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Pence Allies Launch ’24 Super PAC With
Former VP’s Blessing

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Posted By: Moritz55, 5/16/2023 1:27:28 PM

With his blessing, close friends and longtime allies of former Vice President Mike Pence are standing up a super PAC to support his expected bid for the presidency. And while he has not formally declared his candidacy, the new organization is the clearest sign yet that Pence intends to challenge his old boss, Donald Trump, for the 2024 Republican nomination. It also reflects how they will do it. The new PAC, called “Committed to America,” has hired staff from the establishment machine that bucked Trump in Georgia, and they are preparing to put Trump on the defensive while reintroducing Pence to primary voters, “not as vice president,”


This candidacy won’t go anywhere. What concerns me is that Pence’s presence will distract President Trump and tempt him to focus even more on the past, when he needs to focus more on his plans for the future.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Safari Man 5/16/2023 1:29:42 PM (No. 1470694)
It's just a grift. Sucker people into donating, line your pockets.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Rinktum 5/16/2023 1:47:17 PM (No. 1470710)
No need to introduce Pence. He has made a name for himself that cannot be forgotten. The man is a betrayer. I have zero respect for him and would never vote for him regardless who his opponent was. I am done voting for the lesser of two evils.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Northcross 5/16/2023 1:54:22 PM (No. 1470716)
Pence has allies? A real friend would tell him the truth. His political career is long since over.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: commonsence 5/16/2023 2:02:47 PM (No. 1470724)
The only reply I can come up with is LOL,LOL,LOL,LOL.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: SALady 5/16/2023 2:06:45 PM (No. 1470728)
So is Pence running as a Demon-Rat?!?!?!? He surely has to know he doesn't have a bat's chance in Hades of running as a Republican!!!! Seriously, he won't come in the top 6 in his home state's Republican primary, and won't be in the top 12 in any other state's Republican. He is nothing but a backstabbing Benedict Arnold!!! But I guess that would make him the perfect Demon-Rat candidate!!!
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Flyball Dogs 5/16/2023 2:08:29 PM (No. 1470731)
#1 is correct. The answer is “grift.” There is no other explanation for this kind of money. The only other possibility is they are stupid and completely out of touch. Both scenarios unlikely. Pence’s name should become an adjective: “he’s been “Penced.” (A la “Borked.”)
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Reply 7 - Posted by: enemyofthestate 5/16/2023 2:10:32 PM (No. 1470733)
A non-starter. Pence needs to go back to his radio career. Dittos to OP.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: rochow 5/16/2023 2:15:46 PM (No. 1470736)
Just stay home Pence and enjoy your life. There is no WH for you in the future.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: 49 Ford 5/16/2023 2:30:27 PM (No. 1470741)
Unlike many others on this board I think Mike Pence is a fine man who served honorably and well as vice president. He was the deal second banana for someone like Donald Trump. Accusations of "backstabber!" or "traitor!" have no merit IMO. He did not promise Trump that he would do one thing while pivoting and doing another. Pence performed his constitutional duty as he saw it, and no one can rightly fault him for that. Pence's conservative credentials speak for themselves. That said, I am not sure how well he could hold up under intensive pressure. The religious freedom thing in Indiana (ask poster Udanja99 about that) gives me pause. But if Pence were to honestly best Trump in the primaries I would certainly support him in the general election, and I would ask every responsible citizen to do so as well. Those who would stay home or skip the presidential race if Pence were at the top of the ticket may well get what they ask for - just as the voters in Chicago did last month.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: earlybird 5/16/2023 2:56:57 PM (No. 1470753)
“Ok, Karen dear. What shall we buy with it?” Of course he blesses it, Silly!
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Newtsche 5/16/2023 2:59:40 PM (No. 1470755)
Wow, this afternoon at Lucianne we have Archie comics, SI swimsuit editon, human zero Pence, it's a parade of irrelevance! Check back later for real news.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Muguy 5/16/2023 3:11:24 PM (No. 1470761)
He’s dead in the water.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: EJKrausJr 5/16/2023 3:22:53 PM (No. 1470773)
Pence is pissing into a strong headwind. He has no chance to be either the next VP, nor President. He is burnt toast. But because he is an arrogant fool, he doesn't realize it.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Gordon Mills 5/16/2023 3:26:32 PM (No. 1470778)
The real reason is an attempt to assure that President Donald John Trump cannot be reelected again. Not by winning but by wounding.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: earlybird 5/16/2023 3:49:16 PM (No. 1470786)
How can anyone take seriously this wimp who has accused President Donald John Trump of endangering him and his family on January 6?
