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Bill Barr Predicts Jack Smith will Indict
Trump in August or September (Video)

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Posted By: Imright, 5/20/2023 12:28:52 AM

Former US Attorney General Bill Barr on Thursday predicted Special Counsel Jack Smith will indict Trump in August or September. Jack Smith reportedly has “new and significant evidence” of potential Trump obstruction in the Mar-a-Lago classified documents case.Biden’s Justice Department has nothing on Trump so they are going to try to get him on ‘obstruction’ charges. Jack Smith is also investigating Trump’s effort to raise money off of ‘false claims of election fraud,’ according to a leak to the Washington Post. Federal prosecutors are investigating money raised between November 3, 2020 and January 20, 2021.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: MindMadeUp 5/20/2023 12:40:01 AM (No. 1473518)
How is it that massive evidence of Democrat corruption in the Durham Report and the Hunter Laptop scandal comes out, but Trump is the one they are gonna indict...?
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Reply 2 - Posted by: DVC 5/20/2023 12:40:32 AM (No. 1473519)
For NEW phony and fraudulent political "charges". Just like last time, Trump has the DC criminal class absolutely terrified.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Rhh0nda 5/20/2023 1:15:49 AM (No. 1473529)
I am sick of Wash. D.C. handing me the Bill's for their lawyer fees. I'm done!! Fire them. Take away their security clearances. Make them get real jobs, in the real economy. And YA I'm voting for America 1st! I'm voting for MAGA! I'm voting for Trump!
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Lawsy0 5/20/2023 1:17:48 AM (No. 1473530)
Barr doesn't have a dog in this fight.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Zeek Wolfe 5/20/2023 1:19:37 AM (No. 1473531)
Barr's 15 minutes is over. This self aggrandizing at Trump's expense reeks of a RINO trying to make himself important. He is not!
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Reply 6 - Posted by: smokincol 5/20/2023 2:10:59 AM (No. 1473537)
cannot see any reason to believe anything this RINO says
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Reply 7 - Posted by: HisHandmaiden 5/20/2023 2:42:47 AM (No. 1473541)
‘Bill Barr said Trump had “no business” having his presidential records stored at Mar-a-Lago.’ BB has no business trying to be relevant. He missed that bus months ago. Sadly, another traitor who once tried to fool us. MAGA
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Reply 8 - Posted by: jayjeti 5/20/2023 3:54:19 AM (No. 1473545)
This is one of those "make up a crime" prosecutions. Obstruction implies a crime, and so if the DOJ has nothing on Trump, what's the obstruction? Plus, raising money on election fraud claims -- what is the crime? That's not a criminal matter. The Democrats doing this are disgusting, low moral delinquents.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: FJB 2022 23 24 5/20/2023 4:59:17 AM (No. 1473556)
Bill Barr go away, you were wothless to begin with, so no one cares what you think or opine now!
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Reply 10 - Posted by: judy 5/20/2023 5:03:07 AM (No. 1473559)
Has creepy Barr ever criticized the JD, Biden or Hillary???? His hatred toward Trump is sickening! Barr, the one who came out of retirement to clean up the JD & made it worse by ignoring one sided JD. Soooo Smith is already leaking to Barr?????
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Richard from Norwood 5/20/2023 5:12:11 AM (No. 1473561)
Just two more words; TERM LIMITS. It would be now or never!!!
