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I’m Impressed – Biden DOJ Assigns
Special Counsel to Investigate Republicans
in Congress and President Trump for Insurrection,
Additionally Investigate Trump for DOJ
Defined Classified Documents and Obstruction

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Posted By: earlybird, 11/18/2022 6:27:24 PM

Okay, first things first. CTH will not play the pretending game or structure the discussion of the special counsel appointments from the MSM references. Instead, we will stick to the facts as they are presented, explain the events as they are factually reflected within the actual documents, and avoid the pretending constructs. DATA Links: (1) Merrick Garland DOJ Statement on Appointment of Special Counsel ~ (2) pdf of Legal Appointment ~ (3) Statement of Jack Smith upon Appointment ~ (4) Transcript of AG Merrick Garland Public Announcement. The overarching Lawfare framework has been transparently created by President Obama’s former White House Legal Counsel and current U.S. Asst Attorney General


Lisa Monaco. Obsms.’s third term. “Nurfr said. Important read via trusted source.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Scribelus 11/18/2022 6:36:47 PM (No. 1337110)
A Democrat lawyer named John Smith? Yeah. Sure.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: WhamDBambam 11/18/2022 6:44:10 PM (No. 1337120)
Mob tactics. Assassination to follow.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: LanceLink1 11/18/2022 6:48:05 PM (No. 1337124)
The walls are closing in again. We'll get him this time......
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Reply 4 - Posted by: NotaBene 11/18/2022 7:14:25 PM (No. 1337159)
The Communists really, really hate US.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua 11/18/2022 7:20:04 PM (No. 1337164)
This is not governing. It is tyranny. Midterm results show that the American voter couldn't care less.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: earlybird 11/18/2022 7:22:14 PM (No. 1337166)
Re Jack Smith’s CV, mock away. Better yet, follow the links. This is not a joke nor is it for drivebys: Jack Smith’s curriculum vitae as a lawyer experienced in international government law, think about tribunals for throwing government, then becomes a clarifying skillset. Think of it like the legal ideology of the United Nations (democracy as defined by progressives) prosecuting members of the United States government for acts of rebellion under the framework of a constitutional republican form of government they abhor. That’s Jack Smith. But wait, there’s more. 2018: US lawyer Jack Smith has been appointed as the new Specialist Prosecutor at the The Hague-based Kosovo Specialist Chambers after the departure of his predecessor raised concerns that cases could be delayed.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: FL_Absentee_Voter 11/18/2022 7:29:17 PM (No. 1337174)
And through it all, there will be selected "leaks" of incriminating evidence that the media will breathlessly run with - all of which will be disproven after the damage is done. You gotta hand it to the dems.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: stablemoney 11/18/2022 7:36:37 PM (No. 1337182)
The special counsel is also targeting Republican House members. A few indictments could flip the House.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: jasmine 11/18/2022 8:08:25 PM (No. 1337200)
Right in keeping with what Biden said earlier this week when he bragged he'll "make sure" Donald Trump doesn't become president again. Who knew a sitting president was authorized to "make sure" a political rival cannot or will not be re-elected? That's not how free and fair elections work. Millions of Americans aren't sure the 2020 and 2022 elections were free and fair. Why would this president believe he can prevent Donald Trump from returning to the White House...and then announce it to the American people?
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Rinktum 11/18/2022 8:57:38 PM (No. 1337223)
We re living in a very dark period in our country. When integrity gives way to systemic corruption, we are in deep trouble. The people running this country are depraved. The problem appears to be that the good guys in Washington DC are outnumbered and just can’t catch a break. They seem to be aways playing legal catch up as if they are unable to strategize in any meaningful manner to thwart the lawfare that the administration is waging again us. Many times, I would scoff as others would tell me that democrats are going to prevent Donald Trump from running for re-election. Now, I am not so sure. Just when I think democrats can’t possibly get any worse, they prove me wrong. However, it’s getting serious now. I am afraid the Republic truly is in grave danger.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: montwoodcliff 11/18/2022 9:41:56 PM (No. 1337247)
I don’t know about all of you , but I am both scared and truly ticked off.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Sully 11/18/2022 10:03:59 PM (No. 1337249)
This is blatant corruption made subtle only through its legal tedium. You do know Donald Trump is the only candidate who can possibly defeat this corruption, right? He has to defeat it or it will be victorious and grow in power. DeSantis' role in the 2024 election, if he has one, is to ensure that we have voter integrity in the broken swing states. I don't care how he does it.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: MDConservative 11/18/2022 10:56:18 PM (No. 1337270)
Who couldn't see this coming? C'mon, the UNIPARTY made a huge investment in dumping Trump in '20. Napoleon's not going to be allowed back from Elbe.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: judy 11/18/2022 11:16:23 PM (No. 1337277)
Republicans should have stopped the 54 million $$$ Mueller mess …they were silent. One sided justice is socialism. The Dems have 2 years to completely destroy our country. The last 2 have been disastrous. 7 million more republicans than Dems voted in the last election in an attempt to bring the country back. They’ve been investigating Trump since he announced his first run for President…they found nothing. Ole Liz couldn’t get him so Garland will try. Very few Republicans have stood up to voice their concerns.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: PCMM 11/18/2022 11:34:42 PM (No. 1337288)
The USA is dead.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: judy 11/18/2022 11:48:29 PM (No. 1337297)
I’m very concerned for our country …we have one sided justice & one sided media .