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Reply 16 - Posted by: mariboo72 5/16/2023 4:39:09 PM (No. 1470810)
I tend to agree with #9. The people who have disdain for Pence are the same people who still hate Megan Kelly, even though neither of them theoretically hurt Trump. In my view I believe Pence is strong morally but weak politically. I hold nothing against him, but I wouldn't vote for him. He's an establishment politician. We need a fighter and I don't see that in him. He would probably cave to any backlash.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: rocket-j-squirrel 5/16/2023 4:46:08 PM (No. 1470812)
Respectively, #9, I did what you suggest when I voted for McCain and got Clinton for 8 years and we barely squeaked out with Bush over the Sex Poodle Global Climate Freak. I voted for Mitt Romney and got Obama for 8 years of international humiliation. I voted for Trump and his victory scared the ever-lovin' cr@p out of the Swamp. If Judas Pence is our standard bearer, I'll sit this out and let you pick your poison.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: JimBob 5/16/2023 4:46:22 PM (No. 1470813)
I saw Pence speak a couple of times, and he sounded good. However, apparently he will 'fold' when under pressure. Not my candidate. But... way better than either FatMan Christie or The HairSniffer!
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Reply 19 - Posted by: snapper451 5/16/2023 4:55:50 PM (No. 1470817)
Vivek will beat Pence in the primaries. Pence will do worse than Jeb Bush in 2016.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: 3XALADY 5/16/2023 5:06:55 PM (No. 1470823)
Hey, Judas Pence! Your campaign is going to be as important as a phart in a hailstorm.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: 49 Ford 5/16/2023 5:42:25 PM (No. 1470836)
Well # 17, I voted just as you did in those elections, and of course got treated to the same results. But to sit out an election if Trump were to lose fair & square in the primaries makes no sense to me, especially in view of the radical left's ongoing direct assault on our very way of life. McCain, Romney, Bush & co. are completely irrelevant today. My main point is that the stakes are just too high for us to engage in the luxury of "Trump or Bust" I think DJT is a great man, I thank God he was my president and will him if he is nominated. But we just need to have a Plan B in the event Everybody's Favorite Guy, for whatever reason, falls short .
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Reply 22 - Posted by: DVC 5/16/2023 6:36:33 PM (No. 1470869)
Why not just take the money and pile it up and have a bonfire? At least that will provide some useful light and heat for a short while. A hopeless, pointless waste of time. Pence is dead politically.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: Californian 5/16/2023 8:34:38 PM (No. 1470938)
9, there is no universe where Pence beats Trump in the primaries. Or at cards or golf or tic tac toe. Pence is politically dead. Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it isn't so. Have you considered why the vast majority of the L crowd, who are the staunch conservatives any successful Republicans candidate needs to win, loathe and despise this creature? The excuse of "he didn't promise he would support the constitution, clean elections, the duly elected president, save the country from 4-8 years of disaster" does not relieve him of the innate responsibility to do so. He swore to protect the US Constitution and folded like a like cheap suit at the one and only time in 4 years as VP he was needed for anything. He can grift all he wants. He's going to be out of the primaries _fast_. My dog stands a better chance than he does. She's cute. He's betrayed the country.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: ChattyCatsSusan 5/16/2023 9:29:14 PM (No. 1470983)
If he was truly committed to America he would not have stabbed her in the back like he did. Go away Judas.
