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Secrets of Diddy’s billionaire boys
club: Rapper wooed Wall Street elite —
who praised him as ‘genius’ before
sex trafficking probe

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Posted By: FlyRight, 4/1/2024 7:19:20 AM

Sean “Diddy” Combs aggressively marketed himself to the ultra-rich as he turned his edgy rap glamor into a billion-dollar fortune. Billionaires told The Post he would cold email with business proposals, while other Wall Streeters acclaimed him as a “genius” and one CEO of the New York Stock Exchange called him an “inspiration” on a par with the Founding Fathers Diddy’s status as a Wall Street tycoon in his own right was on show in 2006 when he rang the New York Stock Exchange opening bell. Getty Images

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Strike3 4/1/2024 7:52:33 AM (No. 1690308)
It takes a lot of "genius" to make four-letter words rhyme. Any grade-school juvenile delinquent can do that while wearing gold chains around his neck and holding his nine sideways. It's not just Pee Diddy, the entire rap culture is a blight on actual artists and is responsible for much of the attitude problems in young black people.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: franq 4/1/2024 7:53:21 AM (No. 1690309)
I consider myself fortunate, in that I am unfamiliar with any of his work.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: rocket-j-squirrel 4/1/2024 10:45:01 AM (No. 1690435)
Gee, did anybody see Trading Places?
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Reply 4 - Posted by: J. Arthur Brown 4/1/2024 11:29:37 AM (No. 1690491)
What is the difference between "Diddy's" alleged crimes and Hunter Biden's well-documented drug and human trafficking offenses which DOJ has declined to prosecute?
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Reply 5 - Posted by: DVC 4/1/2024 11:40:22 AM (No. 1690506)
"Genius"? Rap is crap.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: DiegoDude 4/1/2024 12:04:19 PM (No. 1690525)
You can't have crap without rap. It'll be fun seeing who "distances themselves" from P Diddys Playhouse.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: LadyVet 4/1/2024 1:33:42 PM (No. 1690582)
Whatever happened to the Epstein list of clients? Did P Daddy convert to Republican or something?
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New York Police Officers Call Out Alvin
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What Americans are learning will change everything. And this secret from Alvin Bragg’s past will leave you speechless. New York City police officers are speaking out after Alvin Bragg tried to defend a new plan not to prosecute so-called “low-level” criminals because of Bragg’s rugged upbringing on the streets of New York “Growing up in Harlem in the 1980s, I saw every side of the criminal justice system from a young age,” Bragg’s memo announcing the new plan to let criminals terrorize New Yorkers read.
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The No Labels group said Thursday it will not field a presidential candidate in November after strategists for the bipartisan organization failed to attract a high-profile centrist willing to seize on the widespread dissatisfaction with President Joe Biden and Donald Trump. “No Labels has always said we would only offer our ballot line to a ticket if we could identify candidates with a credible path to winning the White House,” Nancy Jacobson, the group’s CEO, said in a statement sent out to allies. “No such candidates emerged, so the responsible course of action is for us to stand down.”
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Trump-Endorsed Arizona GOP Senate Candidate Kari Lake raised a record-breaking one million dollars on Wednesday at a Mar-a-Lago fundraiser with President Trump, Roger Stone, and conservative comedian Roseanne Bar in attendance. According to sources who spoke to Breitbart, Ohio Senate candidate Bernie Moreno held the previous record for a non-incumbent of $350,000. Kari Lake has not released fundraising numbers for the first quarter of 2024. However, as The Gateway Pundit reported, Lake announced in January that her campaign raised a whopping $2.2 million in quarter four of 2023 after announcing her candidacy on October 10.
Chef José Andrés alleges Israel targeted
aid workers ‘car by car’ in deadly
airstrike, Israel calls it ‘grave mistake’
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Chef José Andrés, founder of the World Central Kitchen (WCK), accused Israel of targeting his aid staffers “systemically, car by car” when seven of them were killed in an airstrike Monday delivering desperately needed food to hungry Gazans. The Israeli military, meanwhile, said Wednesday that an investigation found that its forces misidentified the aid workers’ vehicles as hostile amid international criticism for the deadly bombing and Israel’s ongoing six-month siege of the enclave. The three WCK vehicles, which included two armored cars and a third unarmored one, were targeted in multiple strikes, killing workers from Australia, Canada, Poland, the UK and the US as well as their Palestinian driver.
