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The Government has developed a dangerous
affliction and is faced with intractable problems

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Posted By: FormerDem, 12/10/2023 5:50:50 PM

The government has developed a dangerous affliction. Faced with intractable - maybe insoluble - problems, it has started to make policies on the basis of wishing them away, as if stating a much-desired outcome while ignoring serious obstacles could somehow bring it about. This is a species of what psychologists call “magical thinking”. [snip] The second example was less widely reported. Defence Secretary Grant Shapps’s assertions that the best vehicle for governing Gaza when the war ends is the Palestinian Authority, and that the British Support Team, a military unit that has been training the PA’s security forces for many years, should play a vital role, with its “capacity” enhanced.


No to the PA. Gaza has suffered from enough torturers and thieves in Hamas. Let's have nothing to do with forcing the PA on them. Gaza should vote.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: stablemoney 12/10/2023 9:29:48 PM (No. 1614727)
Israel should retain military sovereignty over Gaza. To do otherwise is to throw away the victory.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Strike3 12/11/2023 2:09:22 AM (No. 1614800)
After reading five paragraphs I was more confused than enlightened. Very poor writing.
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The Government has developed a dangerous
affliction and is faced with intractable problems
2 replies
Posted by FormerDem 12/10/2023 5:50:50 PM Post Reply
The government has developed a dangerous affliction. Faced with intractable - maybe insoluble - problems, it has started to make policies on the basis of wishing them away, as if stating a much-desired outcome while ignoring serious obstacles could somehow bring it about. This is a species of what psychologists call “magical thinking”. [snip] The second example was less widely reported. Defence Secretary Grant Shapps’s assertions that the best vehicle for governing Gaza when the war ends is the Palestinian Authority, and that the British Support Team, a military unit that has been training the PA’s security forces for many years, should play a vital role, with its “capacity” enhanced.
Ex-Hamas minister in interrogation video:
‘Crazy people’ led by Sinwar ‘destroyed Gaza’
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Posted by FormerDem 12/10/2023 2:23:19 PM Post Reply
The Shin Bet security agency publishes footage showing the interrogation of former Hamas communications minister, Yousef al-Mansi, who appears to heavily criticize the terror group. “This is a group of crazy people that [Yahya] Sinwar leads. They destroyed the Gaza Strip. Set it back 200 years,” al-Mansi says in translated excerpts provided by the Shin Bet. “I have not seen anyone in the Gaza Strip who supports Sinwar, nobody likes Sinwar. There are people who, day and night, pray that God will free us from him,” he says.The former Hamas minister says the October 7 attacks are “the opposite of Islams heresy, madness.
Guyana appeals to US and UN Maduro advances
annexation of territory
20 replies
Posted by FormerDem 12/6/2023 3:04:48 PM Post Reply
Guyana has appealed for help from the United Nations and the United States as the Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, announced a series of measures intended to advance its annexation of two-thirds of the tiny South American nation’s territory. “I have spoken to the secretary general of the United Nations and several leaders, alerting them of these dangerous developments and the desperate actions of President Maduro,” Irfaan Ali, president of Guyana, said in a television broadcast late on Tuesday, as he informed the nation of 800,000 of Maduro’s latest steps intended to create a new Venezuelan state in Guyana.
Israeli TV: Gaza residents increasingly
directing anger at Hamas over war
7 replies
Posted by FormerDem 12/6/2023 12:20:06 PM Post Reply
According to report, evacuees to Rafah in the south of the Strip have been greeting each other with ‘May God take revenge upon Hamas’ Israel’s Channel 12 news reports that Gaza residents are increasingly expressing anger at Hamas as the war between the terrorist organization and Israel continues. The Tuesday report showed footage of clashes between Hamas operatives and civilians over supplies, with the civilians yelling expletives at the gunmen. Arab affairs reporter Ehud Yaari noted that such scenes have become increasingly common. The network also cited conversations with Gazans inside the Strip who said residents “are praying that Israel will destroy Hamas and are saying it out loud.”
Israel-Hamas war live: Israeli forces
pictured setting up seawater pumps to
flood Hamas tunnels Updated 12 minutes ag
9 replies
Posted by FormerDem 12/6/2023 10:07:47 AM Post Reply
Israeli troops have been pictured setting up pumps to flood Hamas tunnels with water. Long pipes can be seen running from the sea up the beach and into Gaza in images released by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF). It follows reports that the IDF was moving to ruin the terror group’s vast subterranean network by setting up five pumps capable of sending hundreds of thousands of litres of water cascading underground every hour. [snip] The terror group is believed to be hiding its leadership, the 137 remaining hostages and the vast bulk of its arsenal in the network.
