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Fake News: Washington Post tries to do
a hit job on a non-woke bank that loaned
to Trump

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Posted By: PageTurner, 7/28/2023 9:09:25 AM

President Trump has had a lot of ups and downs in his real estate career, which means his relations with banks and credit can be pretty dicey. The matter was made worse for him in the wake of the January 6 protests, where wokester banks outright cut him off. His Trump Organization financial operation however did find a bank that would loan to his organization, a relatively small bank in San Diego called Axos Bank. and that set the Washington Post scrambling to look for some seedy Biden-style corruption. They found nothing. They must have spent some time on this, however, because they ran a story, and had to satisfy themselves with innuendo


The real story is that wokester banks shut out President Trump from loans and the one bank that did loan to him made money.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: wilarrbie 7/28/2023 9:54:17 AM (No. 1522297)
Seems like a nice 'non-woke' bank for those of us looking for where to put our conservative dollars. I save a bunch not buying B&J ice cream.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: PrayerWarrior 7/28/2023 9:56:55 AM (No. 1522299)
There's Old Glory Bank in Oklahoma started by conservatives this July. Larry Elder is on the Board.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: downnout 7/28/2023 10:00:52 AM (No. 1522303)
Perhaps the WaPoo could do an expose on the insane business practices at Silicon Valley Bank and also look into the abdication of oversight by the San Francisco branch head of the Federal Reserve. She was more interested in setting up events for lesbians than watching the shenanigans at SVB.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: SouthernYankee 7/28/2023 10:07:55 AM (No. 1522306)
WaPo is nothing but Pravda on the Potomac. It was bad pre Bezos now it is an organ of the left only.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: FormerDem 7/28/2023 10:21:09 AM (No. 1522314)
imo they are trying to intimidate banks from lending to people whose politics they do not like. This the article can achieve and likely has, despite proving nothing.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Ekim2001 7/28/2023 11:05:36 AM (No. 1522350)
I am sick and tired of people and organizations complaining about being victims. I have never heard any two Republicans agree on the definition of "woke". Using a word that no one can agree on it's definition is breathtakingly stupid. What is the difference between "woke" and liberal. If you believe that non American First patriots use this word you need to have your head examined.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Strike3 7/28/2023 1:09:49 PM (No. 1522458)
We should all do a "Bud Lite" on Amazon to show Bezos that it's not nice to tell lies about Donald Trump just because every other liberal is doing it. I'm starting today. I'm thinking that losing a couple of billion dollars will hurt him worse than it hurt Anheuser-Busch.
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Fake News: Washington Post tries to do
a hit job on a non-woke bank that loaned
to Trump
7 replies
Posted by PageTurner 7/28/2023 9:09:25 AM Post Reply
President Trump has had a lot of ups and downs in his real estate career, which means his relations with banks and credit can be pretty dicey. The matter was made worse for him in the wake of the January 6 protests, where wokester banks outright cut him off. His Trump Organization financial operation however did find a bank that would loan to his organization, a relatively small bank in San Diego called Axos Bank. and that set the Washington Post scrambling to look for some seedy Biden-style corruption. They found nothing. They must have spent some time on this, however, because they ran a story, and had to satisfy themselves with innuendo
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Are the Democrats the only ones with a "Dianne Feinstein" problem, that of entrenched leaders who are visibly shambling apart, yet impossible to remove from power? Sure looks like it, with the sudden seize or freeze up of Senate Minotiry Leader Mitch McConnell yesterday: Here is the tweeted video of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnelll, aged 83 suddenly going silent during a speech: (Snip for tweet) We've seen this sort of incapacity in Feinstein, a 90-year old Democrat whose infirmities should require her to retire from office, and in Democrat Sen. John Fetterman, who cannot plausibly serve in his post-stroke condition, as well in Joe Biden himself,
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When your whole life is about freeloading, and from only the best, what's the problem with bumming a ride on Air Force One? Which is what Prince Harry and his disastrous wife were caught trying to do. Seriously. Here is the story from the New York Post: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tried to hitch a ride back to America on Air Force One after the Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral but were quickly rebuffed. Sources told the Daily Mail Wednesday that it was an immediate no from the White House, adding that the request was a “non-starter.”
Milley's military is blundering again
-- misrouting sensitive U.S. military
communications to some web operator in
... Mali
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Who needs enemies when you've got Gen. Mark Milley running the Pentagon? Here's the latest military fiasco on his watch, as reported by the Financial Times (second link here): Millions of US military emails were misrouted to Mali by a “typographical leak” that exposed highly sensitive information, including diplomatic documents, tax returns, passwords and travel details of senior officers. Despite repeated warnings over a decade, the steady stream of email traffic to the .ML domain, the country identifier for Mali, continues to be the result of people mistyping .MIL, the suffix for all US military email addresses.