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Reply 12 - Posted by: DiegoDude 5/20/2023 5:31:30 AM (No. 1473565)
Predicts or knows? I'll put my money on the latter.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: 5 handicap 5/20/2023 6:10:15 AM (No. 1473572)
If there's an outside chance that one can believe anything Laila says, Barr, being the Hack he is, may be part of the plan to make sure people are more accepting of the indictment by getting them use to the possibility early.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Rinktum 5/20/2023 6:19:10 AM (No. 1473576)
The gall of this man is sickening. Barr disgusts me. To make statements on an ongoing investigation is supposed to be a no-no. Right? Isn’t that what they say anytime they are asked to comment when asked? He and his anti-Trump weasels relish speaking out against Trump. Notice Barr gives just enough information to make the news and plant a seed of guilt in the minds of the public. He knows better than this. Much of the Washington swamp is in on this. Either they are rooting for Jack Smith, they are busy working for Jack Smith or they are opining on the inevitability of Trump’s prosecution and arrest and the media lick it up. Jack Smith is just one in a long line of Democrat prosecutors lining up to take a swing at Trump. If one investigation does not get him arrested another one will. It is the worst case of multiple malicious prosecutions I have ever seen and this evil cabal will not stop until they get him put in prison. I am convinced of that. Our government is evil. It is just not some individuals doing some wrong things and making bad decisions. The entire atmosphere is one of malevolence toward any opposition but their main focus is President Trump. They will take care of us later and don’t doubt that or call it hyperbole because that proves you haven’t been paying attention. This cabal Is not playing. This is deadly serious to them. It has moved from the realm of dirty politics to war against any opposition. They will break the law, trample the Constitution, and enable violence to get their way. Nothing is off the table. We are looking at a Constitutional Republic in the rear view mirror. Trump’s head on a spike is the ultimate prize for these anti-American zealots because he represents every patriot in this country who despise what they are doing to us. Democrats know we are a problem and they intend to demoralize us by taking him out because he is the guy standing in the breach defending our way of life. So will they be successful is the $64,000 question. Will we allow these criminals who despise us and this country to take what generations have fought and died to defend or will we go belly up because we won’t make the sacrifice it would take to seriously oppose them? Democrats are pushing us on multiple fronts to take a stand or fold and allow them to destroy this country. It is a wicked strategy but the democrat party are as evil as any enemy we have ever faced. The only thing that will stop them is someone more determined than they are and I am not sure that we are there yet. The rub is that the longer we wait to pushback hard against their lawlessness, the greater the chance that we will fail. Do we have what it takes to destroy this evil that is suffocating the Republic or will we submit to the certain tyranny that is upon us?
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Krause 5/20/2023 7:02:44 AM (No. 1473592)
I’m sure there’s a game plan for what to do, and when, against Trump all the way up to the election. Because, if the Dems lose in 2024, the dem party machinations will be laid bare, for all to see. It’s do or die time for the Dems. It seems there are more dirty people in D.C., than honest ones.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Cynical Backstory 5/20/2023 7:16:18 AM (No. 1473599)
Trump won’t win in 2024. The powers that be positively will not let him and that realization keeps me sad and anxious all the time. The fear and anxiety about our future is so oppressive. Nothing good (truly) this way comes. And yes, Jesus is our salvation but that’s concerning our souls. I worry about our physical existence and the physical existence of my beloved family, friends, culture, country. Oh well, so has every poor slob who’s ever found themselves in a war-torn, famine -wracked country since the beginning of time.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: privateer 5/20/2023 8:02:21 AM (No. 1473624)
PDJT might want to consider building a resort on Elba.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: bpl40 5/20/2023 8:21:18 AM (No. 1473638)
The real danger here is not that Barr is wrong but that he proves to be right. Like Mueller, Smith is a tool of the Deep State. Installed to do their will without regards to facts, evidence (in this case a mountain of it in the Durham report).As this is a pre-election year , it will all end up in the SCOTUS Who, one hopes, has had enough by now.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: chumley 5/20/2023 8:22:24 AM (No. 1473639)
Bill Barr is a corrupt stooge. Any time he says anything, or nothing, look for the cashed check.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua 5/20/2023 9:28:13 AM (No. 1473685)
I see stuff like this and wonder who is screwing Trump more. The Democrats or Republicans? Is Bill Barr some kind of spokesman now? The Mar-a-Lago raid has as much credibility as the Russia collusion hoax. Anymore I ask myself which party I identify with. It certainly is not the Democrats. Problem is it's not the Republicans either. Neither of these parties represent my interests. I look at both parties and see essentially the same thing: Self-serving politicians that can be bought and that's not governing.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: red1066 5/20/2023 9:38:43 AM (No. 1473692)
What obstruction? The FBI raided the house when Trump wasn't even home.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: chagrined 5/20/2023 9:38:59 AM (No. 1473693)
Awww, go blow on your bagpipes you bloviating bozo!
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Reply 23 - Posted by: Safari Man 5/20/2023 10:21:34 AM (No. 1473727)
Barr is DeepState. Who recommended him for AG?
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Reply 24 - Posted by: PrayerWarrior 5/20/2023 10:32:44 AM (No. 1473734)
Look where Barr made this outrageous remark. It was at a CNN Townhall. Is CNN trying to make up for the disastrous townhall meeting where President Trump scored a huge ratings victory? As for the facts, Barr is lying his head off. If Obama can store his presidential records in a warehouse and not been subjected to a raid, then I think President Trump is o.k. with his records at his home and the law says so. Barr knows that. He's a puppet for CNN. Wonder how much moola you get to lie?