‘They Can Go to Hell and Hide There’ 1 reply
Posted by FormerDem 12/1/2023 9:18:00 PM Post Reply
For nearly a generation, media owned by Qatar and Iran have tag-teamed with Hamas to paint a false picture of ideological uniformity across Gaza. While Hamas quashed opposition to their rule, Al Jazeera and other mouthpieces platformed the terror group’s leaders and shills. Take the example of this wounded elderly man at Gaza’s al-Shifa Hospital. When he complained to Al Jazeera last week that Hamas fighters were hiding among the patients—“They can go to hell and hide there,” he said—the reporter immediately turned his back on the man. Why not let him talk?
Reports: Senior IDF officer dismissed
pre-Oct. 7 intel on Hamas invasion as ‘fantasy’
19 replies
Posted by FormerDem 11/23/2023 10:52:36 PM Post Reply
Two lower level officers in IDF’s elite intelligence Unit 8200 outlined a mass invasion one month before onslaught; top officers also waved off manual showing plans for onslaught [...] The manual also described a strategy to lull Israel into complacency by holding negotiations for some form of long-term arrangement with Hamas, while at the same time staging frequent drills and carrying out small security incidents on the border on Saturdays and Jewish holidays to lull the IDF into a false sense of security when Hamas forces turned up en masse at the border fence.
Surveillance soldiers charge sexism a
factor in their Oct. 7 warnings being ignored
6 replies
Posted by FormerDem 11/19/2023 10:12:22 AM Post Reply
Senior commanders refused to heed the warnings of the young female surveillance soldiers tasked with watching the Gaza border in the weeks before the brutal Hamas massacre on October 7, and the soldiers believe sexism was a factor in their being ignored, according to a Friday report. Rather than hide its plans for the attack, the Hamas terror group was training in plain sight. Soldiers in the Border Defense Corps who raised the alarm told the Haaretz daily (Hebrew) they believe sexism played a part in the fact that they were not heeded. “It’s a unit made up entirely of young girls and young female commanders,” an unnamed soldier said.
Bahrain crown prince blasts ‘intolerable’
situation in Gaza, demands Hamas release hostages
7 replies
Posted by FormerDem 11/17/2023 4:24:56 PM Post Reply
Bahrain’s Crown Prince and Prime Minister Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa blasts the “intolerable” situation in Gaza and calls on Hamas to immediately release the roughly 240 hostages held in the enclave. “I don’t think any Arab leader has called on Hamas to do this…So it is a time for straight talking,” Khalifa says ahead of the annual Manama Dialogue security summit. He proposes Israel release the non-combatant female and teenage captives currently in its jails in exchange for the hostages in Gaza.
IDF: Hamas blocked 300 liters of Israel-supplied
fuel from reaching Shifa Hospital
7 replies
Posted by FormerDem 11/12/2023 12:46:19 PM Post Reply
The Israel Defense Forces says it supplied 300 liters of fuel for “urgent medical purposes” at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, but Hamas prevented the medical center from receiving it. Early this morning, troops placed the jerrycans near the hospital, as had been coordinated in advance with officials at Shifa. It says that later, “the IDF received evidence that Hamas officials prevented the hospital from receiving the fuel.” The military publishes a call between an IDF officer and a senior Gazan health official, who says that Yousef Abu-Al Rish, the deputy health minister in Gaza, forbade the hospital from receiving the fuel.
Four Bedouin drove from Rahat to evacuate
their cousin in Be’eri; they rescued dozens
2 replies
Posted by FormerDem 11/11/2023 6:28:40 PM Post Reply
Four Bedouin men from Rahat saved dozens of Israeli lives on October 7 while deployed by their uncle to evacuate his son Hisham from Kibbutz Be’eri. As described by Ismail Alqrinawi in an intense 7-minute video produced by the coexistence organization Have You Seen the Horizon Lately, his uncle pointed at his nephews at about 6:45 that Saturday morning and said, “You four, you’re going to bring back my boy.” They immediately got in a jeep and began what normally was a half-hour trip — but this one was amid the Hamas onslaught that killed 1,400 people, mostly civilians, throughout the area and decimated the kibbutz’s population.