Mexican president urges Mexican-American
voters to reject Abbott over border spat
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MEXICO CITY -Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Monday urged Mexican-Americans not to vote for Texas Governor Greg Abbott in response to Texas putting a barrier of orange buoys in the Rio Grande to stop migrants crossing into the United States. Mexico's incoming foreign minister, Alicia Barcena, said last week that the barrier violates a water treaty and may intrude on Mexican territory. "We don't have to do much, just tell our compatriots not to vote for the governor of Texas or for lawmakers of the Republican Party who support these measures," Lopez Obrador said in a press conference when asked about the Texan initiative.
Fake controversy: Leftists try to tell
black artist how she's allowed to use
her music
10 replies
Posted by PageTurner 7/16/2023 10:11:13 AM Post Reply
How's this for a fake controversy generated by wokester identity-politics fanatics? A top country music star named Luke Combs pulled in a number-one hit by singing the 1988 song of a black female folk singer named Tracy Chapman, and instead of celebrating that happy revival, the radical left is out complaining, True to form, the Washington Post has created a fake controversy by quoting a malcontent: To quite a few people, this is cause for yet another celebration in Combs's whirlwind journey as the genre's reigning megastar with 16 consecutive No. 1 hits. But it has also prompted a wave of complicated feelings among some listeners and in the Nashville music community.
A sozzled-looking Joe Biden claims credit
for red-state job creation
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Posted by PageTurner 7/10/2023 10:53:07 AM Post Reply
A few days ago, Americans were treated to this "edifying: spectacle: (Snip for tweet) Joe Biden looks wretched -- sleepy-eyed, strident, bitter, sneering, mirthless, slurry-voiced, and ugly. If this is his best campaign face to the public, he's in a world of trouble. (Snip for screen shots) But that's not nearly as bad as the claim he is making -- that he's somehow creating jobs across the country, and here's this place where he's out waving his magic job wand in Marjorie Taylor Greene's district in Georgia to "prove" it. Since I took office, we've seen over 60 domestic manufacturing announcements, all across the solar supply chain.
Pete Buttigieg 'takes over' the White
House social media feed -- what could
go wrong?
12 replies
Posted by PageTurner 7/7/2023 11:19:25 AM Post Reply
Pete Buttigieg has announced he's taking over the White House social media feed in order to tout Joe Biden's achievements. (Snip for Tweet) What could go wrong. To start with, the plan looks suspiciously close to being part of Biden's presidential campaign re-election strategy, given that Kamala Harris and Gavin Newsom are out touring the country to do the exact same thing. For Pete, that would violate the Hatch Act, which prohibits political campaigning while on the job. But let's put that aside. The front screen shot of the ad is so bad, what with that closeup of Pete with his mouth wide open it looks like a political enemy created it.
Another Bud Light ad falls flat 21 replies
Posted by PageTurner 7/5/2023 9:31:17 AM Post Reply
Bud Light, which reportedly saw a catastrophic drop in sales just prior to the Fourth of July weekend, still doesn't seem to get it. Here's their latest ad, featuring their customers in the act of grunting: [Snip for tweet] They are male, they are hetero, but they aren't exactly classy or uplifting as the cameras focus on a few pot bellies along with grunts away for the cameras. It would seem to go against basic marketing principles, as customers like to feel uplifted about their purchase of a product, which was why Budweiser's Clydesdale horse ads in the past have been so effective.
Russia Mocks Colombians Injured in Ukraine
Pizzeria Bombing: ‘Not the Place to
Taste Ukrainian Cuisine’
2 replies
Posted by PageTurner 7/2/2023 8:16:33 PM Post Reply
The Russian Embassy in Bogotá, Colombia, issued a statement on Wednesday chastising three Colombian nationals for being present this week at a pizzeria in Donetsk, occupied Ukraine, which Russia bombed, suggesting the Colombians seek a more “appropriate” place to “savor Ukrainian cuisine.” On Tuesday, Russian forces bombed Kramatorsk, Donetsk, one of two regions of the eastern Donbas region of Ukraine. Russian strongman Vladimir Putin “annexed” both Donbas regions, Donetsk and Luhansk, in September, along with two other eastern territories, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia, claiming the colonization necessary to fight Nazism and gender ideology. Moscow confirmed that it had conducted strikes over Kramatorsk following the initial reports.