Did Trump Really Do That? Progressive
Media Never Tells the Truth
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A recent cartoon on accurately pointed out the deceit of the left which ignores the truth of Biden’s disastrous reign while continuing to distort Trump’s statements. The cartoon shows a man pointing to a chart listing the current Biden chaos in the world saying to his companion, “Can’t you see he’s a total disaster?” The other man wearing a Biden 2024 t-shirt smirks, “Yeah, but Trump said, Grab them by the @$%*#!”. Yes, he did say that, but why? Trump was simply making a point while chatting with a supposed friend about how some women allow stars and celebrities to do anything to them
Six of NYC migrant squatter crew set loose
without bail after gun and drug bust as
neighbors detail chaos on Bronx block
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Six of the eight gun-toting, drug-dealing migrant squatters busted last week in the Bronx were cut loose without bail — as frustrated neighbors said Tuesday that the unruly, noise crew brought nothing but trouble to the block. The NYPD collared the squatters — who set up shop across the street from PS 56 inside a multi-family house on Hull Avenue in the borough’s Norwood section — after one of them pointed a 9 mm CZ pistol at someone on the property last Wednesday night, police officials said.
30% of NYC Property Taxes Are Unpaid with
No Consequences
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Posted by FlyRight 4/1/2024 7:28:31 AM Post Reply
Since the pandemic, more New Yorkers stopped paying their property taxes. It’s attributed to the end of the tax-lien sales program that would go into effect when people didn’t pay their taxes. The notoriously incompetent City Council didn’t renew it. Under that plan, the city was authorized to sell liens on single-family homes and condos after three years of nonpayment; liens on other property types could be sold after one year. They don’t have to and don’t seem to care, or they can’t because New York is bad for business. Inflation and regulations are not mentioned but must be part of the problem.
Hamas-shielding AP went too far 6 replies
Posted by FlyRight 4/1/2024 7:22:55 AM Post Reply
Hamas commander smooches totally objective AP photographer. Never write angry, but this injustice is so outrageous, I might be tempted to think that self-righteous anger is a good thing in this case. But self-righteous anger belongs to God alone for He knows far more than we ever will. So I will stick to my lane and try to deal in a calm manner with the unadulterated evil of the Associated Press. Under leadership no longer moored to facts or objectivity, it has become a worldwide propagandist for Hamas and other Islamic terrorists. Commies, too.
Secrets of Diddy’s billionaire boys
club: Rapper wooed Wall Street elite —
who praised him as ‘genius’ before
sex trafficking probe
7 replies
Posted by FlyRight 4/1/2024 7:19:20 AM Post Reply
Sean “Diddy” Combs aggressively marketed himself to the ultra-rich as he turned his edgy rap glamor into a billion-dollar fortune. Billionaires told The Post he would cold email with business proposals, while other Wall Streeters acclaimed him as a “genius” and one CEO of the New York Stock Exchange called him an “inspiration” on a par with the Founding Fathers Diddy’s status as a Wall Street tycoon in his own right was on show in 2006 when he rang the New York Stock Exchange opening bell. Getty Images
Serial protesters disrupt Easter Mass
at St. Patrick’s with ‘free Palestine’
chants before cops haul them away
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Posted by FlyRight 3/31/2024 3:23:59 PM Post Reply
A trio of attention-seeking protesters — one of whom previously glued his feet to the stands at the US Open as part of a climate change stunt — were cuffed and hauled out of St. Patrick’s Cathedral after disrupting Easter Mass with shouts of “free Palestine” on Saturday night, cops say. Police were called to the iconic Midtown cathedral for complaints about a “disorderly group” just before 9 p.m. The protesters were quickly taken out of the service. Matthew Menzies, 31, John Rozendaal, 63, and Gregory Schwedock, 35, were taken into custody and charged with disruption of religious service, police told The Post.
Bill Maher Mercilessly Drags the Media
for Being Dead Wrong About COVID
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Posted by FlyRight 3/31/2024 3:20:06 PM Post Reply
Bill Maher has made some MSNBC-like tirades in recent weeks. After a winning streak of commentaries bashing his side for coddling pro-Hamas lunatics within the Democratic Party, mocking Biden’s age, and overall voicing his displeasure about how political correctness remains a guiding principle among liberals, Maher must’ve got a note to tone down the left-wing bashing, so he offered a few ‘New Rules’ about how the Biden economy is fine. It’s not, but it didn’t take long for the comedian to turn his fire toward the media and the medical elites who held us hostage over a virus that has now been relegated to flu status regarding treatment.