Next pandemic deemed the 'Big One' could
be the most contagious and deadliest disease
known to humanity, scientists warn
69 replies
Posted by FormerDem 11/4/2023 7:40:11 PM Post Reply
The next pandemic, dubbed the 'Big One,' could be 'simmering in the background,' waiting to unleash the most contagious and deadliest diseases known to humanity. The paramyxovirus family has over 75 viruses, including mumps, measles and respiratory tract infections, and was added to the list of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases' pandemic pathogens to watch in October. One of the viruses, the Nipah virus, can infect cells with receptors that regulate what gets in or out of cells that line the central nervous system and vital organs
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Over 500 Harvard faculty members support
university president in letter to board
after antisemitism hearing
33 replies
Posted by Moritz55 12/11/2023 11:06:29 AM Post Reply
More than 500 Harvard faculty members supported University President Claudine Gay in a letter to the school's board Sunday, following intense blowback from a congressional hearing about the rise in antisemitism on campus, where Gay failed to clearly state whether calls for the genocide of Jews violated the Ivy League school's rules. The Harvard Corporation and the Harvard Board of Overseers, the university's second-highest governing body, met Sunday amid mounting pressure from donors and lawmakers to remove Gay from her post.
Report: Harvard President Claudine Gay
Plagiarized Portions of Her Ph.D. Dissertation
32 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 12/11/2023 12:08:26 AM Post Reply
After the past week's Congressional hearings, the presidents of Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the University of Pennsylvania are being exposed to an amount of publicity and scrutiny they're not used to and likely wish would go away. As we reported, the trio claimed that calls for genocide against Jews needed to be placed into context before deciding whether they violated student codes of conduct. The backlash was swift, and so was the backpedaling. UPenn's Liz Magill wasn't able to keep her job, though, and Harvard's Claudine Gay might not be far behind. Gay has already had a rough tenure, as investigative journalist Chris Rufo writes:
President Biden just pledged to shut down
60% of America’s electric power
21 replies
Posted by FlyRight 12/11/2023 6:47:48 AM Post Reply
The Biden administration made two virtue-signaling proclamations at last week’s COP28 conference in Dubai it says will help save the planet from climate change. The policies aren’t likely to change the planet’s temperature by even one-tenth of a degree, but they might just destroy the 21st-century American industrial economy as we know it. First, Team Biden announced it will stop production of all new coal plants in the United States. This comes on the heels of President Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency saying this year it would impose new power-plant emission regulations that are virtually impossible for coal plants to comply with. The bottom line: no more coal. Period.
Watch: Car Owner Shocked to Learn Cost
of a New Hybrid Battery More Than He Paid
for Car
20 replies
Posted by konocti95 12/11/2023 9:15:04 AM Post Reply
Old hybrid vehicles can come with massive bills when their batteries die, as an Arizona man recently found out. Lucas Turner was driving his 2014 Infiniti hybrid when its check engine light made its annoying appearance on the scene, according to KPHO-TV. Not good, but with fewer than 70,000 miles on the vehicle, he was not expecting the bill would be a whopper.
Thousand of blue state residents flock
to Idaho and they bring conservative
politics with them: data
17 replies
Posted by 4250Luis 12/11/2023 6:06:25 AM Post Reply
Thousands of conservative-leaning Washington residents fled the deep blue state for neigboring Idaho, voter data published by the Gem State shows. Data published by the Idaho Secretary of State’s office shows that out of the nearly 119,000 people who recently moved to the state, 65% registered as Republicans, compared to just 12% registering as Democrats. The data, which was reviewed by Fox News Digital, show that out of the roughly 20,000 Americans who moved from Washington state to Idaho, 62% registered as Republicans, compared to 12% as Democrats, 24% as unaffiliated and 2% as "other."
Texas Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee
files for reelection after mayoral loss
16 replies
Posted by Beardo 12/11/2023 8:34:02 PM Post Reply
Longtime Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) filed for reelection just two days after a stinging electoral loss in Houston's mayoral race and before the 6 p.m. deadline on Monday to file. Jackson Lee lost the mayoral runoff election on Saturday to another longtime Texas politician, Democratic state Sen. John Whitmire, who will helm the nation's fourth-largest city. The race had gone to a runoff after the pair of candidates advanced from the November all-party primary.
