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The Laughable Pivot Some in the Media
Are Taking Over Trump's Tax Returns

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Posted By: ladydawgfan, 12/31/2022 10:06:51 PM

They have wanted these sensitive documents for years. Donald Trump’s tax returns have been viewed as the Holy Grail of scandal for the Left. It’s the smoking gun they’ve lusted for, and now they came into possession of these documents after a lengthy legal battle between Trump’s lawyers and House Democrats. The Supreme Court failed to intervene after multiple lower courts had ruled against the former president regarding keeping these files under seal. Spencer wrote about it first—and it was a nothing burger. It might have been an even bigger dud than the Russian collusion hoax. Trump’s tax returns from 2015-2020 showed what we all knew about the former president:


This is my dramatic eye roll!!

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Reply 1 - Posted by: downnout 12/31/2022 10:37:19 PM (No. 1368455)
The truth is that the lame stream media keeps Trump on their front page because it sells newspapers/magazines. MSDNC talks about Trump constantly because there is a segment of our society that salivates at the merest hint that “This time we’ve got him!”. They’re pathetic.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: john56 1/1/2023 12:29:55 AM (No. 1368481)
Let's see. Trump owns a bunch of hotels and office buildings. In 2020, hotels and office buildings didn't do well. I sell stuff to hotels. In 2020, my bonus was $0 and I was happy to have my job. I had customers who lost their hotels and investments and had to lay off employees. Yeah, I'm thinking Trump had no income earned that year. Big whoop. Now it's time to see returns of Dem politicians. Including their families and private LLC corporations where it's probably stashed.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: crashnburn 1/1/2023 1:18:36 AM (No. 1368499)
You should have been careful what you wished for, Dems. The DemoniKKKRats have sown the wind, it is now time for them to reap the whirlwind.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Sandpiper 1/1/2023 1:18:44 AM (No. 1368500)
Wait, wait, wait - am I the only one who remembers the calls from celebrities and media figures for people to boycott Trump’s businesses? Didn’t people want to run his businesses out of New York City? Why is anyone surprised he lost money?
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Reply 5 - Posted by: LaVallette 1/1/2023 4:21:12 AM (No. 1368504)
As a very famous Australian Magnate and then richest men in Australia (Kerry Packer, of Consolidated Press) chided a 1991 Australian Senate Committee Inquiry into Press and media Corporate tax affairs in Australia:(paraphrase ) "Anyone who pays more tax than he is legally obliged needs his head read" It is not as if Governments are the best guardians of taxpayer funds nor are they the most prudent when it comes to allocating, spending and accounting of those funds in the PUBLIC, rather than very wasteful partisan political interests. The Tax Laws are made by Australian Parliament and there are so many of them, law upon law, without rescinding of any, that the Tax Code has grown to thousands of pages, so that even the Members of Parliament, House and Senate, nor even the tax bureaucrats themselves have any comprehensive idea what is in them. He and his company, and other companies in Australia, however employ very clever men whose only task is to go through those tax laws and examine them in detail, especially in those matters that effect his and his companies' affairs. and, on their advice concerning the legalities, he then proceeds to take advantage of every legal deductions, claims on losses or the devising of legally sanctioned tax income "minimization" schemes as are authorized under those laws. If they are ALL legal, issues of ethics and morality do not arise. In these circumstance: WHERE IS THE BEEF!!!!!! (small segment)
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Reply 6 - Posted by: NotaBene 1/1/2023 4:55:33 AM (No. 1368507)
It means Trump lost money while serving US. I became wealthy through my 401k during Trump’s peace and prosperity. Biden ended that. It is what you get with a mail order president. The Luciferian cabal really got US.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Richard from Norwood 1/1/2023 6:06:56 AM (No. 1368516)
In reply to others and a special one to No.5. e.g. You have a potential tax bill of $1,000,000.00 that you will have to pay to the government. Therefore you donate $500,000. to something like PBS and you get a $500,000.00 deduction. You then donate $500,000.00 to some other liberal blood-sucking organization, and you get to deduct another $500,000.00. With BOTH of these tax-deductible donations, you can get the possibility that you will get a lot of gratification for these donations and you get, wait for it, a $1,000,000. Ergo you do not have to pay that $1,000,000.00 tax bill. I think the libs out there will have to read this again and again!!!
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Reply 8 - Posted by: DCGIRL 1/1/2023 6:10:02 AM (No. 1368518)
Here's the truth, we don't give a damn anymore. Let's move on and make some serious decisions this year how we can remove Mitch, Ronna, McCarthy, etc. from positions of power.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: RWPollock 1/1/2023 6:15:05 AM (No. 1368520)
The liberals just do not get it..Trump is smarter than they are and he plays their game better than they do!
