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“Omicron Transmission is Likely Facilitated
by The Vaccines”: Dr. Malone Warns That
If We Keep Vaccinating, We Risk Developing
a More “Pathogenic Virus” – (Video)

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Posted By: Imright, 1/25/2022 3:22:35 AM

On Monday, Dr. Robert Malone spoke alongside several other world-renowned doctors and medical experts during a panel discussion that was hosted by Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI),The nearly five-hour-long event, which was titled “Covid-19: A Second Opinion,” saw a wide range of issues discussed, including “the global pandemic response, the current state of knowledge of early and hospital treatment, vaccine efficacy, and safety, what went right, what went wrong, what should be done now, and what needs to be

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Trigger2 1/25/2022 3:27:26 AM (No. 1049907)
I'm sorry I ever listened to Dr. Death last year and got all the vaccines including the savior booster. He wants to kill off the population, that's for sure.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: NotaBene 1/25/2022 3:55:55 AM (No. 1049922)
Senator Ron Johnson is an American hero. I watched the whole 5-hour foundtable. It was mesmerizing. You are killing me Joe!
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Rinktum 1/25/2022 5:45:18 AM (No. 1049962)
#1, I am with you. I will not be caught up in another medical crisis again and I believe there are millions who will not ever trust a word that comes out of any public health official’s mouth again. There will always be questions and there should be. Not to make excuses but the media, as usual, has a lot to answer for. They ginned up the fear with such enthusiasm that it was impossible not to be worried. Clearly, science and politics are not a good mix. One is supposed to deal in facts, data, statistics, and results and the other is well, given to self-serving lies, omission and obfuscation. Not a good mix. I never knew just how untruth doctors could be. Now I know and won’t be taken in again.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Timber Queen 1/25/2022 5:45:58 AM (No. 1049964)
#2 - Truth usually is mesmerizing, especially in a time of mendacity. It will be harder to keep the narrative going as more and more people realize its the vaccines that are fueling the scamdemic. It will also become harder to hide the increase in other-than-covid deaths from strokes, cancer, heart attacks and neurological difficulties. I believe we are seeing the dawn of the day of reckoning. Too bad public stocks and rotten vegetables are no longer in style.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Alnaschar 1/25/2022 6:46:26 AM (No. 1049994)
IowaDad where are you? We need more misinformation! The truth hurts so bad!
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Reply 6 - Posted by: F15 Gork 1/25/2022 6:47:20 AM (No. 1049996)
As Nancy Reagan used to say.....”Just say no”. Oh, and by the way, FJB!
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Reply 7 - Posted by: skacmar 1/25/2022 6:54:46 AM (No. 1050003)
Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites will certainly lock out this information tighter than a drum. Biden/Fauci will keep their blinders on to any scientific evidence they don't agree with. This information about the vaccine facilitating Covid transmission needs to be shouted from the roof tops.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: stablemoney 1/25/2022 6:55:46 AM (No. 1050004)
The vaccines are what is killing us. Trump should drop his advice on getting vaxxed. The time is almost here when he is not going to want to take credit for these "vaccines".
