Scottie Scheffler. The victory is first for Koepka (-9) at a major since the 2019 PGA Championship. It marks a return to form for one of the game's brightest stars, who had been plagued over the last three years by knee injuries
Chuck Todd Says You Shouldn't Worry About
Biden's IRS If You Pay Taxes
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Posted by Imright 5/21/2023 7:45:53 PM Post Reply
On Sunday's Meet the Press, moderator and former Senate Democrat staffer Chuck Todd parroted the kind of talking points you frequently hear from those in support of tyrannical regimes: if you haven't done anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about. Todd put his own spin on that while interviewing Florida Republican Congressman Byron Donalds about the looming debt ceiling deadline. Todd took issue with Republicans wanting fewer IRS agents as part of a deal to raise the debt ceiling.
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Since Russian Detainment: ‘How Was it
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Brittney Griner made her return to the WNBA on Friday night, but her coach believes the fans in Los Angeles should have turned out in greater numbers to support her. [Snip] “Come on now, L.A.,” Nygaard said. “We didn’t sell out the arena for BG? Like, I expected more, to be honest. It was great, it was loud. But how was it not a sellout? How was it not a sellout
White People Told They Are Not Welcome
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White theatregoers in London were urged to stay away from a play about African American history so that black audience members could enjoy the performance “free from the white gaze”. The Theatre Royal Stratford East, in east London, has caused uproar after it told white people to stay away from a “Black Out” performance of the Tambo & Bones play on July 5. Although the theatre claimed that “no one is excluded”, it went on to make it abundantly clear that white people would not be welcome at the performance that tells the story of a pair of African Americans on a journey from mistrels to rappers,
NAACP issues shock travel advisory against
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State of being 'openly hostile' to black
and LGBTQ Americans under Ron DeSantis:
GOP Governor says 'what a joke'
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The NAACP's national board of directors has issued a formal travel advisory for Florida, warning black and LGBTQ people against visiting the state due to Governor Ron DeSantis' policies. 'Florida is openly hostile toward African Americans, people of color and LGBTQ+ individuals,' states the advisory issued on Saturday night by the civil rights group. 'Before traveling to Florida, please understand that the state of Florida devalues and marginalizes the contributions of, and the challenges faced by African Americans and other communities of color,' it adds.
Rep. Cori Bush Calls for Reparations as
a 'Moral and Legal Obligation'
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Posted by ladydawgfan 5/21/2023 12:07:36 AM Post Reply
Every so often, the race industry in America — let’s call it what it is — seemingly feels like they are not getting enough attention, and so they come forward with some new absurd way to get that attention, apparently clinging to the notion that there is no such thing as bad publicity. The latest to attempt that is far-left congressional squad member, Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO). Bush has glommed onto an idea that is certainly not new and is hugely unpopular with roughly half the country. But Bush has decided to give it the old college try and float it once again.
NYC Mayor Adams: Migrants should be sent
to every city 'throughout the entire country'
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Posted by NorthernDog 5/21/2023 7:38:37 PM Post Reply
New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, said in a new interview Sunday that migrants from the U.S.-Mexico border should be sent to every city "throughout the entire country." "We have 108,000 cities, villages, towns. If everyone takes a small portion of that, and if it's coordinated at the border, to ensure that those who are coming here to this country in a lawful manner is actually moved throughout the entire country, it is not a burden on one city," Adams said in an appearance on CBS's "Face the Nation" Sunday. "And the numbers need to be clear. We
Ron DeSantis Plots Politics with Chris
Sununu in New Hampshire
30 replies
Posted by earlybird 5/21/2023 3:34:18 PM Post Reply
The upcoming week or two should provide more clarity on 2024 candidate field as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former Vice President Mike Pence and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott are all likely to make their enlistment official. Of course, most eyes will be on the Jeb! lane for 2024 which is currently occupied by Ron DeSantis. Current Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, another approved Republican, is in a holding pattern above the race in the event that DeSantis does a big stupid. Meanwhile, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu is now pushing himself into the foray, while simultaneously meeting with DeSantis to talk shop. Things are starting to become clearer
Deep State Quietly Starting to Fear the
Worst: The Return of the Trump Wrecking Ball
26 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 5/21/2023 2:28:23 PM Post Reply
Worried about too much systemic rigging and fraud for a Republican ever to win office again? Good news! The riggers themselves are quietly starting to worry it may happen. Politico ran a story on Friday, and I must say, the title quickened my pulse. Tellingly titled, “Hurricane Trump Is Coming — And Washington Hasn’t Bothered to Prepare,” the story ran with the subhead, “After 2020, reformers vowed to erect guardrails against a rogue chief executive. They ran into a wall of complacency, partisanship and distraction.” As if Leftists would have done a single thing to curtail executive overreach while they held office. Puh-lease.