HS basketball player, older brother beat
up coach after game for getting benched: police
15 replies
Posted by Beardo 12/11/2023 1:45:49 PM Post Reply
A Texas high school basketball player attacked his coach in a parking lot after he was benched for unsportsmanlike conduct during a game earlier that night. Jevin Allen, 17, and his brother Jarrick Allen, 22, who also allegedly participated in the beating, were arrested Dec. 5 for the assault that left the coach with injuries to his head, neck, face and arms, authorities said. The coach, who was not identified by name, told the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office that Jevin was benched during the away game “due to his behavior toward an opposing team player” — a disciplinary action that “infuriated” the teen and his family.
CBS Fears Supporting Israel/Opposing Hamas
Will Cost Biden Muslim Vote
14 replies
Posted by Imright 12/11/2023 8:10:44 PM Post Reply
On Monday, CBS Mornings joined ABC and NBC with a hair-on-fire warning for President Biden that if he continued to support Israel and oppose Hamas, he risked losing the Muslim vote and possibly losing the 2024 election. Of course, the source of CBS’s moral cowardice in standing up to the terrorist organization was the fear that Democrats could lose the key state of Michigan and former President Trump could become president again. Co-anchor Tony Dokoupil kicked off the network’s kvetching by warning that “The latest CBS News poll, in fact, finds most Americans do not approve of President Biden's handling
‘Trans’ Man Competed Against Girls,
Used Women’s Locker Room...and That's
Not Even the Worst Part
14 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 12/11/2023 4:09:22 PM Post Reply
A biological male who identifies as a “trans woman” shared a changing room with girls ages eight to 16 at a swimming event earlier this month, according to a report from the Toronto Sun. Reportedly, the Swimming Canada-sanctioned event occurred in Barrie, Canada on Dec. 1. The male, Nicholas Cepeda, goes by “Melody Wiseheart” and is reportedly 50 years old. He’s been competing against women since 2019. “We have no idea why it is allowed,” a parent told the outlet. “We know it’s not fair to the girls who are training at their sport and some of whom are hoping for scholarships.”
Following his predecessor: IDF and ISA
killes commander of Hamas’ Shuja'iyya Battalion
14 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 12/11/2023 12:38:25 AM Post Reply
Following precise IDF and ISA intelligence, the IAF killed the new commander of Hamas’ Shuja'iyya Battalion, Emad Krikae. The previous commander of the Hamas battalion had already been killed by the IDF earlier in the war. Since 2019, Krikae had been the Deputy Commander of Hamas’ Shuja'iyya Battalion. He was previously responsible for anti-tank missile training in the Gaza City Brigade. Kirikae was also part of anti-tank missile fire and terrorist raids carried out inside Israeli territory. Following the elimination of the commander of Hamas’ Shuja'iyya Battalion during the war, Krikae temporarily assumed the position of battalion commander before also being killed by the IDF.
Protestors Who Want to See Hamas Survive
Make a Mess of Senate Office Building
13 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 12/11/2023 5:00:33 PM Post Reply
A group of "pro-Palestine" protestors — read: those who are "demanding" a ceasefire that would benefit Hamas and give the Iran-backed terrorists a chance at surviving to launch more October 7-level attacks on innocent Israelis — occupied the atrium of the Hart Senate Office Building just steps from the U.S. Capitol on Monday morning. Their tantrum caused authorities to close the building to the public, allowing only senators and staff to enter the building. [Video] Demonstrators carried banners that claimed "AID TO ISRAEL = BOMBING PALESTINIANS," a creative interpretation of reality that ignores the fact that Hamas terrorists are using Gazans as human shields
Kate Cox: Texas woman in court fight leaves
state for abortion
13 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 12/11/2023 3:38:34 PM Post Reply
A Texas woman who sued the state to get an abortion for her high-risk pregnancy has left the state to have the procedure, her lawyers have said. Kate Cox, 31, sought an abortion after her foetus was diagnosed with trisomy 18, a potentially fatal condition that doctors said threatened her fertility. A lower court granted permission for an abortion, but the Texas Supreme Court put that decision on hold on Friday. Texas has one of the strictest abortion bans in the country. Abortions in the state are prohibited from the point of conception except in rare cases where the life of the expectant mother is under threat.
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