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Reply 9 - Posted by: udanja99 1/25/2022 7:12:31 AM (No. 1050021)
I’m SO glad that I listened to Drs. Tenpenny, Coleman, Mercola, et al a year ago. Permanent member of the control group, as is my entire family.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 1/25/2022 7:39:02 AM (No. 1050041)
The truly evil part of this entire self-made pandemic was that American academia and military helped the chicoms perform the gain of function research for the covid retrovirus that was released onto the world. And so did Canada. And for what/who - the Great Reset crowd? US Army - Fort Detrick, University of Texas, and Canada, your National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg, perhaps you can all comment? And Fauci aka Dr. Death, you, too, pal.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Venturer 1/25/2022 7:57:12 AM (No. 1050063)
Fighting a Spike Protein that mutates with a Spike Protein that mutates.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Bluefindad 1/25/2022 8:48:43 AM (No. 1050141)
We were ready to get vaccinated early last year. Everyone in our senior age group was similarly inclined. After all, we had taken vaccines all our life and never had any problems or suffered from the diseases the vaccines guarded against. I'd inquired about availability and got on a priority list because of age. Then, things began to unravel. I read about the new approach embodied in the vaccine. My background in biology cautioned me, "Is it reasonable to accept that an mRNA injection that causes your own cells to manufacture a toxic spike protein that attaches to your cells and causes them to be attacked by your immune system a good approach? What mechanism causes the spike manufacturing to shut off? How can you be sure the proteins will not run amok and cause grievous damage?" My wife was not as concerned about the biology. However, a friend sickened and died a couple of weeks after getting his second jab, and that scared her. So we held off to see what would happen. We knew the trials had not been long enough or thorough enough and the disease was not serious enough to warrant the use of experimental drugs on the entire population. In the meantime, all of the people in our church small group got vaccinated. We were alarmed that some of them exhibited a joy and relief that almost seemed like a baptism experience. We felt like outliers at the time but, like a marine pilot said on Tucker last night, the holy spirit had simply not given us comfort in the decision to get jabbed. The thing that finally caused us to resolve to stay in the unvaccinated control group was the massive censorship of Vax-dissenting opinions by the consortium of big tech, the media and government. Censorship of information always implies lying. By silencing the voices of dissent, they ensured suspicion of their motives.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: thethirdruffian 1/25/2022 9:02:11 AM (No. 1050153)
Anytime bad people push something so hard and so coercively, you know it’s bad. And when the illogically censor something common sense tells you is true — for example, natural immunity from past infection works great — it’s hard knowledge that they have some other agenda. Still don’t know what the agenda is, but I know it’s not good for me.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Speedypetey 1/25/2022 9:20:59 AM (No. 1050168)
And why are the Regeneron and Eli Lily monoclonal antibody infusions are being blocked by the political elites and career bureaucrats. Because these therapeutic protocols for the few percent that experience worsening symptoms work well. Same as Ivermectin, Hydrochloroquine and Quercetin. Think!
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Reply 15 - Posted by: red1066 1/25/2022 9:31:26 AM (No. 1050177)
Maybe that's the end game of the Davos crowd. Too many people on the planet. We have to thin the herd.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: crashnburn 1/25/2022 9:47:05 AM (No. 1050196)
Fortunately, I had awakened to the dangers of the CoVid-19 death jab before I had my annual physical exam, so I could resist my charlatan doctor's claim that it was safe and effective. He didn't just lie about that. He tried to bully, browbeat, and bullshit me by saying everything I'd read, even what was finally showing up in the VAERS website was bullshit. The only bullshit in that room was what he was saying. I just wonder how much J&J, Pfizer, and Moderna stock he owned at the time. There's a lot of room for corruption in a $2000 a shot drug that was developed on government money and carries no liability against adverse effects. The irony is that as he was trying to beat me into submission to get the shot my wife was already suffering from Creutzfeldt-Jacobs Disease. (It rots your brain and has no known cure) brought on by her second Moderna shot. Ironically, she didn't need the shot, and neither do I, as we had both had the Wuhan flu in mid-November 2019, and are thus immune from it, and any of its variants.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: bigfatslob 1/25/2022 10:25:08 AM (No. 1050246)
So, the vaxxed are the super spreaders. I always said I can't wait until the 5 shot vaxxers start blaming the 3 shot vaxxers and leave the unvaccinated, like me, alone. I reject the poison for my own safety now I'll take my chances with the virus or a Russian nuclear bomb at this time. FJB
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Reply 18 - Posted by: Imright 1/25/2022 10:32:07 AM (No. 1050255)
OANN has announced that they will be replaying the entire segment...."Sen. Johnson hosts experts for discussion on U.S. COVID-19 response". It was a riveting show to watch. Frightening. Here's a link to the video of the discussion:
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Reply 19 - Posted by: NotaBene 1/25/2022 11:19:57 AM (No. 1050323)
Science dies when used for political ends. Scientists lied about second hand smoke and we thought the ends justified the means. Then came the Global Warming lie and now we end up with vaccine passports, tyranny and population culling.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Zigrid 1/25/2022 11:25:30 AM (No. 1050335)
Thank you Dr. Malone and your accomplished's time to call big Pharma in and have a discussion...when did they know...and what did they know...just as fauci is their front now the world health organization must be held to blame...they let china foist this nightmare on the world...china wanted to bring the American economy to it's was the only way they could compete with U S...strangle hold private business and mask and shutdown Americans....and fauci helped them along...the doctor of death killed millions around the world...and he shall pay for this world...or the next...