RESOLVED: Stripe, Substack Demand Financial
Details from Authors
2 replies
Posted by FlyRight 3/28/2024 6:25:28 PM Post Reply
Stripe, the only payment processing and credit card transaction vendor allowed by Substack, has recently begun selectively requiring financial details from certain Substack authors under threat that if those details are not forthcoming then the authors and their Substack-based businesses will no longer be able to process paid subscriptions. Or to put it another way, “thats a nice Substack subscription business you have developed, it would be a shame of something happened to it”. Ergo: Stripe will demonitize those who refuse to allow them to have access to their financial records and details.
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'Death to America,' 'Death to Israel'
chants pour out of Muslim protesters in
Michigan on last day of Ramadan
30 replies
Posted by OhioNick 4/7/2024 6:09:48 PM Post Reply
Protesters in Dearborn, Michigan, shouted "Death to America!" and "Death to Israel!" during an International Al-Quds Day rally held in the town. "Imam Khomeini, who declared the International Al-Quds Day, this is why he would say to pour all of your chants and all of your shouts upon the head of America," Tarek Bazzi, a Michigan-based activist associated with the Hadi institute, said in a video from the rally that was shared by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI). Bazzi’s comments were followed by crowds chanting "Death to America!" in the background.
ABC Actress Jenifer Lewis Says Trump Will
Put Minorities in Camps if Reelected
28 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 4/7/2024 1:36:09 PM Post Reply
Trump Derangement Syndrome is a terrible thing. Funny, but terrible. The dude legit broke people's brains. And the latest case of it comes from ABC actress Jenifer Lewis, known for being Ruby on the show "Black-ish" and Mama Odie in Disney's "The Princess and the Frog." Usually, my boy Stephen Krusier covers the latest cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome, but I found this so ridiculous I'm doing it for him today. In a Thursday radio interview on SiriusXM's "Mornings with Zerlina," Lewis all but had an episode of psychosis,
US Intel Officials Warn of Potential Terrorist
Threat at Mass Gatherings Such as Sports
Stadiums, Concert Venues or Churches
26 replies
Posted by Imright 4/7/2024 8:11:50 AM Post Reply
Joe Biden’s America. US Intel officials are now warning of potential terrorist threats targeting mass gatherings in the United States after ‘ISIS’ terrorists attacked concertgoers in Moscow last month. “Law enforcement officials expressed concern that radicals in the U.S. might respond to ISIS calls for similar attacks in the wake of last month’s deadly terrorist attack at a concert hall in Moscow,” ABC News reported. “The U.S. intelligence bulletin warns that ISIS operatives worldwide and so-called “lone wolves” might respond to recent statements from the terrorist group touting the attack in Russia and encouraging more attacks on public venues —
SAY WHAT? USA Today Claims Biden Has ‘Clamped
Down on Unauthorized Border Crossings’
21 replies
Posted by Imright 4/7/2024 6:08:46 AM Post Reply
It has been fascinating to watch over the last few years as the media, which spent four years relentlessly hammering Trump for anything and everything, does everything it can to protect Biden from even the slightest criticisms. There are even times when the media spin gets so overstretched that they forget themselves and say something so outrageously untrue that it borders on comedy. In this case, USA Today is making the bizarre claim that Biden has ‘clamped down’ on unauthorized border crossings. He has? When?