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Reply 10 - Posted by: planetgeo 1/1/2023 6:23:49 AM (No. 1368525)
The one question that shuts them up: yes, but exactly which tax law did he break?
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Reply 11 - Posted by: walcb 1/1/2023 7:01:50 AM (No. 1368538)
FTA: "Liberals thought they had Trump on Russian collusion, Ukrainian quid pro quo, January 6, and his tax returns—and ended up getting nothing out of it." Oh but they did get something out of it. Because of all of these attacks if you ask the voting public, Would you vote for Trump again?, many will say they are tired of the bickering and would vote for someone else. So, yes, the dims have ended up with something from all of this crap.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Strike3 1/1/2023 8:26:41 AM (No. 1368560)
You know it's nothing but Trump-hatred and political bias when on the day the alleged murderer of the Idaho students was announced, all media outlets were airing the police statement and CNN was bleating about Trump's tax returns. That horrible man made SO much money and took SO many deductions.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: MDConservative 1/1/2023 9:00:37 AM (No. 1368572)
The other meme trotted out is that Trump "used" the tax code and its "loopholes" to minimize his tax liability. Who doesn't? It's the law, i.e. legal.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Rinktum 1/1/2023 9:44:44 AM (No. 1368590)
What this boils down to is that President Trump is an ethical man. We used to have many men like him before situational ethics became the game changer for the corrupt among us. Now they can in their own minds justify anything they want to do. Democrats attempt to destroy a man of integrity because he makes them appear to be exactly what they are, men and women who lack any sense of morality and integrity. They exist in order to facilitate their insatiable greed and wanton corruption. PDT is not perfect but he reveals the depth of corruption that is the standard operating procedure of the established political class both R &D, by the way he conducts himself. His refusal to ignore the fact that they are destroying this country to benefit themselves financially and to usher in their failed, wherever it has been tried, communist agenda. The disgrace is that so many thoughtless Americans are being led like lambs to the slaughter for the sole benefit of the state. If democrats are successful these apathetic fools will wake up and realize they are ruled by soulless overlords. Trump’s America First agenda is going to look pretty good to smart ones among them, but the foolish crowd will quickly take a knee and submit.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Gordon Mills 1/1/2023 10:02:22 AM (No. 1368603)
#3, who's going to take the DemoniKKKRats to task? The r's? Truth is they are no different and afraid to take any action because they do the same things and are fearful it might be exposed.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: JimBob 1/1/2023 10:20:15 AM (No. 1368615)
Someone much smarter than me once wrote: "The Media Scrutinizes someone Rich who becomes a Politician, when they should Scrutinize a Politician who becomes Rich."
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Reply 17 - Posted by: MickTurn 1/1/2023 11:10:22 AM (No. 1368651)
SO Trump took advantage of LEGAL Deductions based on the Laws the Moron Democraps passed, so does no one see how STUPID THIS IS?
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Reply 18 - Posted by: Zigrid 1/1/2023 11:21:50 AM (No. 1368660)
So what did they see?...President Trump is a very savvy businessman who is very rich because of his own hard work...and yes he lent some money to his kids...he's allowed to do that...and probably his grandkids now what intrusion into President Trump's private life is next...another raid on his Mar-A-Largo estate to rifle throw First Lady's personal lingerie drawers and grab electric toys from his 16 year old son's private bedroom...or perhaps steal more golf balls to auction off on eBay...the biden joke of a government is pathetic!!