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Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake responded to speculation that she could be a conservative star if she pivots away from former President Donald Trump, who had endorsed her. “If she concedes graciously in the coming days and weeks, then I think there could be a path for her in the future in politics in Arizona,” political consultant Lorna Romero told the Washington Examiner (snip)t “it still seems like she is mulling over a potential lawsuit over the way Maricopa County handled the election” and if Lake “goes down that route, I think she will forever be branded as a Trump-type candidate.” (snip) Lake responded: “Never.”
I’m Impressed – Biden DOJ Assigns
Special Counsel to Investigate Republicans
in Congress and President Trump for Insurrection,
Additionally Investigate Trump for DOJ
Defined Classified Documents and Obstruction
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Posted by earlybird 11/18/2022 6:27:24 PM Post Reply
Okay, first things first. CTH will not play the pretending game or structure the discussion of the special counsel appointments from the MSM references. Instead, we will stick to the facts as they are presented, explain the events as they are factually reflected within the actual documents, and avoid the pretending constructs. DATA Links: (1) Merrick Garland DOJ Statement on Appointment of Special Counsel ~ (2) pdf of Legal Appointment ~ (3) Statement of Jack Smith upon Appointment ~ (4) Transcript of AG Merrick Garland Public Announcement. The overarching Lawfare framework has been transparently created by President Obama’s former White House Legal Counsel and current U.S. Asst Attorney General
White House Attacks GOP Probe Into Biden
Family Business Dealings, Claiming ‘Long-Debunked
Conspiracy Theories’
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The White House has pushed back against the newly-announced Republican probe into President Joe Biden’s alleged involvement in his son Hunter’s foreign business dealings, claiming that the investigation is a politically-motivated rehashing of “long-debunked conspiracy theories.” It comes as Reps. James Comer (R-Ky.) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) announced on Nov. 17 that the House Oversight Committee will investigate whether the president was involved in his son’s business dealings, claims that the elder Biden has denied. Comer, who is the incoming chairman of the Oversight Committee, said at a press conference that, contrary to the president’s claims, whistleblower evidence shows that he was directly involved in his son Hunter’s international business dealings.