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Reply 21 - Posted by: Golden Goose 1/25/2022 11:28:55 AM (No. 1050345)
Now that their narrative is already crumbling badly, it should improve the odds that Dr. Malone will not die a mysterious death.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: thatsomewhereplace 1/25/2022 11:40:25 AM (No. 1050370)
I am not a scientist. Just an ordinary citizen who's mighty tired of all the flim flam issued by our various health departments/whiz kids. Have always wondered why, say, the CDC would issue a statement and then a day or week after, rescind it. Or some other entity would go against the CDC. Foucheee would make predictions, give instructions right around a holiday about the impending doom...this winter was going to be one of worst predicting great sickness and death. Oh please, Faouhie, we see right through you. Now Dr. Malone is able to have a discussion and reveal the truth about covid. One post I read suggested Dr. Malone was angry because the flim flam put his theories down. So, to make a long post short. Thank you Dr. Malone. Thanks to the conference in which he stated the obvious (which I understand). I feel vindicated for believing. A
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Reply 23 - Posted by: DVC 1/25/2022 11:46:22 AM (No. 1050378)
My wife and I chose not to get vaccinated in about Feb of 2021, after I had read as much as I could find about these mRNA shots, and initially felt uncomfortable about them. They were CLEARLY not any sort of a normal vaccine. My initial problem was dose control. I did not like that your own cells were ordered to produce spike proteins.....but HOW MUCH spike proteins would be produced? Where is the dose control? It seemed open ended and uncontrolled. A normal vaccine gives a measured, tested dose of a specific antigen, not instructions to make the antigen in potentially massive, and entirely uncontrolled quantities. Soon enough, smart doctors like Dr. Lee Merritt, pointed out that ADE had happened in testing all previous mRNA research vaccines, and 100% of the lab animals had died when challenged with the target virus. The farther we go down this road, the better our decision to 'wait and see' on these "not a vaccine" mRNA shots seems. Way past "wait and see" now, well into "no possible way to get me to take it".
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Reply 24 - Posted by: zephyrgirl 1/25/2022 12:17:54 PM (No. 1050422)
My natural caution about new medicines, treatments and vaccines has served me well over the years. When the COVID vaccines were rolled out after a very short clinical trial, I decided that I'd wait and see what happened. OTH, my DH went and got vaccinated as soon as he was eligible (to my surprise as he's usually more cautious than I). Luckily, he had no ill effects for which we are both grateful. Since that time, he's regretted getting vaccinated and worries about the long-term effects on his immune system. He's decided against boosters. Every day that goes by, my "wait and see" period gets longer - at first, it was six months, now a year or more. When the medical propaganda minestry finally admitted that blood clots were a possible side effect, and that the vaccines don't prevent infection and transmission, I took it as a sign that there are some very disturbing statistics that they're hiding. Still, the politicians push for younger and younger victims. At this point, I only have faith in my own common sense and its source: God almighty.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: DVC 1/25/2022 12:55:00 PM (No. 1050465)
Re #12: I can very much relate to your post. My background is not in biology, it's engineering, but I have had a cellular biology research scientist as a friend since college, and we have discussed his research for decades - forcing a certain level of understanding just to carry on an intelligent conversation. And I helped build some of his lab apparatus, so had to understand that, too. When you make a Western Blot apparatus, you need to know how it works and what it does. Then I organized and managed a series of research projects in the biosciences, forcing more education, again by Phd experts. Of your "thoughts" these two struck strong chords. The post said: "What mechanism causes the spike manufacturing to shut off? How can you be sure the proteins will not run amok and cause grievous damage?" Especially, the "what mechanism causes the spike manufacture to shut off?" I asked that of my cellular biologist friend and he said something vague like "RNA doesn't last a long time in the body". NOT satisfying. in fact, I hypothesize that those with the worst vaccine injuries may have dysfunctional RNA cutting enzymes, so get a super-dose of spike proteins. Good to hear that someone with a better bio background than mine was asking some of the same questions at that time, and also decided to "hold off" on the shots. All my old friends rushed right out and got their shots, some even crossing state lines and using a friend's address to get it sooner.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: planetgeo 1/25/2022 1:57:20 PM (No. 1050532)
Dr. Malone's conjecture that the boosters may actually INCREASE one's chances of getting the virus rather than decrease them should be a full Drudge "spinning lights & siren headline". This isn't some podcast entertainer or blogger but perhaps the most knowledgeable person on the planet regarding mRNA. At a minimum, it should immediately result in a suspension of all mandates regarding boosters until a thorough independent review of world statistics to date and genuine control studies are done. As others have stated, the mere fact that efforts have been made to suppress Dr. Malone's observations, as well as the cancelling of other reputable experts, legitimately raises the question of motive and intent to any such efforts.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: danu 1/25/2022 4:18:07 PM (No. 1050677)
I agree. However, will this new pathogen be worse than those picked up and carried back here by US olympic athletes? They risk all lives by going there? Specifically, Warroom's Rome correspondent reports : Team Evil have been working on way worse-one or more of which have indeed escaped, and are headed straight for Beijing. The Party animals are ....concerned.....
