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Judge in Trump’s ‘hush money’ trial
engages in blatant dissimulation

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Posted By: Magnante, 5/5/2023 7:18:24 AM

My assessment of the probability of Donald Trump receiving a fair trial on the highly questionable charges (falsifying business records) brought against him by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg just plummeted to subterranean levels. The judge in the case just metaphorically peed on Trump’s leg and told him it was raining, to employ a venerable and colorful American expression. He issued a gag order and specified that he was not issuing a gag order and violated Trump’s First Amendment rights while claiming he didn’t violate his First Amendment rights. The technical name, albeit a less flamboyant one than the metaphor of micturition, is dissimulation.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Venturer 5/5/2023 8:30:44 AM (No. 1463108)
So Trump can speak about anything he likes as long as it is not evidence that this clown DA has dug up, but this Justice does not think that is a gag order. New Yorkers think a lot different than most other Americans.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: john56 5/5/2023 8:48:53 AM (No. 1463121)
Did anyone think that ANY decision by these crooked NY courts were going to ever be fair to Trump? Like I say, for a fair trial, he's going to need a change of venue. Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, China and North Korea would be friendlier venues that New York.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: bpl40 5/5/2023 8:55:58 AM (No. 1463128)
Trump will be found guilty by the Manhattan 'jury' and sentenced to 240 years in prison. The key is to get an emergency order from a higher court (Federal ) to keep him out of prison till his appeal takes care of this farce. That is where this entire Kangaroo court circus is headed.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: spacer 5/5/2023 9:21:48 AM (No. 1463155)
The " judge" is an UnAmerican racist bigot with all the credentials of an AA lifer.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: mifla 5/5/2023 10:01:22 AM (No. 1463200)
Father in Heaven, I know you told us that there would be days like this, but just a little help,please. This is not prosecution, this is persecution. That being said, Your will, not ours. Thank you .
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Reply 6 - Posted by: stablemoney 5/5/2023 11:34:36 AM (No. 1463301)
I wonder that Judge Merchan allows Trump to have an attorney. He does, but he also shuts down that attorney, whenever he speaks. Merchan has already decided the case, so why not issue his edict?
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What Might Be Keeping Tucker Carlson Quiet 7 replies
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In a previous post, I described the implications for all of us if Tucker Carlson has gagged himself by signing a "non-disparagement agreement" (NDA). But NDAs are not the only method available to unethical media companies, universities, churches, and others to silence those who speak a bit too much truth. Many contracts now contain Mandatory Arbitration (M.A.) clauses, often disguised, requiring that "employment disputes" be adjudicated in secret by private arbitrators. (snip) the dismissed have no recourse to publicity, because the M.A. keeps everything secret.
Judge in Trump’s ‘hush money’ trial
engages in blatant dissimulation
6 replies
Posted by Magnante 5/5/2023 7:18:24 AM Post Reply
My assessment of the probability of Donald Trump receiving a fair trial on the highly questionable charges (falsifying business records) brought against him by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg just plummeted to subterranean levels. The judge in the case just metaphorically peed on Trump’s leg and told him it was raining, to employ a venerable and colorful American expression. He issued a gag order and specified that he was not issuing a gag order and violated Trump’s First Amendment rights while claiming he didn’t violate his First Amendment rights. The technical name, albeit a less flamboyant one than the metaphor of micturition, is dissimulation.
Biden needs Lilly's new Alzheimer's treatment 12 replies
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President Trump enthusiastically touts his support of the Right to Try law, passed in May, 2018. Ironically, it may benefit one of his main political adversaries. In what is a glorious development for elders and their caregivers, Eli Lilly’s Alzheimer’s treatment donanemab slowed the disease’s progression in a pivotal phase 3 trial. A monthly antibody infusion reduced brain plaque associated with Alzheimer’s. In fact, patients in the trial demonstrated a 35% slower decline in memory. As pointed out by Barrons’ Josh Nathan-Kazis, the drug’s efficacy marks, “an extraordinary moment in the decades-long struggle to find treatments for Alzheimer’s.” Having missed the trial itself, Biden is a strong candidate
E. Jean Carroll's Trump-bashing 14 replies
Posted by Magnante 5/3/2023 4:59:36 AM Post Reply
According to the May 2 New York Times, on the last day of her testimony in her civil suit against Donald J. Trump alleging rape, E. Jean Carroll insisted that she was fired as advice columnist for Elle because President Trump called her a liar, not because she gave an excerpt of her book to rival New York magazine. This question immediately came to mind: would a New York City-based editor dismiss a columnist because Trump called her a liar? That question was answered by this follow-up question: In media circles, isn't criticism from Pres. Trump considered a badge of honor?