Massive container ship loses power near
NYC’s Verrazzano Bridge days after Baltimore
Key Bridge disaster
19 replies
Posted by Imright 4/7/2024 4:59:18 PM Post Reply
A massive container ship lost power in the waters around New York City and was brought to a rest near the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge Friday night — less than two weeks after failure on another massive cargo vessel caused it to smash into Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge. The US Coast Guard confirmed that its Vessel Traffic Service received a report that the 89,000-ton M/V Qingdao lost propulsion about 8:30 p.m. as it traversed Kill Van Kull waterway — the shipping lane between Staten Island and Bayonne, New Jersey. An image shared on X by John Konrad, CEO of maritime-focused news outlet gCaptain, shows the 1,100-foot Qingdao floating uncomfortably close
Biden To Force Jewish-Made Products From
Israel To Be Labeled: Report
19 replies
Posted by Imright 4/7/2024 1:12:18 PM Post Reply
President Joe Biden is reportedly preparing to force Jewish made products from Judea and Samaria to be clearly labeled so consumers know where the products are from — a clear sign that the administration wants to enable boycotts. The Financial Times reported that the timing of the new policy is unknown at this point and that it is designed to “increase pressure on Israel” over what Palestinians claim is violence from Israelis who live in Judea and Samaria. The report said that the move from the administration would reverse a policy enacted by President Donald Trump
San Francisco Bill Would Let People Sue
Grocery Stores for Closing Too Quickly
18 replies
Posted by Beardo 4/7/2024 10:31:01 PM Post Reply
The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is considering a remarkable policy that would allow people to sue grocery stores that close too quickly. Earlier this week, Supervisors Dean Preston and Aaron Peskin introduced an ordinance that, if passed, would require grocery stores to provide six months' written notice to the city before closing down. Supermarket operators would also have to make "good faith" efforts to ensure the continued availability of groceries at their shuttered location, either through finding a successor store, helping residents form a grocery co-op, or any other plan they might work out by meeting with city and neighborhood residents.
Joe Biden Shamelessly Invokes Beau Biden
During Key Bridge Visit
17 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 4/7/2024 12:47:35 PM Post Reply
Well, he's done it again. On Friday, Joe Biden visited the site of the collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge in Maryland — the same bridge he claimed he commuted over regularly via rail, even though it has no tracks — and he just couldn't help himself by invoking the death of his son Beau in order to play the empathy card. "Well, to all the families and loved ones who are grieving: I’ve come here to grieve with you. We all are," he said. "It’s not the same, but I know a little bit about what it’s like to lose a piece of your soul — to get that phone call
Biden official Rachel Levine says early
memories were of transgenderism, questioning
biological sex
16 replies
Posted by OhioNick 4/8/2024 12:08:00 AM Post Reply
Department of Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary Rachel Levine opened up about questioning gender identity at a young age, saying transgenderism was part of her "earliest" memories from childhood in an interview. Levine, one of the highest-ranking transgender officials in the government, discussed those memories in an interview with "The Advocate" on Monday.
Nuisance influencer arrested after harassing
female Israeli soldier – starts crying,
‘I’m an American!’
14 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 4/7/2024 4:38:28 PM Post Reply
Self-described “Somalian pirate,” influencer Johnny Somali, a.k.a. Ismael Ramsey Khalid, discovered on Sunday that Israeli police don’t put up with bad behavior from social media divas. The controversial attention seeker was hosting a livestream from Israel when a group of officers arrived on-scene. Eyeing one female officer, Somali played a disrespectful tough guy for his audience. “Oh, you’re a bad b**ch,” he shouted at her. “I swear to god. You’re a bad b**ch. I’ll take you to dinner, I swear to god, I’ll change your life. I’ll change your life, I promise you. You’re a bad b**ch right here. I’ll change your life, baby girl.
Israelis ask if world has forgotten their
hostages six months after the trauma of
Oct. 7
14 replies
Posted by sunset 4/7/2024 1:23:25 AM Post Reply
Liad Gross visits "Hostage Square" every week to remember. During Purim, a usually joyful Jewish holiday that celebrates survival and continuity, she took the unusual approach of dressing up covered in makeup to look bruised and beaten, as if a victim of assault. Six months from Hamas' attack, the deadliest single assault against Jews since the Holocaust, there isn’t much celebrating going on in Israel. On Oct. 7, about 1,200 people were killed and 240 more were dragged to the Gaza Strip as hostages. More than 100 have been released and about 100 are believed to be still alive in captivity.
HORROR: 64-Year-Old New Jersey Man Who
Operates Trump RV Beaten with Sledgehammer,
Airlifted to Hospital with “Significant
Head Injuries”
13 replies
Posted by Imright 4/7/2024 8:47:07 PM Post Reply
A 64-year-old New Jersey man who operates a Trump RV was brutally beaten with a hammer on Friday and airlifted to a local hospital in critical condition. Rocky Granata of Edison, a beloved father and grandfather, was well-known in the region and across the nation for his Trump RV. Granata attended Trump rallies, traveled across the country in his Trump RV and sold merchandise. (Photo) WATCH: (Video)
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