Chuck Todd Says You Shouldn't Worry About
Biden's IRS If You Pay Taxes
24 replies
Posted by Imright 5/21/2023 7:45:53 PM Post Reply
On Sunday's Meet the Press, moderator and former Senate Democrat staffer Chuck Todd parroted the kind of talking points you frequently hear from those in support of tyrannical regimes: if you haven't done anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about. Todd put his own spin on that while interviewing Florida Republican Congressman Byron Donalds about the looming debt ceiling deadline. Todd took issue with Republicans wanting fewer IRS agents as part of a deal to raise the debt ceiling.
Social Justice™ Now Claims Waking Up
Early Is White Supremacy
21 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 5/22/2023 10:22:47 AM Post Reply
What even is satire anymore? At some point, reality will become so absurd that it will render satire an anachronistic relic of the before-times, when some semblance of societal sanity made satire possible. We may have already crossed that Rubicon. Exhibit A is the argument that waking up early is actually White Supremacy™. Personally, I don’t spend much time on Medium these days since the platform kicked me off for either “COVID misinformation” or “transphobia” (I honestly don’t remember which anymore, but I got warnings for both of those things before they finally suspended my account permanently). However, this little ditty came my way recently from Anthony Bernardi,
Durham reports shows Biden and Obama knew
truth of Trump collusion hoax but kept silent
20 replies
Posted by Moritz55 5/22/2023 9:39:51 AM Post Reply
A silence kept in order to hide the truth is a lie. By that maxim, there are plenty of liars among prominent Democrats who knew that the damning Trump-Russia collusion narrative was all a hoax. But they chose to remain mum, preferring instead to watch contentedly as an American president was vilified nonstop by a media-driven orgy of lies. It consumed the nation for years and inflicted untold harm. None of them had the decency to volunteer the truth. This is one of the key findings in the 306-page Durham report that the special counsel filled to the brim with documented acts of deviousness, dishonesty and malice by high officials
Ben Crump deletes viral tweet branding
pregnant nurse racist after her lawyer
steps in
20 replies
Posted by Beardo 5/21/2023 9:43:13 PM Post Reply
A prominent civil rights attorney deleted his viral tweet that attacked a female New York City hospital worker hours after her lawyer threatened defamation lawsuits in a Fox News segment against those who defamed her. Ben Crump, who has been a lead attorney in several police brutality cases, tweeted a viral video with more than 4 million views of a verbal altercation between a pregnant New York City physician assistant and multiple young Black men before deleting it hours later after the segment aired and went viral on Twitter. (snip) There was no follow-up tweet with a correction or an apology.
McCarthy says he now thinks FBI Director
Christopher Wray WILL hand over document
that Rep. James Comer claims outlines
a criminal bribery scheme involving President
Biden and a foreign national
18 replies
Posted by Imright 5/21/2023 7:36:05 PM Post Reply
Speaker Kevin McCarthy has declared the FBI is poised to hand over a potentially damning document involving President Joe Biden - after an impassioned phone call with the bureau's director. Appearing for a televised interview Sunday, the California rep offered some insight as to what transpired between him and director Christopher Wray on the Friday call, which came a day after feds rebuffed a subpoena requesting the still unseen report. The official request was sent by House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer, and pertained to a prospective financial form that several GOP lawmakers claim lays out an 'alleged criminal scheme' involving Biden and an unnamed foreign national.
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