Check Out The Elites Tied Up With FTX
Con Artist And Mega-Democrat Donor Sam Bankman-Fried
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Not that long ago, Sam Bankman-Fried was on top of the world. Sporting a net worth of approximately $15.6 billion, Bankman-Fried was the CEO of FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange platform launched in 2019 that had accumulated more than a million consumers by 2022. At 30 years old, he was extremely successful — that is, until last week when he was exposed as a con artist. (snip)While riding high as a crypto bro, Bankman-Fried utilized his fortunes to finance both left-wing causes and Democrat candidates. During the 2022 midterms, he was the second-largest donor to Democrat candidates, spending roughly $37 million throughout the election cycle. Among the beneficiaries of his mega-dollar
Election Over, Washington Post Quietly
Reports Construct of FBI Top Secret Narrative
Around Trump Mar-a-Lago Documents Was False
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Posted by earlybird 11/18/2022 12:02:42 PM Post Reply
Go figure. If you read between the lines of the Washington Post’s current description of the “classified” documents, as noted by anonymous federal officials connected to the investigation, the ‘classified‘ documents in context were personal correspondence between President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un about the need to chill out on the nuclear stuff. President Trump considered these types of papers personal mementos, while the administrative state -seeking to weaponize the DOJ/FBI for maximum political damage and narrative engineering- considered them top secret national security documents. The election is over, so the narrative is no longer needed. Narrative dropped… (Via WaPo) – Federal agents and prosecutors have come to believe former president
Jan. 6 panel hits back at Pence over new interview 10 replies
Posted by earlybird 11/17/2022 11:30:12 PM Post Reply
The House Jan. 6 committee on Wednesday pushed back on former Vice President Mike Pence after he described the panel as “partisan” during an interview with CBS that aired earlier in the day. Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), the panel’s chair, and Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), who serves as vice chair, in a joint statement criticized Pence’s comments as “not accurate,” while praising his actions the day of the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021. “The Select Committee has proceeded respectfully and responsibly in our engagement with Vice President Pence, so it is disappointing that he is misrepresenting the nature of our investigation while giving interviews to promote his new book,”
This Fudd’s a Dud 0 replies
Posted by earlybird 11/17/2022 8:24:13 PM Post Reply
Many Democrats this year hoped to break the tie in the U.S. Senate by winning a number of vulnerable GOP-held seats in states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin that had voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020. While the latter two voted for Joe Biden by narrow margins in 2020, the Buckeye State went for Trump by 8 percentage points. Still, Representative Tim Ryan from the 13th Congressional District in northeastern Ohio’s Mahoning Valley figured it was his turn. One reason may have been the state GOP’s redistricting, which resulted in the dismembering of his district such that it lost Democratic voters from Akron and surrounding Summit County.
Investigators see ego, not money, as Trump’s
motive on classified papers
12 replies
Posted by earlybird 11/17/2022 5:22:01 PM Post Reply
Federal agents and prosecutors have come to believe former president Donald Trump’s motive for allegedly taking and keeping classified documents was largely his ego and a desire to hold on to the materials as trophies or mementos, according to people familiar with the matter. (snip) That review has not found any apparent business advantage to the types of classified information in Trump’s possession,(snip[) FBI interviews with witnesses so far, they said, also do not point to any nefarious effort by Trump to leverage, sell or use the government secrets. Instead, the former president seemed motivated by a more basic desire not to give up what he believed was his property,
Chairman Xi Jinping Deploys Rarely Seen
Linguistic Weapon at G20 That Shrinks
Justin from Canada
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Posted by earlybird 11/17/2022 1:53:17 PM Post Reply
If you have not watched this video, you really should. Justin from Canada leaked the content of a private bilateral conversation with Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping to the media. Chairman Xi was not happy with the breach of diplomatic protocol. What makes this video remarkable is the purposeful decision by Chairman Xi to confront Justin from Canada in front of a western audience. Xi never speaks directly in public and is always aware of cameras. The Chinese Chairman almost always goes through spokespeople to relay his public communication, reserving his voice for controlled and disciplined conversation with national leaders. However, not this time. Chairman Xi dresses down
Gingrich on Trump’s 2024 Bid: Trump
Will ‘Do Very, Very Well’ If He Focuses
on Future
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Posted by earlybird 11/17/2022 10:55:22 AM Post Reply
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich says that former President Donald Trump would have a good shot in his third presidential bid if he puts his focus on the future rather than the past. The former president, after months of hinting at a 2024 run, formally announced his bid on Nov. 15 in a prime-time speech at his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida, outlining a vision for “America’s comeback” that includes stronger foreign policy, lower taxes, fewer regulations, and supply chain independence. (snip) “If he is a candidate focused on the future, and he’s a candidate focused on big solutions, and he’s a candidate focused on bringing us together, he will do very, very well,”
Hobbs’s Lead Over Lake Narrows in Arizona
Gubernatorial Race
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Posted by earlybird 11/17/2022 12:17:39 AM Post Reply
Republican Kari Lake has narrowed Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs’s lead in the state’s race for governor in a Nov. 15 update. Hobbs’s lead of 19,382 narrowed to 17,249, according to unofficial results from the office of Hobbs, a Democrat, based on new reports from Maricopa County and other jurisdictions. Hobbs gained nearly 9,700 votes in the new tranche, while Lake gained 11,829. Hobbs now has 1.276 million votes, while Lake now has 1.259 million. The margin between the candidates is about 0.6 percent, close to recount territory. Under a new Arizona law, a recount is triggered if the margin is at or below 0.5 percent when all the votes are counted.