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Reply 25 - Posted by: stablemoney 5/20/2023 10:34:36 AM (No. 1473736)
I would think an AG, even a former one, would have the ethics to not comment on an ongoing investigation, recognizing the prejudice that could cause a defendant.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: Starboard_side 5/20/2023 10:42:07 AM (No. 1473740)
Ah, so the new hope is to find a way to link a fundraising during the transition period, when many had very good faith concerns of election? How do they expect people to raise funds for a defense then? President Trump is definitely the most investigated person, likely ever in the United States.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: Zigrid 5/20/2023 11:06:14 AM (No. 1473751)
Com'on...give US your best shot...WE can withstand will coincide with the selection of the republican candidate's meant to discourage WE voters from supporting President Trump....well lots of luck with that one...every time you rats attack President attack US...and WE don't like it and you are increasing our numbers every time you try and hound President Trump....and your little pussy....santimonious is not the answer since he's in bed with the rinos and WE are well aware what's going on as you push him at US....let him stay in Florida...if they'll even have him after how he betrayed our President Trump....just like romney panicking because he has to stand for re/election....with no help from President Trump this time....
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Reply 28 - Posted by: Kate318 5/20/2023 11:14:58 AM (No. 1473756)
“False claims of election fraud??” Wouldn’t they have to prove this? I believe this is the crux of their machinations. They want a public trial to “prove,” once and for all, that the election was not stolen. They are fixated on this claim, and bring it up every chance they get. They know it WAS stolen, and they know WE know it was stolen, so they are attempting to go full 1984 to change that reality. Hang on, Patriots. They are trying to break us by breaking Trump. Don’t let them do it.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: wayneright 5/20/2023 11:16:07 AM (No. 1473757)
Better wake the hell up. You may not like the messenger, but it shows exactly what they are going to do to stop President TRUMP from getting re-elected. What are we going to do about is the question?
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Reply 30 - Posted by: WimeTarmerFable 5/20/2023 11:40:44 AM (No. 1473783)
This is precisely why I am convinced that “Q” was a Deep State Psy-Op. “Trust Sessions, Trust Durham, TRUST BARR!” I don’t think so. He has made it very clear that he is a Deeper, and in it very, very deep!
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Reply 31 - Posted by: udanja99 5/20/2023 12:18:49 PM (No. 1473811)
Barr is just trying to redeem himself after the Durham report showed the world what a spineless useless idiot he is.
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Reply 32 - Posted by: caljeepgirl 5/20/2023 2:54:15 PM (No. 1473868)
Right there with you, #16! Why do I now feel like crying when I wake up every morning?! And, trust me, I am definitely not a crier....
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Reply 33 - Posted by: JackBurton 5/20/2023 2:55:46 PM (No. 1473871)
A friend of mine once coined a word, TFORO, for 'True Facilime of a Rectal Orfice." Bill Barr. TFORO.
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Reply 34 - Posted by: ChattyCatsSusan 5/20/2023 8:09:14 PM (No. 1474012)
Fatface McBagpipes sure isn't hiding his NeverTrump attitude is he? Probably is trying to get in good with the DeSantis bunch who are advising Ron for his campaign. What a slimy toad he truly is. Only good thing he has ever done was to shut Mueller's bogus investigation down in his first week as AG.
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President Trump released a new ad Wednesday morning on YouTube titled “Wolves.” The ad covers the crimes, failures, and dangerous lies of Joe Biden, Democrats and their precious Deep State.From the ad: “Here’s a question for you. Just how far are the radical left and inside the Beltway bandits willing to go to stop him? We all know they hate him for winning the fight to protect life, for exposing their deep state, for draining their precious swamp. And they already know he’ll crush Biden. So like a pack of rabid wolves, they attack.
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President Biden’s dramatic fall at the Air Force Academy commencement underlined a dangerous theme for Democrats: Joe Biden is too old to serve another full term, until he’s 86. He’s already struggling at 80. Three years ago, The New York Times rushed into raising “health questions” for President Trump when he “hesitantly descended” a ramp at the West Point commencement. On Sunday, The Times tippy-toed into the Biden problem in a front-page article titled “Spry Diplomat with Stiff Gait: Aging Leader’s Complex Reality.”
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John Kirby, National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications, denied on Monday the Biden family’s business schemes represent a national security threat despite admitting he had not read the House Oversight Committee report on the matter. In May, the House Oversight Committee’s probe found the Biden family business over the course of several years received at least $10 million from business schemes in Romania and China in return for what appears to be influence peddling. In total, nine Biden family members received payments from the family foreign business ventures, including two of Joe Biden’s grandchildren, the investigation revealed.