Covid Hospital Protocols Destroyed Thousands
of American Families
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Posted by Magnante 5/3/2023 4:57:37 AM Post Reply
Someday, if America is saved, there may be a museum to memorialize the Covid dead. There will be a wing for those killed by the disease who died at home after being refused early treatment. There will be a wing for those who died of the vaccine and another for those who died from the lockdowns. And, surely, one wing will be dedicated to those who died in hospitals due to deadly protocols. (snip) If the hospitals were indeed crime scenes, then we must look for the criminals’ motive. (snip) a classic crime motive: money. The federal government paid hospitals lavish bonuses to enforce a specific deadly protocol.
Leak campaign against Tucker Carlson begins
with a misfire that damages Fox, not Carlson
12 replies
Posted by Magnante 5/2/2023 11:38:48 AM Post Reply
A scorched earth campaign against Tucker Carlson has been anticipated, and the first leak of behind-the-scenes video has dropped, fed to Soros-funded Media Matters, which long has been trying to get both Carlson and Fox News silenced. Someone with access to the video feed from Tucker Carlson’s home studios has leaked a video that they must have expected to be damaging to the former top-rated host, but which really damages the streaming video service, Fox Nation. If Carlson is to be blamed, it would be for being frank and honest in a private conversation.
Obama and his friends are a perfect illustration
of the modern-day elitist Democrat
22 replies
Posted by Magnante 4/30/2023 8:55:58 AM Post Reply
Just yesterday was saw more proof that the mainstream media in the U.S. and beyond are P.R. agencies for the Democrats. The media gave great prominence to former president Obama, filmmaker Steven Spielberg, and rock star Bruce Springsteen making a surprise appearance at a Barcelona restaurant with a last-minute dinner reservation on Thursday. The BBC carried details about the restaurateur being surprised by the visit and what he served his guests (snip) Most articles mentioned restaurant staff member Pol Perello posting a photo on Instagram of the staff and chefs posing with the celebrity trio. (snip) Let's subject Obama’s friends to the diversity criteria
Watch Fox News Slide As Tucker Carlson Rises 11 replies
Posted by Magnante 4/30/2023 6:03:01 AM Post Reply
With their decision to take Tucker Carlson’s show off the air, Fox News’s Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch have failed to account for media and political dynamics that have, over a period of years, shifted under their feet. The Murdochs’ decision will inevitably prove catastrophic for Fox News and will likely be an inflection point that marks a wholesale change to a media landscape that, to paraphrase Matt Taibbi, has calcified in progressive concrete. (snip) Could there be a more fundamental act of disloyalty to Fox’s viewers? Could it have come at a worse time, when conservatives rightly feel that they face an existential threat from progressives set upon a coup?
Saturday Schadenfreude: CNN aired an amazing
confrontation that devastated Randi Weingarten
28 replies
Posted by Magnante 4/29/2023 5:53:54 AM Post Reply
As Fox News moves leftward, CNN, the sick man of cable news, just aired a segment that would hearten any alienated FNC viewers that happened to catch it. Is this a portent of things to come? The New York Post reports on the confrontation that must have shocked Randi Weingarten, the head of the AFT who this past week falsely claimed to a congressional committee that she had fought every day to reopen schools, when, in fact, she and her union were the major force keeping them closed. A paid CNN commentator, Scott Jennngs, delivered the truth bomb.
Biden Will Be Running on His Record This Time 17 replies
Posted by Magnante 4/29/2023 5:16:14 AM Post Reply
God must approve of MAGA, because Donald Trump is surely blessed. He's never been a politician, and he's famously undisciplined on the campaign trail. But he is always blessed with the most incapable opponents to run against. Those opponents have been the embodiment of incompetence magnified by unlikability. (snip) Joe Biden announced his candidacy in an early-morning video release, because he wasn't capable of doing it live — and we all know it. That's how horrible of a candidate he is. Joe certainly isn't the worst the Dems could put forward, but that's a testament to how bad their choices are
Bud Light’s Demise at the Hands of Credentialed
Woke Millennials
13 replies
Posted by Magnante 4/28/2023 8:32:58 AM Post Reply
Early in my professional career, an experienced colleague shared with me a bit of advice. “If you sell people what they want to buy,” he said, “you’ll have a very successful career. If you sell people what you think they want to buy, you might still be successful. But if you sell people what you want to sell them, you’ll fail miserably.” (snip) Yet this lesson apparently isn’t taught at The Wharton School of Finance, where Bud Light marketing VP Alissa Heinerscheid earned a Master of Business Administration degree, and where tuition and supplies alone will run you $250K for its two-year MBA program.