Trump-supporting congressman challenges Manchin 5 replies
Posted by earlybird 11/16/2022 5:01:25 PM Post Reply
Make room Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. The Republican Cuban-American Caucus in the Senate may expand as West Virginia Congressman Alex Mooney announced he is going to take on Joe Manchin, D-Joe Manchin, in the 2024 election. Mooney's mom is a Cuban refugee who fled ahead of being imprisoned after the Bay of Pigs. He is a Maryland refugee having served as that state's Republican chairman. But he became part of the Republican exodus from DC and Maryland to West Virginia's Eastern Panhandle, They helped flip the deeply blue state red.(snip) Mooney persevered. He just won his fifth term. He is definitely a Trump supporter.
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Student debtors refuse to pay back loans:
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Stick a fiscal fork in ’em: These student loan debtors are done. As they contend with a second legal setback to President Biden’s estimated $430 billion student debt cancellation plan, some exasperated borrowers told The Post they won’t ever pay another penny toward their massive tabs — regardless of how it might impact their future finances. (Snip) Four distraught debtors, meanwhile, told The Post they’ll become student loan scofflaws amid widespread uncertainty and growing calls for Biden to extend the payment pause yet again.
Michelle Shines the ‘The Light She Carries’ 33 replies
Posted by DW626 11/19/2022 5:33:22 AM Post Reply
Six years out of office, and the Obamas still esteem themselves oracles of racial justice and authorities of truth concerning America’s flaws. As witnessed at the recent unveiling of the Obamas' official White House portraits, in a photo taken in the Oval Office, both Barack and Michelle are positioned shamelessly front and center. Still smarting from the reproof of 2016, the Obamas take any opportunity to publicly defame the character of the political outsider who upset the collective vision Barack hoped Hillary Clinton would set in stone – as well as the people who voted for him.
It’s Time to Speak the Truth About Ukraine 28 replies
Posted by GustoGrabber 11/19/2022 11:42:23 AM Post Reply
Joe Biden, the military-industrial-congressional complex, State Department neocons, the War Party comprised of all Democrats and many corporate Republicans, and Western globalist elites have the United States and NATO in a Ukrainian proxy war against Russia. The warmongers are obsessed with destroying Russia. To achieve it, they are determined to fight to the last Ukrainian. In eight months, Congress has wasted $69 billion of American taxpayer money to fund their proxy war. That’s about $8 billion more than Russia’s entire annual military budget. And to the delight of the American arms industry, there is no end in sight. Biden is soon expected to request another $50 billion.  CORRECTION*
Michelle Obama’s philosophy on marriage:
‘You have to be prepared to have long
stretches of discomfort’
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Posted by NorthernDog 11/19/2022 9:30:23 AM Post Reply
In her new book “The Light We Carry,” Michelle Obama gets personal. The former first lady discusses her dad being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, the importance of nurturing friendships, and the challenges of childcare. She also delves into relationships, not only her own but what she sees happening with the younger generation. In an interview on NPR’s Life Kit podcast, she shares the advice she tells any young adult who asks her about marriage: “You have to be prepared to have long stretches of discomfort,” she said. “And [by] long I mean it lasts for years.” ‘Marriage is never 50/50’
What in the wide, wide world of sports
is going on with the Paul Pelosi story?
27 replies
Posted by Imright 11/19/2022 12:57:30 AM Post Reply
I know they’re going to try to run out the clock on this so they can pull the “What does it matter?” card when Speaker Nancy Pelosi no longer wields Thor’s hammer, but we’ve had to deal with how many years of this woman’s arrogance and running roughshod over truth, decency, justice, and the American way? Oh, no, no no. Inquiring minds have had it up to HERE and it’s time for public questioning and open discussion, even if we’re short on answers at the end.
Biden agrees to pay climate Reparations:
US will pay up to $1BN to compensate developing
countries for global warming - but gas-guzzling
China Won't have to pay into global fund
26 replies
Posted by Imright 11/19/2022 7:00:10 PM Post Reply
The United States will take part in the creation of and contribute to a fund that will pay developing nations to tackle climate change. The fund, negotiated at the United Nations' COP27 Summit, was originally known as a 'loss and damage' fund and had been blocked by previous American administrations.  With a final climate accord already more than a day overdue, representatives of nearly 200 nations were anxious for an agreement they could bill as a step forward in the fight against climate change. 