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Reply 19 - Posted by: TJ54 1/1/2023 11:25:59 AM (No. 1368663)
Idiot journalists would not understand them
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Smartypants1122 1/1/2023 11:28:09 AM (No. 1368665)
President Trump should ask for the salary back that he donated to the country while President
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Reply 21 - Posted by: joew9 1/1/2023 11:45:23 AM (No. 1368671)
You don't use a deduction against your tax bill. It is against your income. So you don't have to pay tax on that portion of your income that you donated to charity. Donating to charity does not overall save you money. Without the deduction a 40% tax rate would result in you keeping 600k of the 1 million and the gov gets 400k. With the deduction you are out the whole 1 million and the gov is out 400k and a charity is up 1 million. So Trump donating 1 million does not save him 1 million on his tax bill. Also, charities often donate in some manner to politicians so it's a way of laundering money into the politicians pockets. For example you could donate to a charity that gives money to Haiti after an earthquake and the proprietors of that charity further launder that money to their pockets and you don't have any complaint because it was your intent to use the charity to launder that contribution to those proprietors in the first place.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: Redwing57 1/1/2023 12:02:26 PM (No. 1368676)
As I recall their goal was to prove through those returns that Trump was in fact not rich at all, that he was a fake. Instead, he was beholding to the Russians who were bankrolling him to appear wealthy. Thus proving he was merely a Russian plant, doing Putin's bidding. And... it's an obvious flop, as we all knew.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: HRJUNIOR 1/1/2023 12:07:54 PM (No. 1368680)
#11, you will not get to vote for President Trump this time. You have already had your chance. He will be back in the office of President of the United States very soon and there will be no election when he comes back. Some of you will just have to hate it.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: fredb 1/1/2023 1:29:33 PM (No. 1368707)
Some suggest that the Democrats actually want Trump to run in 2024, figuring he'll lose as long as they keep making him look bad in the news. Thus anything that supports the 'Trump is bad' narrative is worth doing.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: bighambone 1/1/2023 1:38:41 PM (No. 1368709)
Look after Trump the ultimate political “outsider” was elected President he turned over the workings of his businesses to his sons with the proviso that they not enter into any foreign business deals as long as he was President. Past foreign business deals are where much of Trump’s money came from, so it should not be a surprise that after Trump stopped his businesses from entering new foreign business deals that those businesses would not be so profitable or would sustain losses. On top of that, Trump never took a presidential salary during the four years that he was President so he had no personal income coming from the US Government. All of Trump’s tax returns, business and personal, that the leftist, progressive, and socialist Democrats obtained and released were previously examined and accepted as lawful by the IRS. Also remember that those Trump tax returns had been prepared by expert tax accountants and lawyers hired by Trump in accordance with the tax laws passed by Congress. Clearly the Congressional Democrats failed to find anything unlawful in Trump’s tax returns. So why did the Congressional Democrats publicly release Trump’s tax returns? No doubt so that leftist Democrat aligned tax accountants and lawyers all over the country could mull over Trump’s tax returns and give their own individual politicized opinions of alleged criminal or misleading information that they supposedly found as they mulled over those returns, through the liberal media, and otherwise. Amounting in the end to just another Democrat bogus dirty trick aimed at Trump. By doing that the Democrats managed to set a legal precedent up through the US Supreme Court. So will we see the wimpy Congressional Republicans belch up the intestinal fortitude to obtain and publicly release the income tax returns of prominent Democrat and DC “UniParty” politicians who were involved in allowing that dirty trick and/or who got rich over the years as DC elected officials drawing government provided salaries, no doubt where the real “insider” corrupt criminal activity may well be found?
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Reply 26 - Posted by: Mulhaven 1/1/2023 3:18:18 PM (No. 1368754)
The Trump organization purposely avoided getting new contracts while Trump was in office. They did this to avoid any accusations of corruption. The investigation of his taxes were done for those lean years of business activity. The Trump haters wanted some gossip-feeding accusations against Trump. They are using the years when he purposely, for good reason, basically and drastically reduced his income. His tax returns for those years no doubt reflect that. However, the Democrats could not overcome their endless and vast lust for gossip and gossiping.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: Mulhaven 1/1/2023 3:22:32 PM (No. 1368756)
By the way, Pelosi was the greatest gossiper of them all. She also harbours the greatest hate of Trump.
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An NYPD officer on his first day on the job was stabbed in the head with a machete by a 19-year-old who investigators believe may be an Islamic extremist during New Year's Eve celebrations near Times Square. The attack happened just after 10 p.m. about eight blocks from Times Square, just outside of the high-security zone where thousands of revelers were screened for weapons as they prepared to ring in 2023. Trevor Bickford, 19, of Wells, Maine, allegedly approached the officers on 8th Avenue between 51st and 52nd streets armed with a large knife that he used to slash two of them, Commissioner Keechant Sewell said at an overnight press conference. 
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Why did Republicans underperform during the 2022 mid-terms? That question has become a near-constant point of contention on the right. Was it a candidate quality issue? I’d argue that was certainly the case in several high-profile races, but that’s obviously not the only thing that plagued the GOP. There was also a lack of coherent messaging from leadership, and in many important races, Democrats were simply able to outspend their opponents by large margins. The RNC’s inability to harvest votes and bank early votes didn’t help either. Donald Trump is looking elsewhere for an explanation, though. In an eyebrow-raising rant on Sunday, he appeared to blame pro-lifers for GOP woes.
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Posted by PageTurner 1/2/2023 2:57:24 PM Post Reply
Joe Biden, despite his dodderiness, insists he's up for a second term as president, but the record shows he's a man of semi-retired status. According to the Daily Caller: President Joe Biden spent nearly 40% of 2022 in Delaware, Camp David and vacation destinations. A Daily Caller analysis of Biden’s 2022 public schedule shows that the president spent 92 days or partial days at one of his Delaware properties, and 32 days or partial days at Camp David. Biden also vacationed seven days in South Carolina, five days in Nantucket, and five days in the U.S. Virgin Islands, bringing his total getaway
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