Trump rejects GOP presidential candidate debates 29 replies
Posted by Magnante 4/26/2023 8:04:15 AM Post Reply
I am dismayed that Donald Trump seems to be adopting the tactics of the Biden-dominated DNC and rejecting the opportunity for voters to hear directly from candidates for their parties’ nomination in a presidential debate. In a post on Truth Social, he writes: I see that everybody is talking about the Republican Debates, but nobody got my approval, or the approval of the Trump Campaign, before announcing them. When you’re leading by seemingly insurmountable numbers, and you have hostile Networks with angry, TRUMP & MAGA hating anchors asking the “questions,” why subject yourself to being libeled and abused?
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California reparations panel approves
payments of up to $1.2 million to every
Black resident
25 replies
Posted by Moritz55 5/7/2023 11:36:29 AM Post Reply
The California Reparations Task Force formally recommended that the state offer payments of up to $1.2 million to every qualifying Black resident. The task force held a public meeting in Oakland, California, on Saturday and voted on the final set of recommendations to be sent to the state's legislators. The nine-member panel called on the state to offer its Black residents a formal apology in addition to the payments. "Reparations are not only morally justifiable, but they have the potential to address long-standing racial disparities and inequalities," Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., said after attending the meeting.
Sen. Chris Murphy Pushes ‘Assault Weapons’
Ban, Says Mass Shooters Would be ‘Most Affected’
24 replies
Posted by Hazymac 5/7/2023 1:21:28 PM Post Reply
Gun control Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) tweeted Sunday that AR-15 rifles are not necessary for hunting or self-defense and suggested mass shooters would be those “most affected” by an “assault weapons” ban. He described the AR-15 as “the mass shooter’s best friend,” omitting any mention that the shooting at an Atlanta hospital earlier in the week was carried out with a handgun. Murphy tweeted: [Tweet] The AR-15 is the most popular rifle platform in America, as variants of the rifle are used for long range shooting, competition, hunting (predator and big game), as well as self-defense, home defense, and plinking. On February 17, 2018, Breitbart News pointed out that then-Sen.
Joe Biden claims he couldn't attend King
Charles' coronation because he's got a
'lot going on'
24 replies
Posted by Imright 5/7/2023 4:42:38 AM Post Reply
President Joe Biden brushed his decision not to attend King Charles III's coronation on Saturday during a softball interview with MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle by saying: 'I told him I couldn't be there because I have this going on.' Biden, 80, said that he told the king that he would be in the United Kingdom during the summer during the NATO conference. 'He's a good acquaintance and we've worked together on environmental issues,' the president said of King Charles III. The president dispatched his wife to represent the US at the celebrations in London.
New analysis shows statins have "minimal" benefits 21 replies
Posted by Judy W. 5/7/2023 8:34:18 AM Post Reply
My friend and colleague, Dr. Maryanne Demasi has been studying the use of statins for years. She just had her meta analysis published in "JAMA Internal Medicine." This is an extremely important paper.(snip)The public health mantra about cholesterol has always been “the lower, the better.” This has been reflected in expert guidelines which have called on doctors to aggressively lower their patient’s ‘bad’ LDL-cholesterol (LDL-C) with statin drugs to prevent heart disease. However, our new analysis published in JAMA Internal Medicine (paywalled) challenges that notion. Over the years, influential researchers such as the Cholesterol Treatment Trialists (CTT) at Oxford University, have monopolised the scientific debate on statins. But there are three problems with the various CTT analyses: 
California reparations task force votes
to approve restitution plan
18 replies
Posted by Imright 5/7/2023 4:11:09 AM Post Reply
California's reparations task force voted on Saturday in favor of a reparations program, the first of its kind in the United States. The committee of nine members voted to give final approval a plan with detailed explanations for how restitution should be made to victims of systemic racism, housing discrimination, mass incarceration, and health care inequities. The plan now goes to state legislature for approval. If passed, it could mean hundreds of billions of dollars in payments to black residents of the Golden State.