Republican Murkowski Takes Slight Lead
In Alaska’s Election Results
26 replies
Posted by Imright 11/19/2022 2:56:01 PM Post Reply
10 days after the Midterm Elections, Alaska is still counting votes. However, as the voting comes closer to an end, Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski has taken a slight lead over GOP challenger Kelly Tshibaka by 968 votes. Murkowski has 112,519 votes, 43.3 percent of the total vote share, and Tshibaka has 110,861 votes, 42.7 percent of the votes. Alaska goes by a rank-choice voting system which allows voters to list four candidates who advanced from a jungle primary in order of who they prefer to win. However, if no candidate receives a majority of first-choice votes on Election Day, the counting proceeds to a second round
Report: Senate Republicans Start Amnesty
Talks with DACA Illegal Aliens
22 replies
Posted by Imright 11/19/2022 12:40:18 AM Post Reply
A handful of Senate Republicans reportedly started talks with illegal aliens enrolled in and eligible for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program as House and Senate Democrats, along with corporate special interest allies, hope to pass an amnesty in the lame-duck Congress. This week, DACA illegal aliens and open borders activists descended on Washington, DC, in their efforts to lobby ten Senate Republicans to join Democrats in passing an amnesty — before the GOP takes control of the House — (Snip) According to Politico, Sens. John Cornyn (R-TX), Mike Lee (R-UT), Mike Rounds (R-SD), and Pat Toomey (R-PA) held meetings with DACA illegal aliens to discuss potential amnesty plans.
Bill Barr: DOJ Prosecutors ‘Probably
Have the Basis for Legitimately Indicting’ Trump
21 replies
Posted by Imright 11/19/2022 9:04:44 PM Post Reply
Former Attorney General Bill Barr said Friday on PBS’s “Firing Line” that the Department of Justice seems to “have the basis for legitimately indicting” former President Donald Trump. Partial transcript as follows: BARR: If a former president commits a crime, you know, especially a serious crime, they should be indicted for it. If the Department of Justice can show that these were indeed very sensitive documents, which I think they probably were, and also show that the president consciously was involved in misleading the department, deceiving the government, and playing games after he had received the subpoena for the documents, those are serious charges. That’s serious.
“We Get Maced, Beaten for Singing the
National Anthem” – J6 Political Prisoner
And Veteran Army Combat Medic Billy Chrestman
Writes Heartbreaking Letter To The Gateway
Pundit After Spending Two Years In DC
Gulag Hellhole
20 replies
Posted by Imright 11/19/2022 11:20:09 AM Post Reply
Being detained in the DC gulag for nearly two years in the DC Gulag has taken a toll on J6 political prisoners William Chrestman‘s faith, family, and mental health. In a recent letter to TGP, Chrestman describes the “inhumane” conditions he is subjected to while living in a “third-world hell.” “I feel gross, depressed, and angry about how I’ve been treated. And that’s not even mentioning the violent abuse we J6ers suffer at the hands of racist and hateful corrections officers,” Chrestman wrote. “We get maced for no reason, beaten for singing the National Anthem.”
Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes sentenced
to 11 years in prison for fraud
20 replies
Posted by zephyrgirl 11/19/2022 8:17:26 AM Post Reply
Elizabeth Holmes, the disgraced Theranos founder who was once compared to Steve Jobs before she was convicted of defrauding investors who backed the now-defunct blood-testing company, was sentenced to more than 11 years in prison on Friday. The pregnant Holmes, dressed in a dark blouse and black skirt, was given 135 months behind bars by US District Judge Edward Davila in the same San Jose, Calif., courtroom where a jury convicted her on four counts of investor fraud and conspiracy in January.
Blaming Trump for the Midterms 20 replies
Posted by GustoGrabber 11/19/2022 7:25:33 AM Post Reply
In the days following the 2022 midterms, some self-anointed conservative thought leaders, who were never all that pro-Trump to begin with, have officially thrown the 45th President under the bus. These spineless conservatives have frolicked over to the DeSantis camp in a way that almost seems as if it was choreographed. Just like that, Trump is yesterday’s news -- he is to be discarded and forgotten about. ‘We need to move on from Trump!’ they’ll sheepishly exclaim. To that I say: pathetic… absolutely pathetic. This kind of thinking, to put it euphemistically, is unsound and illogical. While it’s hard to put a positive spin on the mediocre midterm results,
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