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Vandals key cars outside NHGOP event at
Concord High; attendee carrying gun draws
heat from school board
Posted by NHChemist 4/16/2024 8:40:27 AM Post Reply
Vandals keyed the cars of at least 10 members of the state Republican Party while the group held its biennial convention inside Concord High School on Saturday. “There’s already too much vitriol in partisan politics,” Party Chair Chris Ager said. Ager said he had heard of as many as two dozen attendees, all parked together, who said they had found key scratches on their cars. “Any acts of violence, or vandalism or vitriol on either side, I don’t think, helps the people of New Hampshire.”
Judge recommends disbarment of attorney
John Eastman over efforts to challenge
2020 election
Posted by NHChemist 3/27/2024 7:57:32 PM Post Reply
A California judge has recommended disbarring attorney John Eastman, determining that he violated ethics rules by pushing former President Donald Trump's election fraud claims. Eastman had supported Trump's claims that mass voter fraud affected the outcome of the presidential election. He further was the architect of the alternate elector scheme in which then-Vice President Mike Pence was to reject the electors from pivotal swing states in favor of pro-Trump slates. Judge Yvette Roland determined that he violated ethics rules in pushing the effort, Politico reported. He may still appeal the decision to the California Supreme Court, though his law license will be inactive during the appeals process.
Latest NH #1 Ranking Begs Question for
Gov. Candidates: Is It ‘Time for a Change?’
Posted by NHChemist 3/20/2024 1:59:00 PM Post Reply
It’s one of Gov. Chris Sununu’s favorite talking points, and now he has the bragging rights to enjoy during his final year in office. New Hampshire has once again been named the best state for taxpayer return on investment (ROI). It’s the ninth consecutive time the Granite State has taken top honors in the analysis conducted by economists and data analysts for (Snip) “Once again, New Hampshire sets the gold standard for efficient government,” Sununu said
Liver Cancer in Teens, Reduced Sexual
Function, Lack of Consent: Internal Docs
Reveal Experimental Nature of ‘Gender-Affirming Care’
Posted by NHChemist 3/5/2024 6:46:50 PM Post Reply
Doctors at the World Professional Association for Transgender Health repeatedly struggled with various side effects of what they call “gender-affirming care,” including cancer in teens, reduced sexual function, and the lack of informed consent for procedures with lifelong impacts, newly unearthed documents reveal. WPATH, a controversial organization that transgender advocates and health agencies use to justify “transgender” medical interventions, frames itself as the leading expert organization on medical care for people who identify as transgender.
Volinsky's Anti-Israel Org Wants NH Democrats
To Write In 'Ceasefire' On Ballots
Posted by NHChemist 1/18/2024 5:16:33 PM Post Reply
President Joe Biden has competition for his ‘meaningless’ write-in campaign. Former Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky is asking his fellow Granite State Democrats to skip writing Biden’s name on their ballots and instead take part in his anti-Israel write-in campaign called “Ceasefire.” Announced Wednesday with a Zoom press conference, Ceasefire is Volinsky’s campaign pushing New Hampshire voters to write in the word “Ceasefire” on their ballots in Tuesday’s Democratic presidential primary. The plan, which may cause headaches for town clerks and election moderators across the state, is meant to protest Biden’s support for Israel in the war with Hamas.
Hundreds of Biden Admin Employees Plan
to Walk Out on Biden In Massive Protest
Posted by NHChemist 1/14/2024 8:03:46 PM Post Reply
Hundreds of Biden Administration employees plan to walk out on their jobs in protest of the president’s support of Israel. According to organizers of the walk-out, U.S. government workers from 22 departments intend to walk off the job on Tuesday to protest the Biden Administration’s support for Israel regarding the war in Gaza. “Feds United for Peace” is reportedly frustrated with the president’s refusal to send aid to Gaza— which has fueled the war in Israel, killing thousands of innocent civilians.
Judge rules federal law banning gun possession
in post offices unconstitutional
Posted by NHChemist 1/13/2024 7:28:29 PM Post Reply
A federal judge has declared that a law banning Americans from possessing guns in postal offices is unconstitutional. U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle in Florida ruled Friday that a landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling from 2022 made the postal office gun ban illegal. As part of the decision, she dismissed part of an indictment charging postal worker Emmanuel Ayala with illegally possessing a gun in a federal building. She said the criminal charge violated Ayala’s 2nd Amendment rights. “The Supreme Court has been clear: the government must point to historical principles that would permit it to prohibit firearms possession in post offices,”
'Nobody cares what Rand Paul thinks':
Sununu on 'Never Nikki' move
Posted by NHChemist 1/12/2024 10:04:08 PM Post Reply
New Hampshire Republican Gov. Chris Sununu on Friday excoriated Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul, who the same day launched a "Never Nikki" initiative against his preferred Republican candidate for president, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley. Paul on Friday launched the anti-Haley campaign, saying "Based on her record and campaign, I don’t see how any thoughtful or informed libertarian or conservative should vote for @NikkiHaley. If you agree, let your voice be heard." "I am #NeverNikki and I hope you will be too," he added.
New Hampshire House approves transgender
surgeries, sports bans
Posted by NHChemist 1/4/2024 9:11:02 PM Post Reply
The New Hampshire House on Thursday voted in favor of banning doctors from performing gender-related surgeries on minors, but not the proscription of other treatments such as hormone therapy. The bill passed in a 199-175 vote, according to The Hill. It next heads to the Republican-controlled Senate. The lower chamber also approved a measure requiring that athletes compete on teams in line with their sex. Twenty-two states have enacted bans on transgender surgeries for minors, according to the pro-LGBT Movement Advancement Project. Twenty-one of those have also banned lesser medical treatments.
New Philadelphia mayor declares crime
emergency first day in office
Posted by NHChemist 1/4/2024 9:05:21 PM Post Reply
Philadelphia Democratic Mayor Cherelle Parker declared crime a public safety emergency her first day in office through an executive order that calls on the city's police department to "vigorously enforce" existing laws and for officials to develop a plan to increase the number of police officers. Parker, Philadelphia's 100th mayor and the first female, took over the office from former Mayor Jim Kenney when she was formally inaugurated Tuesday.
High Five! NH Named Best On Economic Freedom
Fifth Year In A Row
Posted by NHChemist 11/15/2023 4:47:22 PM Post Reply
For the fifth year in a row, New Hampshire has been named the best place in North America for economic freedom — and the many benefits that come with it. The report, compiled by the Canada-based Fraser Institute, found the ranking is more than just a Chamber of Commerce talking point. “The vast majority of the results find higher levels of economic freedom to be correlated with positive outcomes, such as economic growth, lower unemployment, reduced poverty, and so on,” the Institute reported.
Former Biden NH Co-Chair Backs Phillips
In FITN 2024 Primary
Posted by NHChemist 11/1/2023 9:01:59 PM Post Reply
Former New Hampshire Speaker of the House Steve Shurtleff (D-Penacook), who co-chaired Joe Biden’s 2020 Granite State campaign, announced Tuesday he’s endorsing Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.) in the First in the Nation primary. “Because of the New Hampshire primary, that is my prime reason for supporting the congressman,” Shurtleff told WGIR radio host Chris Ryan. “For 100 years now, we’ve done the New Hampshire primary right.” Back in January, Shurtleff said publicly that if Biden allowed the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to take away the state’s First in the Nation status, he would consider endorsing someone else in the 2024 contest