Texas mall shooting suspect accused of
killing 8 identified as Mauricio Garcia
17 replies
Posted by Imright 5/7/2023 4:28:55 PM Post Reply
The gunman who killed eight people and injured seven others before being shot dead by police at a Texas outlet mall has been identified as Mauricio Garcia, 33, several news outlets reported Sunday. A Dallas home linked to Garcia’s parents was searched by police Saturday night following the massacre outside the Allen Premium Outlets, and officials also probed a motel where the suspected shooter had booked an extended stay, law enforcement sources told local outlet WFAA-TV. Garcia did not have a serious criminal history and was working as a security guard, though its unclear where, CBS News reported.
'Just Brutal for President Biden' George
Stephanopoulos Breaks Down Shocking New
Poll Showing Trump Clobbering Biden
17 replies
Posted by JrSample 5/7/2023 2:23:28 PM Post Reply
There was not a bit of sugarcoating, Sunday, from ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos on a brand new poll from ABC and the Washington Post. “This poll is just brutal for President Biden!” Stephanopoulos said. Indeed, the silver linings were just about impossible to find for the White House. The poll put Biden’s approval rating at 36 percent — down 6 points from February and an all-time low in that particular survey. The survey also showed Biden getting trounced in a hypothetical 2024 matchup with former President Donald Trump, 45-38.
Comer Announces Bombshell News Coming
on Joe Biden, 'Wednesday Will Be a Very
Big Day'
16 replies
Posted by Imright 5/7/2023 8:02:44 PM Post Reply
House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) has some big things ready to drop on Joe Biden. He’s already sending a message to the Department of Justice telling them not to indict the president’s son until the DOJ sees what the Committee is about to announce. We won’t have to wait long because Comer says they intend to drop some big evidence on Wednesday. He said members have been poring over bank documents, and meeting with former associates and whistleblowers. (Tweet/Video)
RFK Jr. Says “CIA Definitely Involved
In The Murder” of His Uncle President
John F. Kennedy
16 replies
Posted by Beardo 5/7/2023 11:13:59 AM Post Reply
Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was recently interviewed by Jason Calacanis and other members of the popular All-In podcast and in that interview, RFK Jr. revealed he believes the CIA was involved in the assassination of his uncle President John F. Kennedy. (snip) RFK Jr. also shared his father Robert F. Kennedy, who served as President Kennedy’s Attorney General, very first reaction to his brother’s assassination was that the CIA did it. (snip) The Founder of The Children’s Health Defense continued to tell the All-In podcast members that his father planned to break up the CIA and reorganize it if he was elected.
Now EVERYBODY Hates Bud Light 16 replies
Posted by Hazymac 5/7/2023 6:51:53 AM Post Reply
Our deeply divided nation is reunited at last! We cannot agree on whether dismembering children in the womb is a monstrous crime or a basic human right. We can’t agree on whether men can become champion female swimmers. We certainly will never agree on whether a jaw-droppingly corrupt kleptocrat deep in the throes of dementia should even have gotten near the Oval Office. We argue over whether the Founding Fathers were slaveowners to be despised or visionaries of freedom to be revered. But there is one thing we do agree on: we all loathe Bud Light. The patriots’ rejection of Bud Light after it brought on the transcendently obnoxious fake woman
Meghan - and America - could have been
at the heart of this joyous spectacle.
But the Duchess of Narcissism burned her
bridges… and you could hear the glassware
crashing in Montecito
16 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 5/7/2023 6:03:43 AM Post Reply
What a lost opportunity for the United States. Had Harry and Meghan the grace to accept largesse and privilege, they would have played a key role at the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla. Surely they would have been front-row. Surely they would have had a place on the balcony. And surely U.S. would have been represented in Great Britain as never before — as part of the monarchy! Never underestimate how awed we Americans are by British pomp and circumstance, the history that dwarfs our own, the displays of military might and national pride. The coronation matters to us, too. Saturday’s ceremony also offered a reassuring display of familial unity,
Queen Elizabeth II’s Disdain for ‘Evil’
Meghan Markle Comes Out As New King Takes
Over Throne
15 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 5/7/2023 4:50:53 AM Post Reply
The British media is abuzz with reports of Queen Elizabeth II’s disdain for Meghan Markle. According to a new report, the Queen referred to Markle as “evil” and regretted that her grandson, Prince Harry, ever met her, describing their relationship as a “complete catastrophe.” The source quoted in The Spectator stated that it was out of character for the Queen to use such a word to describe anyone. Markle did not attend the coronation of King Charles III, and according to Royal biographer Tom Bower, the Queen expressed relief that Markle was not coming to Prince Philip’s funeral.
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