Atlantic writer complains about too many
choices at the grocery store
27 replies
Posted by PageTurner 6/27/2023 12:24:54 PM Post Reply
Leave it up to The Atlantic to tell us we've got too many food choices in a grocery store, and for our own good, we ought to have less. That's pretty much what writer Adam Fleming wrote in his plaintive cry against too much choice at the grocery store. On a recent afternoon, while running errands before I had to pick up my kids from school, I froze in the orange-juice aisle of a big-box store. So many different brands lay before me: Minute Maid, Simply, Tropicana, Dole, Florida’s Natural, Sunny D—not to mention the niche organic labels. And each brand offered juices with various configurations of pulp, vitamins, and concentrate.
Honduras starts El Salvador-style crackdown
on gangs after massacres
2 replies
Posted by PageTurner 6/27/2023 12:20:30 PM Post Reply
Authorities in Honduras have launched an El Salvador-style crackdown and arrested a suspect in a pool hall shooting on Saturday that killed 11 people. Police said they were investigating the possibility the pool hall shooting could be revenge for last week’s gang-related massacre of 46 female inmates, the worst atrocity at a women’s prison in recent memory. The Honduran government has vowed to crack down on gang violence and put curfews in place. On Monday, the military police – who have taken charge of the nation’s prisons – posted photos of male inmates forced to sit in rows, spread-legged and touching, during a raid to seize contraband in one prison.
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Chicago residents sound off on illegal
immigrants in neighborhood: 'They disrespect
us, rob us, harass us'
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Posted by AltaD 7/29/2023 2:39:50 PM Post Reply
Residents of a Chicago-area neighborhood frustrated by the disruptive behaviors of illegal migrants at a local shelter sounded off to city leaders this week. Neighbors said they "no longer [had] any tolerance" for migrants who were loitering, engaging in late-night partying, prostitution, littering and even fighting with community members, CBS2 Chicago reported. Distraught residents told city officials in attendance that the migrants' behavior made them feel unsafe. "I would ask you all to go out there (Snip) One local man threatened that if they didn't address the issue, neighbors would take it into their own hands.
A 2024 Reminder: Ron DeSantisIs the Only
GOP CandidateWho Can Beat Joe Biden
31 replies
Posted by sagman 7/29/2023 7:48:20 PM Post Reply
Faced with a historically unpopular president overseeing a weak economy and promoting left-wing “Bidenomics,” Republicans have a golden opportunity in 2024. The election couldn’t be more winnable. And the only thing that should matter for Republicans is actually winning it. While there is a sense that Donald Trump has become a frontrunner in the Republican primaries, there is just as much of a sense that he can’t win a general election—not anymore. Here's the hard truth: If Trump secures the Republican nomination, Joe Biden will be re-elected. But, if Ron DeSantis becomes the nominee, then the Democrats have little to no chance.
Trump 'May Die in Prison' If He Doesn't
Strike a Deal: Legal Analyst
21 replies
Posted by Imright 7/29/2023 12:14:25 PM Post Reply
Former President Donald Trump "may die in prison given his age" if he "is found guilty and does not strike some kind of a sentencing deal," Paul Collins, a legal studies and political science professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, said on Saturday. In a new superseded indictment unsealed on Thursday, the Department of Justice's (DOJ) special counsel Jack Smith unveiled three additional criminal charges against Trump related to his alleged mishandling of classified documents and his alleged efforts to obstruct investigators' efforts to return them to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). Smith previously indicted Trump on 37 counts, including 31 counts of willful retention of
So what happened to Obama’s chef? 21 replies
Posted by Magnante 7/29/2023 5:14:33 AM Post Reply
Barack Obama was “heartbroken” over the drowning of his chef Tafari Campbell, but has said nary a word about him since he drowned on Sunday. Sasha and Malia Obama flew off to California on Tuesday and Michelle, appropriately dressed in black, played tennis on Wednesday “but only for an hour.” (snip) There has been no obituary for Tafari in any paper, no notification of a funeral -- not even in his hometown paper of Dumfries, VA. (snip) Edgartown, MA police still have not identified the 911 caller, but one story revealed that it was a female.
Dem rep advocates for lesser penalties
for teen criminals, saying 'the brain
doesn't fully mature until at least 25
years old,' but backs medical sex changes
for same age group
20 replies
Posted by Beardo 7/29/2023 12:57:12 PM Post Reply
Rep. Mike Johnson pointed out a rather shocking change in perspective from Democrat California Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee as he headed up the House Judiciary Subcommittee's hearing on "The Dangers and Due Process Violations of 'Gender-Affirming Care' for Children" on Thursday. Lee had previously stated that teens are not fully capable of making permanent, life-altering decisions until their brains fully mature at 25-years-old, but when it comes to sex changes, she apparently is entirely on board with kids making these kinds of decisions at incredibly young ages.