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Mike Pence reveals he hasn't spoken to
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Posted by Imright 1/28/2022 4:20:57 PM Post Reply
Former Vice President Mike Pence revealed that he has not spoken to former President Trump since last summer. He suggested that Jan. 6, 2021 marked a souring in their relationship. That day, ahead of the Capitol riot, Trump said that Pence 'didn't have the courage' to object to the election results during Congress' certification. Fox News' Jesse Waters asked Pence when the last time he spoke to Trump was on his show Thursday evening. 'You know, we talked last summer,' Pence said. 'And, you know, I've said many times, it was difficult. Jan. 6 was difficult. It was a tragic day in the life of the nation.'
Sarah Palin is caught dining at swanky
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Times was delayed: Manager says he seated
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Hello, Willow! Bidens welcome a pet CAT
into the White House after Jill bonded
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Interrupting a campaign speech certainly doesn't seem like a way to get an invite into the White House, but that's exactly what a two-year-old short-haired tabby has managed to do. A green-eyed, gray and white farm cat made quite the impression on Jill Biden after jumping up on stage and interrupting her remarks during a 2020 campaign stop in her home state Pennsylvania. Now, President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden have finally welcomed Willow, after speaking of a long-promised cat, to their pet family.
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Posted by NorthernDog 1/27/2022 10:04:11 AM Post Reply
SAN FRANCISCO — California State University, the largest-four year university system in the country, is poised to eliminate SAT and ACT standardized tests from its undergraduate admissions process, following a trend in higher education over concerns that the exams are unfair to minority and low-income students. The Board of Trustees for the 23-campus CSU system will vote in March on recommendations to end the testing requirements, which were presented at a meeting Wednesday and met with widespread enthusiasm. (Snip) Critics have long argued that standardized tests put minority and low-income students at a disadvantage, in part because of test questions that
Report: ATF Seizes Firearms from Amish
Dairy Farmer
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Lancaster Online reported Tuesday that agents with Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, (ATF) seized firearms from an Amish farmer in Pennsylvania’s Leacock Township. The seizure of the firearms occurred earlier this month. Lancaster Online indicates the ATF’s action revolved around the farmer, Reuben King, allegedly selling firearms without a license. King admitted that he had sold some firearms, but stressed that they were mostly long guns that other Amish could use for hunting. He noted that he sold some to non-Amish too. He added, “I was not dealing in handguns, positively not.” The Blaze noted that King “[did not] advertise the sale of his guns online and
‘Betraying the American people’: Leaked
video reveals Joe Biden’s ‘hush hush’
migrant invasion
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While Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi go all out to protect Ukraine’s national sovereignty, at the same time they are orchestrating a clandestine invasion of America across the southern border.Two million illegal immigrants from dozens of countries crossed over from Mexico last year, and the Biden administration is facilitating the cartels’ people-smuggling operation — at taxpayer expense.Under cover of darkness, every night the federal government is transporting illegal migrants as fast as it can away from the border on secret charter flights into unsuspecting communities around the country. Officials have lied and obstructed the few journalists who have tried to reveal the truth.
Romney, other Trump critics to raise money
for Liz Cheney re-election effort
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- U.S. Senator Mitt Romney, a leading Republican critic of former President Donald Trump, will help raise money for Representative Liz Cheney, who is fighting for political survival after voting to impeach Trump and contesting his false stolen-election claims. Romney is the featured guest at a March 14 fundraiser for Cheney at the home of Bobbie Kilberg, a well-connected Virginia Republican
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