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The FBI allowed itself to be weaponized for political purposes during the 2016 presidential election. That is the conclusion of special counsel John Durham's damning final report released Monday. It is a sobering conclusion, one strongly supported by the facts in the 306-page report and one that should prompt lawmakers from both parties to clean house at what is supposed to be the nation's premier bastion of law enforcement, not law bending or breaking. The FBI’s 2016 investigation into alleged collusion between Donald Trump's presidential campaign and Russia began with a single unverified account of a months-old conversation in a bar with an unpaid foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign
Pence Allies Launch ’24 Super PAC With
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With his blessing, close friends and longtime allies of former Vice President Mike Pence are standing up a super PAC to support his expected bid for the presidency. And while he has not formally declared his candidacy, the new organization is the clearest sign yet that Pence intends to challenge his old boss, Donald Trump, for the 2024 Republican nomination. It also reflects how they will do it. The new PAC, called “Committed to America,” has hired staff from the establishment machine that bucked Trump in Georgia, and they are preparing to put Trump on the defensive while reintroducing Pence to primary voters, “not as vice president,”
Trump says there 'must be a heavy price
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Former President Trump said Monday that former FBI Director James Comey and Democrats need to be held accountable for spending years investigating alleged collusion between Trump and Russia now that Special Counsel John Durham has released a report that says the Trump-Russia probe never should have been launched. "I, and much more importantly, the American public, have been victims of this long-running and treasonous charade started by the Democrats — started by Comey," Trump told Fox News Digital. "There must be a heavy price to pay for putting our country through this."
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A former aide to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., is now a senior official within the New York State Communist Party. Records, first reported on by The New York Post, show 33-year-old Justine Medina worked for Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign for much of 2020, earning around $35,000. After working for the congresswoman, Medina was named "Co-chair of the New York Communist League" by the People’s World, a publication of the Communist Party. The publication now lists Medina as serving on the Executive Committee of the New York State Communist Party who is also active in the Amazon Labor Union at JFK8.
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Adam Schiff STILL Insists Trump Colluded
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The recently released Durham Report found, “Neither U.S. law enforcement nor the Intelligence Community appears to have possessed any actual evidence of collusion in their holdings at the commencement of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.” Nonetheless, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the former Chairman of the House Select Committee on Intelligence, still insists Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton. “If you read Mr. Durham’s report, what he said is that there wasn’t evidence of collusion before they began the investigation. That’s obviously a very important distinction,” Schiff told The Epoch Times when he was asked about the report. Schiff, who is running for the U.S. Senate
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Former U.S. Attorney General William Barr said during an interview this week that special counsel John Durham’s report on the origins of the FBI’s investigation into former President Donald Trump “vindicated” the former president and that Trump was right from the beginning about what the Left was trying to do to him. Durham’s report found that the FBI had no evidence to support launching the investigation and found “sobering” differences in how the FBI approached the Trump probe compared to other politically sensitive investigations.Barr told Fox News anchor Bret Baier on Tuesday evening that Durham’s report was a “success” because it got to the bottom of what happened
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While appearing at the 34th annual GLAAD Media Awards over the weekend, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre insisted that trans kids are "our kids" and "belong to all of us" in response to what she called "anti-LGBTQ+ legislation." Speaking with the website Jezebel at the event on Saturday, Jean-Pierre, who identifies as "queer," talked about the importance of representation and visibility for young people. She also insisted that there needed to be more moments to "call out" Republican legislation for the sake of trans children. "There are more than 600 pieces of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation out there. A few hundred
Bill Barr Goes after Trump Again 29 replies
Posted by Magnante 5/16/2023 8:48:57 AM Post Reply
Bill Barr is inserting himself into politics again. And he's doing it in the best way to get fawning media coverage — sniping at his former boss, President Donald J. Trump. Barr issued a statement about Trump: "He does not have the ability for strategic thinking and linear thinking or setting priorities or how to get things done in the system. He will deliver chaos, and if anything lead to a backlash that will set his policies much further back than they otherwise would be." (snip) In his last term in office, Trump provided Middle East peace progress via the Abraham Accords, energy independence, secure borders, economic prosperity,
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Sixty thousand pounds of ammonium nitrate, used as a fertilizer but also in explosives, are missing from a rail shipment that was due to arrive in California from Wyoming.A railcar loaded with 30 tons of the chemical left Cheyenne, Wyoming, on April 12. The car was found to be empty after it arrived two weeks later at a rail stop in the Mojave Desert, according to a short incident report from the explosives firm that made the shipment. The company, Dyno Nobel, made the report May 10 to the federal National Response Center, or NRC.
New York City is SINKING under weight
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poses more threat to the Big Apple than
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New York is sinking fast and new research reveals that real estate developers' 'bigger is better' ethos is the cause. A team from the US Geological Survey and the University of Rhode Island found that the weight of the city's giant skyscrapers is causing the five boroughs to sink one-to-two millimeters yearly. The team analyzed the weight of 1,084,954 buildings constructed across a 302-square-mile city, including over 6,000 skyrises - 247 of which are skyscrapers over 150 feet tall.
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