Foul: Teen Refugees Kill, Eat Beloved
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Faye the swan was a beloved figure in Manlius, New York, as she plied the town ponds with her cygnets in tow. Her lineage has delighted residents since 1905. But to three refugee teens, she looked like a meal.One day she was simply gone, and once her disappearance was noticed, tips flooded in to police and they eventually arrested 18-year-old Eman Hussan of Syracuse, New York, and two minors, aged 16 and 17, all of whom are natives of Myanmar and attend high school in the area. They had killed the beauty—who did not fight back because she was nesting—and took it home, where they and their families ate it.
Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls Heaven a ‘Fantasy’
— ‘We Won’t See Each Other Again
After We’re Gone’
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Posted by Hazymac 6/7/2023 5:55:37 PM Post Reply
Arnold Schwarzenegger believes there is no difference between heaven and hell because both are simply fantasies. To his mind, once we die that is the end. There is no afterlife and “anyone that tells you something else is a f—ing liar.” The 75-year-old actor gave his views on personal faith to Danny DeVito, 78, during their shared discourse on the topic “What’s in the future for us” for Interview Magazine. According to PEOPLE, the Terminator star said: It reminds me of Howard Stern’s question to me. ‘Tell me, governor, what happens to us when we die?’ I said, ‘Nothing. You’re 6 feet under. Anyone that tells you something else is a f—ing liar.’
Peggy Noonan may be right—and let’s
hope she is
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Posted by DW626 6/6/2023 1:25:31 PM Post Reply
On Monday, David Zuckerman wrote a good piece about Peggy Noonan and her WSJ editorial concerning former President Donald Trump. Noonan argues that electing Donald Trump again would destroy the Republican party. Peggy may be right, and I hope that she is. Trump’s success in 2016 was, in large part, due to the way that he took the mechanisms of the Republican political machine and used them to secure victory. He ran a third-party-style campaign within the structure of the Republican party. The “party” as a corporate entity was against him, but grassroots Republicans in name and philosophy were all in for candidate Donald Trump.
Armenian Men Beat the Crap Out of Antifa
and Far-Left Protestors Outside Glendale,
CA School Board Meeting About Pride Events (VIDEO)
26 replies
Posted by DW626 6/7/2023 6:27:41 AM Post Reply
Armenian men beat the crap out of Antifa thugs and far-left protestors outside of a school board meeting in Glendale, California Tuesday evening. Glendale has a large Armenian-Christian population and they are fed up with the LGBTQ/pride events taking place in elementary schools. According to CBS News, 50 police officers were deployed to break up the massive brawl that erupted around 6 pm local time. These Armenian dads have had enough!
Pence opens presidential bid with denunciation
of Trump over Jan. 6 insurrection and abortion
25 replies
Posted by Imright 6/7/2023 3:32:27 PM Post Reply
ANKENY, Iowa— Former Vice President Mike Pence opened his bid for the Republican nomination for president Wednesday with a firm denunciation of former President Donald Trump, accusing his two-time running mate of abandoning conservative principles and being guilty of dereliction of duty on Jan. 6, 2021. Pence, launching his campaign in a suburb of Des Moines, became the first vice president in modern history to challenge the president under whom he served. He said Trump had disqualified himself when he insisted that Pence had the power to keep him in office — even though he did not. Trump, he said, “endangered my family and everyone at the Capitol”
Mike Pence's ill-starred presidential run 25 replies
Posted by Moritz55 6/6/2023 6:40:58 PM Post Reply
On paper, has there ever been a more qualified candidate for president than Mike Pence? Twelve years in the House of Representatives, four as governor of Indiana, and four as vice president of the United States. No president in at least the last 30 years has come to office with that kind of resume. And yet Pence, who this week becomes a candidate for the 2024 Republican nomination, is in a nearly impossible situation. Or maybe a totally impossible situation. And it all traces back to his four years with President Donald Trump in the White House — the period that should have set him up
Lululemon CEO Defends Firing Employees
Who Confronted Robbers: ‘Step Back,
Let the Theft Occur’
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Posted by mc squared 6/7/2023 12:23:43 PM Post Reply
Lululemon CEO Calvin McDonald defended the firing of two employees who confronted three masked thieves robbing a Georgia store and called the police, with McDonald saying that company policy is for staff to “let the theft occur” and not try to intervene. “We have a zero-tolerance policy that we train our educators on around engaging during a theft,” McDonald told CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street” on Friday, with “educators” being the company’s way of referring to their employees. “We put the safety of our team, of our guests, front and center. It’s only merchandise,” he added. “They’re trained to step back, let the theft occur, know that there’s technology and there’s cameras
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