Overheated 20 replies
Posted by Judy W. 7/29/2023 6:24:30 AM Post Reply
This morning I take a crack at debunking the climate narrative and you won’t believe what they haven’t been telling us (Snip) Surely you’ve seen all the climate hysteria lately, and probably seen lots of counter argument. But there are some things they haven’t been telling us, that are in themselves complete explanations for any increased world temperatures we might be living through this summer. It’s not carbon dioxide, as crypto-marxist, faux protest group “Extinction Rebellion” wants you to think: Let’s meet the historic, record-shattering Hunga Tonga volcanic eruption of 2022, which I bet you never heard of.
Backfire Looming – Iowa RNC Coordinates
Snarky Hit Against President Trump During
Remarks at Lincoln Day Dinner
18 replies
Posted by earlybird 7/29/2023 11:07:33 AM Post Reply
The Iowa affiliate of the Republican National Committee (RNC) and the organizers of the RNC Lincoln Day Dinner in Des Moines, thought they would be cute by using a snarky song for the entrance music of President Donald John Trump. Relax, we got this. There are more of us than them, and they hate us for it. Their efforts are laughable and will backfire as base voters are wide-eyed and awake to the Machiavellian constructs the RNC is famous for in their quest to control the illusion of choice. The RNC is as fake and phony as the astroturf under the feet of their manufactured candidates. Here’s President
Joe and Jill Biden finally acknowledge
7th grandchild for most obnoxious reason
17 replies
Posted by Moritz55 7/29/2023 12:01:23 PM Post Reply
For her entire life, four-year-old Navy Joan Roberts has been "she who must not be named." There is no evidence that her father has ever visited her, let alone held her. Her grandparents repeatedly denied her existence and said that they had only "four granddaughters." They even gave their dogs stockings at Christmas rather than Navy, who never even bit one let alone a score of Secret Service agents. As even Democrats began to voice their own shock at the cruelty of the First Couple shunning this child, the Bidens finally relented and recognized her existence, but only barely so.
NBC’s Alexander: It’s ‘On-Brand’
for Biden ‘to Acknowledge His Entire Family’
17 replies
Posted by Imright 7/29/2023 10:29:06 AM Post Reply
On Friday’s edition of NBC’s “Hallie Jackson Now,” NBC News Chief White House Correspondent Peter Alexander reacted to President Joe Biden finally acknowledging the existence of his seventh grandchild in public by stating that “it really is on-brand with the President to acknowledge his entire family, to embrace family,” and stated that the move is partially a move for Biden “to inoculate himself against the criticism” he received for not acknowledging the child. Alexander said that President Biden is “in some ways, trying to inoculate himself against the criticism that he hasn’t been acknowledging this seventh grandchild, now doing it publicly. And it really is on-brand with the President
While Biden Shuts Down U.S. Coal, China’s
Coal Use Surges To Record Levels
17 replies
Posted by Mizz Fixxit 7/29/2023 9:13:41 AM Post Reply
As much as it’s reported that the world is going through a transition away from fossil fuels to wind and solar energy, the data doesn’t support it. The International Energy Agency released its 2023 Coal Market Update on Thursday, which shows that global coal consumption in 2022 rose by 3.3% to a record 8.3 billion tons. While the use of coal in European countries and the United States has declined, those reductions are offset by increases in Asian countries, primarily India and China.
Trump tells Iowa dinner 'there is only
one candidate' who can win back the White
House and voters shouldn't 'take a chance'
on DeSantis - as the only GOP candidate
to point out his legal woes gets Booed offstage
16 replies
Posted by Imright 7/29/2023 2:46:15 AM Post Reply
Former President Donald Trump made a rare appearance at an event with other presidential candidate to tell an Iowa crowd that 'there is only one candidate' who can 'win the election big.' Trump was the final speaker at the Republican Party of Iowa's Lincoln Dinner, which was attended by 13 Republican hopefuls, each only given 10 minutes to speak. It was clear that the ex-president won the crowd - receiving standing ovations and more applause than any other candidate - with the only Republican to bring up Trump's legal turmoil booed offstage.
Judge Noreika Doesn't Seem to Be Buying
Hunter Biden's Excuses, Bans His Lawyers
From Contacting Clerk
16 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 7/29/2023 2:26:51 AM Post Reply
U.S. District Court Judge Maryellen Noreika, who is handling Hunter Biden’s currently defunct plea deal, doesn’t seem too pleased. And why would she be? On Wednesday, she was presented with an absolute circus after the DOJ tried to pass off an unprecedented agreement whereby Hunter Biden would receive near global immunity. Instead of putting that in the plea deal itself, it was buried in a pre-trial diversion agreement for a gun charge. After pressing the two sides, it became clear that a wink-and-nod deal had been formulated whereby the immunity would stand, but wouldn’t be made public as part of the plea.
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